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june 10 for lgbtq2


Richard Wagner’s “Tristan and Isolde” premiered in Munich, Germany.

Siegfried Wagner – › wiki › Siegfried_Wagner

Siegfried Helferich Richard Wagner (6 June 1869 – 4 August 1930) was a German composer … Harden accused several public figures, most notably Philipp, Prince of Eulenburg-Hertefeld, a friend of Kaiser Wilhelm II, of homosexuality.
How Forbidden Love Benefited Opera | Psychology Today … › blog › checkpoints › ho…

Sep. 27, 2019 — Yet, his infatuation for Richard Wagner is perhaps most intriguing. Wagner was certainly not gay, having happily carried on a decade-long affair …
Is Richard Wagner Simultaneously the Most Controversial and … › alex-ross-wagnerism-book-interview

Sep. 16, 2020 — “Do gay people care about Richard Wagner?” The woman … Wagner, who died in 1883, was one of Hitler’s favorite composers. His “Rienzi” …


Born on this day, Judy Garland, singer, actress. Played Dorothy in the 1939 film ‘Wizard Of Oz’ sang ‘Over The Rainbow’ in the film, 1961 US No.1 comeback album ‘Judy At Carnegie Hall’. ‘Over The Rainbow’ was voted the ‘Song Of The Century’ in a 2001 poll published in America. She died June 22nd 1969 of a barbiturate overdose.

In gay slang, a “friend of Dorothy” (FOD) is a gay man; and more broadly, any LGBTQ person. Stating that, or asking if, someone was a friend of Dorothy was a euphemism used for discussing sexual orientation without others knowing its meaning.
Friend of Dorothy – Wikipedia


Tennessee officials approved state public school use of a new biology text book that denied the theory of evolution.


Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta teamed up to take “You’re The One That I Want” to the top of the Billboard chart. In the UK, the record would be number one for nine weeks.


George Michael played the first of 6 sold-out nights at Earls Court in London, England, during his 137-date Faith World Tour. Tickets cost £14.50 ($25) and £12.50 ($21.25).


Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’, became her 18th UK Top 5 hit, a new record for a female artist.

Bette Midler achieves her only US number one record when “Wind Beneath My Wings” topped the Billboard chart. Although the song would only stay on top for a week, it would win Grammy Awards for Song Of The Year and Record Of The Year.


Irish singer Sinead O’Connor took out a full-page ad in the Irish Times asking the public to “stop hurting me please.” She blamed her troubles on abuse she suffered as a child. O’Connor was still being criticized for ripping up a picture of the Pope during an appearance on Saturday Night Live the previous October.


The daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono, Chastity was set to undergoing a gender change shortly after Bono’s 40th birthday in March and more than a decade after having come out as a lesbian.

Taking a stand in the tragic death of George Floyd, the only daughter of Elvis, Lisa Marie Presley, showed her support of people of color: Lisa Marie Presley Supports #BlackOutTuesday in Solidarity


Discrimination continues despite rights won at courts half of LGB professionals experience discrimination at work — and it’s even worse for people of color – MarketWatchBlack LGB professionals ‘experience the most intense discrimination based on their sexual orientation,’ a new report

trans rights are going beyond housing, employment and participation in the public square – and are now in conflict with the protections gained by women owing to biology based oppression over human history across all cultures

and concerningly, removing language from government, medical and therapy which is used by women to describe women’s own gender experience and sexuality expression. Europe enters the gender warsGermany and Spain reject laws on gender self-identification |

unless this includes lesbians and gay men and bisexuals not dating transperson, this is not affirming of all identities

which, gay man and lesbian are same gender attracted – so, for these identities: transpersons are clothes away from heterosexual sex, which gay and lesbian sexuality is distinct from

the bisexual and pansexual bickering has to stop too

along with the recognition of transgender as a diagnosis

while nonbinary and androgenous are culture role rejecting personal expression normalise acceptance of all identities and pronoun sharing, VMLY&R launches a new website with vibrant virtual backgrounds for all cis, transgender and non-binary individuals | Business Insider IndiaSharing and asking for correct pronouns is an act of better allyship. VMLY&R takes a step forward towards acceptance by launching a new website that director confirms gender-fluidity of Tom Hiddleston’s trickster |‘Loki’ director says it was ‘important’ to make character’s gender-fluidity canon in the

just let that headline sink in…. Gender fluid trickster….


Lavender Lives: Alix Dobkin

An early leader in the music scene for lesbians and women, she passed away at her home from a brain aneurysm and stroke, according to Liza Cowan, her friend and former partner.‘Head Lesbian,’ Singer and Feminist, Alix Dobkin, Dies at 80 | Chicago News | WTTWThe lesbian singer and feminist activist who appeared in an iconic and recently resurgent 1975 photo wearing a t-shirt that read “The Future is Female,” has died. Alix Dobkin of Woodstock, New York, was

From being called “transphobic bigots”, “hateful” and “Nazis” who should be “dragged out by our saggy tits”, to having our personal details published on social media and receiving rape and death threats, the supposedly progressive mainstream seemed to have slightly overreacted to the fact that a small group of lesbians were simply marching at Pride in London. need to get the L out of the LGBT+ communityLesbians are being

undermines women entirely – not just lesbians. gender-identity movement undermines lesbiansIts attempt to rebrand lesbians as queer erases their identity, writes Pippa Fleming, a performance artist | Open Page proudly shares first shirtless pool photo | Toronto SunTransgender actor Elliot Page has showed off the results of his breast removal surgery with a shirtless pool

this is heartbreaking the opposite way from transwomen who are hate criming lesbians

pansexual: a real orientation or avoiding being called transphobic?

now that the public knows transgender exist and that one does not have to be heterosexual so gay or lesbian is an option, as well as bisexuals.

post your thoughts, experience or preferred dictionary definitions below

because if so pansexual is ignoring one’s own preferences or not having any and is vauge attraction for exceptional individuals. that is not really an orientation, that is an open bedroomdoor policy.

and nonbinary is merely rejecting heteronormative roles as if lesbian, gay or bisexual do not exist to demonstrate there is not any one way to be a gender or express sexual orientation, and shifting to being persons. which, heterosexual women continue to not be in most legal systems or under religion. Is Pansexuality?Pansexuality is when someone is attracted to a person despite their gender or LGBTQ Victims Were Erased From Holocaust History | Time“For the queer survivors of Nazi oppression, 1945 did not bring about any kind of liberation,” argues scholar Andrea

Not “queer women” – LESBIANS Queer Women Powered the Suffrage Movement – The New York TimesFor many suffragists, scholars have found, the freedom to choose whom and how they loved was tied deeply to the idea of voting

may 24 for LGBTQ2

May 24, 1956

The first Eurovision Song Contest was held in Lugano, Switzerland. The event was the brainchild of Marcel Baisoncon of the European Broadcasting Union. Seven countries participated and they were each allowed two songs

May 24, 1966

The original Broadway production of the musical “Mame,” starring Angela Lansbury, Bea Arthur, Jane Connell, Willard Waterman and George Coe, opened at New York’s Winter Garden Theatre for 1508 performances.


David Bowie released his eighth studio album Diamond Dogs. The cover art features Bowie as a striking half-man, half-dog grotesque painted by Belgian artist Guy Peellaert. It was controversial as the full painting clearly showed the hybrid’s genitalia.

On “Midnight Special,” Richard Pryor was host to Olivia Newton-John and Boz Scaggs.

The Superman FanFic no one expected:


Bette Midler remained at #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart for the third week with “The Rose”.


“Greatest Love Of All” from Whitney Houston was #1 for the fifth straight week.

Whitney Houston continued to top the Album chart in its 61st week on the chart. 


Queen singer Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991, was honoured on a new set of millennium stamps issued by the Royal Mail. Mercury, who featured on the 19p stamp, was a keen stamp collector, and his collection was bought by the Post Office in 1993. The stamp marked his contribution to the Live Aid charity concert in 1985, and caused controversy by featuring a small portion of Queen’s drummer, Roger Taylor, in the background – UK stamps by tradition only carry pictures of living persons who are members of the Royal Family.

David Bowie wrote and recorded the song “What’s Really Happening” during a live Webcast. The song appeared on the album “hours.”


Madonna kicked off the North American leg of her Re-invention World Tour by playing three sold out nights at The Los Angeles Forum. The tour became the top grossing of the year, with ticket sales of nearly $125 million, with over 900,000 fans attending the 60 date tour. As a follower of the Kabbalah, Madonna didn’t play any Friday night gigs as the teaching of the religion forbids it.


Elton John accepted 100,000 pounds ($188,000) in libel damages from London’s Daily Mail newspaper over allegations that he asked guests not to approach him at a charity ball.

2021 Page proudly shares first shirtless pool photo | Toronto SunTransgender actor Elliot Page has showed off the results of his breast removal surgery with a shirtless pool

Sexual and Gender Spectrum Points

back in the 1990s, A lesbian friend of mine tried to set me up with a friend of hers. I say tried, because she’d brought this gal along to a group outing without telling me it was a set up.

The gal was in a relationship with a man (living together) and was thinking she might be bi.

She was very confused since the people she talked to the boyfriend and our mutal friend both wanted her to pick sides. The boyfriend obviously wanted her to be straight, while the lesbian friend refused to believe in bisexuals and tried to influence her to be a lesbian.

And that’s where I came in. We talked, we danced and had a fun time – and when she was leaving the dance, I walked her outside to wait for her ride home to arrive.

She was nervous to be alone, and being the generous sort that I am, I put the cards on the table.

“Do you want me to kiss you now or when your roommate comes for show?”

“Now” she said, “I don’t want an audience.”

I was happy to be her first girl kiss, and it was pretty magical.

But then, she felt guilty and admitted that it was her roommate and her boyfriend who were due to arrive.

I told her that I had known, that our mutual lesbian friend had explained the situation to me.

I asked her if she was willing to leave the guy to explore her new identity and she said no.

I asked her if she’s given up other men for him – of course she said

So why does it matter if you’re happy with him that you’ve also given up women?

The relief that flooded her face and body was amazing.

I saw her another time for a friendly coffee and I went to a cafe where she was having an art show. I can only hope it’s as sweet a memory for her as it was for me.

Mostly I am glad that I was able to give her permission to enjoy her heterosexual relationship without guilt or pressure.

It’s funny to me how many times that I have been asked to give people permission to live the life that they want to; and every time, it’s been about sexuality.

If there’s anything a person should know about themselves, it’s sexuality. Know what you’re attracted to, what you like, and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

It doesn’t matter what you like, as long as you don’t harm other people – unless they give you permission to and establish a safe word.‘Am I Bisexual?’ 18 Bisexuality Signs from Experts and Real WomenIf you’re wondering, “am I bisexual?” read on for some common signs and experiences here, as explained by sexuality experts and women who know

bisexual is a spectrum, it is not a 50/50

but if one does not like to do the same to both genitalia, perhaps one is not actually bisexual

there is a difference between what is done to you

and what you do for your partner

so. when gender is part of what is attractive and also repulsive in terms of sexuality…. hate giving oral sex to women. How do I make myself like it?Can I change my ways?

Bisexual guy worried he has to ‘choose’ a gender gets an illuminating lesson in monogamy, polyamory and triadsA bisexual man is afraid that he will “always have something missing” from his sex life if he enters a long-term relationship with a Max And Ivan: Revisiting ‘The L Word’ As a Trans Masculine Person“In the 10 years since I first saw ‘The L Word,’ I’ve changed and so has the lens through which I understand the world; storylines that were just high drama then now make me cringe.” Heroes tells the story of WA drag king pioneer Effie Fellows – OUTInPerth – LGBTIQ News and Culture | OUTInPerth – LGBTIQ News and CultureBlack Swan State Theatre Company are diving into local history with an online performance series that reveals the untold stories of five incredible Western Australians. Unsung Heroes brings a world premiere season directed by Emily McLean and Joe Paradise Lui that brings together some of WA’s best local talent to bring the tales of WA’s … Gay England: The trans man competing ‘against an idea of male beauty’ – BBC NewsChiyo feels his masculinity is judged every time he steps outside. Next year it will be judged on

The saying “gender is between the ears and sexuality is between the legs” is easy to remember, but too simplistic. Your gender is whatever you feel and believe it is.

Believing in a gender binary, where only “men” and “women” exist, has created a stifling system where personality traits are attributed to one gender or the other. This ignores the vast intersections where male, female, and non-binary characteristics exist, co-mingle, and crossover. It Really Means To Be Genderfluid — And How It Affects Your Romantic Relationships | YourTangoWhat Is Genderfluid? Genderfluid Is Non-binary, Meaning An Individual Doesn’t Identify As A Specific Gender. But Having An Identity That Differs From Male Or Female Can Bring Issues With Romantic didn’t know whether gender fluid fiancé would walk down aisle as a man or woman | Daily Mail OnlineAs Douglas Davidson, 51, from Scotland, stood at the alter, he had no idea whether gender fluid husband-to-be Chris Law, 37, would walk down the aisle as himself or ‘blushing bride’ mum of ‘LGBT family’ says she only realised she was gay after her husband came out as trans – Wales OnlineJenni and Sarah have want to show other couples that relationships can ‘survive a transition’

how is the husband heterosexual with a tranman as a spouse?

I’m a trans man with a straight cis husband. We’re ready to start a family | Xtra MagazineAs a bisexual trans man with a straight cis husband, the discussion of having kids is complicated by matters of surrogacy, adoption and raising kids in the

Quirk Sugarplum

They had 8 years together before Andy realized he was male and began to transition. I expect Raj simply loves him for who he is and they’ve found a way to work things out.

People. Go figure.

nina tryggvason

everyone is their own expert and coupledom is up to any given couple, i have been pondering the relationship of heterosexuals who date BTQ2s vs those who are PFLAG allies so – this is an intellectual/academic question- how does one person identify as a heterosexual male when their partner is not a heterosexual woman? their relationship is more queer than a heterosexual male/ bisexual woman or a bisexual man/gay man.

it is good to know that for some couples, it does not change anything. as for the couples who separate and divorce even, that happens for many reasons as each person grows in their own way and when the couple is doing less than their best life. it is time to make changes.

let the heterosexual women who started slash fan fic have it, eh reasons Kirk should absolutely be bisexual in Strange New WorldsJames T. Kirk should absolutely be bisexual in Strange New Worlds — here’s

MEANWHILE. in the illogical extreme:

because age is a measurable thing outside of the human meaning.

time passes and is marked. aging.

humans are more complex than most worldviews allow and cultural expression is one thing, and individuals another. author Pamela Redmond: ‘If people can be gender fluid, why not age fluid?’ | Daily TelegraphShes the woman behind the hit television series Younger. Here, Pamela Redmond opens up about her real-life battle with