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queer LGBTQ2 space

Our Mission

to share data and viewpoints across the LGBTQ2 qmunity, across generations, of which there are living persons who were once named in law as illegal and in the diagnostic manual.

to those who came out and trailblazed and court challenged

to those who are adulting in some nations with rights and growing up knowing there was more than heteronormativity

the information on the Queer for days is freely sharable and useable in other formats

no copyright is claimed

from primary to secondary, post secondary

for personal interest or hobby use

and in for profit projects published or multi media

or used in research for

Our History

this blog arose from the 1990s Living Dyke Memory Tours of the Vancouver BC Gay Village and Commerical Drive AKA Dykecouver

Intro to the El and Nina LesBiAn Hangout events

☑️ Glowbal Weekend Brunches: Hosted by Ms Butch Right and Ms Butch Right Now 😉First Saturday of the Month & Second Saturday 40+
other events either or both:
☑️Dykes at Off the Rail Brewery
☑️Taco Tuesdays alt biweekly
☑️ Seeking Activity Hosts: Outdoor – Activities – we need outdoor enthusiasts to host these 😊
✅The LesBiAn Flirting Workshop Series.

The All Muses Art in the Park (rotating parks) New Spring 2021

90s Dyke Living Memory Dykecouver and Gay Villiage Tours

these tours are sign upable at

Contact Us

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