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the backassward 2020

this is why AIDS needs to be declared a pandemic..

Dear Jennifer: covid is not your first pandemic Aniston sharing a pandemic ornament caused backlash | CTV NewsJennifer Aniston sparked debate after sharing a picture over the weekend on her Instagram stories of a Christmas ornament which acknowledged the COVID times in which we live.

and why this decade feels like the 1970s all over again

“The pivotal issue is whether local laws prohibiting discrimination supersede state laws that don’t,” notes the Orlando Sentinel editorial board.

Usually the law that gives the best public value applies… Club Ban on Unaccompanied Women Spawns LGBT Rights Controversy – Reason.comPlus: House votes on $2,000 stimulus checks, another win for Brooklyn churches challenging lockdown orders, and more…


not really or historically. misanthropic at it’s core is not woman affirming,

and connects to women being banned from public participation

in theatrical traditions across many cultures. never mind in queerdom“RuPaul’s Drag Race” Is Queer Women Culture | AutostraddleOther than Pose and Veneno there’s no show in the history of television with as many trans people as RuPaul’s Drag

Heterosexual actor – From the Canada movie “Better than Chocolate”


indeed. if the actor playing the character is not acting it that way…

and if the actor is different in sexuality and gender of the character they are playing… Pratt’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Is Bisexual“I need a video of Chris Pratt discovering that Star-Lord is bisexual.”


it is not lesbians job to fix things for men.. I think someone is missing the point of lesbian. commentator Andrew Sullivan says he ‘needs’ lesbians to nurse him when he’s sick in bizarre anti-trans diatribeGay blogger Andrew Sullivan wrote in a bizarre anti-trans column that he “needs” lesbians to look after him when he’s

an article written by a man… “homosexual man” is a term used by heterosexuals …. have all the lesbians gone? | The SpectatorI miss lesbians. It is true that most homosexual men don’t have too many integrated in our lives, but most of us have a few. And we need them. They check our sometimes tenuous grasp of reality, they roll their eyes at our hedonism, they show us how marriages can last, and take care of us when we get…Show

it was gay and the extended versions even gayer Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Gay, You Cowards | The Mary SueMiddle Earth is, for many of us, a very gay place, and I would like to see that queer legacy reflected in Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings Proposal For A Bisexual Flag Emoji Has Been Rejected — How To Fight Back | YourTangoUnicode, The Official Organization That Maintains And Creates Emojis, Has Rejected A Submission Request To Include A Bisexual Flag Emoji In The Next Release. This Emoji Is An Important Form Of Expression And Validation For The Bisexual Community. So Why Has Unicode Refused To Give This Community Representation?Show Gay Veteran Remembers Serving In Silence : NPRIt’s been 10 years since President Obama moved to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Joseph Patton was discharged from the the Navy for befriending gay men, before openly gay Americans could

because of lower access to and lesser quality of provided health care, gay and bisexual adults less likely to take statins for CVD preventionLesbian, gay and bisexual adults who responded to an online survey were less likely to use statins for primary prevention of CVD compared with other adults, according to new data published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.“Although substantial progress has been made in CVD prevention, disparities in CVD outcomes remain in certain population subgroups. For example, sexual reveals 2020’s top tops and bottoms per countryThis year Grindr takes a look back at the sex and dating trends among 13 million gay, bi, trans and queer folks who use its app each month.

pioneers in an era where photography was a profession and this was a huge social and criminal risk to create evidence… story behind ‘Loving: A Photographic History of Men in Love’ – CNN StyleA collection of almost 3,000 historical photos offers an intimate glimpse at the hidden lives of same-sex couples dating back to the

versus since web 20 and people uploading masses of data to be mined by companies now and others in the future

if the planet has one, eh


Iconic Lez Flicks: Personal Best

Many cite Personal Best as the reason they came out

Watching “Personal Best” Was the Main Way to Become a Lesbian in the ’80s and ’90s | AutostraddleIn Lost Movie Reviews From the Autostraddle Archives we revisit past lesbian, bisexual, and queer classics that we hadn’t reviewed before, but you shouldn’t miss.News & Culture Vancouver, Canada·

this makes me a bad lesbian. I have not seen this movie. 

the movie that made me a lesbian was Zorro the Gay Blade. 

Lauren Hutton but I already had Jodi Foster and Kristy McNichol crushes

so maybe blame Jo and Blair on the Facts of Life. 

Desert Hearts and Fried Green Tomatoes along with 

Pandora’s Box for saw as a young adult lesbian identified movies

and in the 1960s Louise Brooks revealed to a gushing film student who tracked her down that she was heterosexual, LuLu was credited with being the first on screen lesbian. 

Funnily enough the American casting of Lulu was as controversial as Bridget Jones was more recently.

The Who and How of Harm

The Who CAUSES the harm from genocide and oppression to outsourced genocide aka suicide:

they seek forgiveness for oppression that they do not apologize or take responsibility for. declaration seeks forgiveness for harm caused to LGBT peopleMORE than 370 religious leaders around the world have signed a new declaration which seeks forgivene…

calling out the bullies is not bullying.

it is holding religion accountable for the horrifying actions of oppression and genocide they are entirely responsible for. Being Bullied as Anti-LGBT Hate Group? Amazon, SPLC Are Defendants in Lawsuit | Daily Business ReviewThe oral arguments were fraught with clashing corporate and religious ideas about morality and freedom of speech as both sides accused the other of being hateful.

given the history of oppression and marginalization and rights being a question for decades. it is any wonder this is the result?

considering that religion is why LGBTQ2 are oppressed and genocided in most of the world… faith leaders call for global decriminalisation of LGBT+ people | LGBT rights | The GuardianMore than 370 sign declaration demanding ban on conversion practices before UK conference <br>

they are starting to see the requirements for operating business in one nation vs other nations. conversion therapy ban called for by almost 400 religious leaders in ‘landmark’ pledgeThe Declaration recognises the harm that certain religious teaching has caused the LGBT+ community and asks for their

religion outsourcing of genocide to oppressed target demographic: LGBTQ2 show LGBTQ people at higher risk of eating disorders, self-harm | Pennsylvania Capital-StarResearch shows that eating disorders, thoughts of self-harm and suicide attempts are higher among LGBTQ+-identified

11 hours ago

Prolly explains why so many of my gay friends are in recovery?2

yes, the constant coping with being marginalized and life being harder than it had to be

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little wonder so many harden into fierce and fabulous or stone.

not surprises with the continued oppression and lack of role models, lesbian, bisexual individuals have higher rates of adverse childhood experiencesGay, lesbian and bisexual individuals had more adverse childhood experiences than their heterosexual counterparts in the United States, according to study results published in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. Further, these individuals were at higher risk for comorbid substance use and mental health disorders.Show

meanwhile, others assimilate…

this is the qmunity first divide. the one who are just like the heteros, and just happen to be LGBTQ2 and those who are queer openly different from heterosexual normatives.

those who can mainstream pass vs those who pass on mainstream Buttigieg’s faith was as much a part of his profile as being LGBT. Is it a model for others?Biden announced he will nominate Pete Buttigieg to be his secretary of transportation, which is a big deal for LGBTQ+ representation in any

RELATED and meanwhile in Canada ,eh causes genocide and suicide | Nina’s Soap Bubble Boxfinally the headline I have been waiting to see LGBT people are ‘being made homeless due to religion’ – BBC NewsNearly half of young LGBT people left homeless after coming out are…

Conservatives being conservative

because they are the problem demographic. O’Toole retracts comments on residential schools that sparked uproar, but stops short of apology | National Post‘In my comments to Ryerson students, I said that the residential school system was intended to try and “provide education.” It was not,’ O’Toole said in a…