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Lavender Lives: Alix Dobkin

An early leader in the music scene for lesbians and women, she passed away at her home from a brain aneurysm and stroke, according to Liza Cowan, her friend and former partner.‘Head Lesbian,’ Singer and Feminist, Alix Dobkin, Dies at 80 | Chicago News | WTTWThe lesbian singer and feminist activist who appeared in an iconic and recently resurgent 1975 photo wearing a t-shirt that read “The Future is Female,” has died. Alix Dobkin of Woodstock, New York, was

From being called “transphobic bigots”, “hateful” and “Nazis” who should be “dragged out by our saggy tits”, to having our personal details published on social media and receiving rape and death threats, the supposedly progressive mainstream seemed to have slightly overreacted to the fact that a small group of lesbians were simply marching at Pride in London. need to get the L out of the LGBT+ communityLesbians are being

undermines women entirely – not just lesbians. gender-identity movement undermines lesbiansIts attempt to rebrand lesbians as queer erases their identity, writes Pippa Fleming, a performance artist | Open Page proudly shares first shirtless pool photo | Toronto SunTransgender actor Elliot Page has showed off the results of his breast removal surgery with a shirtless pool

this is heartbreaking the opposite way from transwomen who are hate criming lesbians

pansexual: a real orientation or avoiding being called transphobic?

now that the public knows transgender exist and that one does not have to be heterosexual so gay or lesbian is an option, as well as bisexuals.

post your thoughts, experience or preferred dictionary definitions below

because if so pansexual is ignoring one’s own preferences or not having any and is vauge attraction for exceptional individuals. that is not really an orientation, that is an open bedroomdoor policy.

and nonbinary is merely rejecting heteronormative roles as if lesbian, gay or bisexual do not exist to demonstrate there is not any one way to be a gender or express sexual orientation, and shifting to being persons. which, heterosexual women continue to not be in most legal systems or under religion. Is Pansexuality?Pansexuality is when someone is attracted to a person despite their gender or LGBTQ Victims Were Erased From Holocaust History | Time“For the queer survivors of Nazi oppression, 1945 did not bring about any kind of liberation,” argues scholar Andrea

Not “queer women” – LESBIANS Queer Women Powered the Suffrage Movement – The New York TimesFor many suffragists, scholars have found, the freedom to choose whom and how they loved was tied deeply to the idea of voting


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