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QueerDyke Mentoring

No Allies Allowed: this event is for the community and heterosexual allies are reminded of the need for queer space being available to LGBTQ2, eh.

Nina Tryggvason, in the 1990s was part of the Angles newspaper, the Lesbian Avengers, The December 9 Coalition and the Vancouver Police slash gay and lesbian police liason committee and is doing a living memory brunch of those days in the gay villiage where many of the groups occupied space and will be doing one on Commerical Drive soon.

Join Nina for a living memory tour of the Vancouver Queer Nineties Scene, beginning at Hamburger Mary’s and ending at Little Sister’s. All generations and LGBTQ2 identities welcomed for brunch, queer history and interactive discussions.

The Next Mentoring Brunch Date: December 18
starting at 10:30 until noon at Hamburger Marys and then moving to Little Sister’s.

there is no ticket required for the event, however the purchase of a brunch is expected to support the venue.

Location: Hamburger Mary’s on Davie Street

Welcome to the all-new Mary’s on Davie—the evolution of a classic Vancouver diner, reinvented for 2018. After an extensive renovation, a bold new design …

In the 1960s, Hamburger Mary’s was one of the earliest lesbian businesses to go national from San Francisco, and Vancouver has one of the remaining locations.

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