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bantering with bisexual HIV response found to neglect gay and bisexual men, trans women | ReutersFunding to fight HIV among gay and bisexual men and transgender women is a fraction of what it should be, researchers said on Tuesday, with advocates blaming stigma for the

every word in LGBTQ2 was a slur used by heterosexuals It Ever Okay for Bisexual People to Use Homophobic Slurs?We asked academics specialising in the reclamation of language to weigh

compounded oppression leads to more self medication and bisexual women more likely to have substance addictionsSexual minorities, especially women, are more likely to have substance addictions due to discrimination, stress and childhood traumawww.openaccessgovernment.orgShareEmoji

no. the terms do not all compound when they conflict

individuals who make up word meanings should expect others to disagree

it is a disservice to those who lived through words being in law as illegal to lightly use and mix and match, without regard to the meaning of lived experience past.

honour the past and do not co-opt across subcultures

not everything is valid and no one is required to ignore what words mean generally or specifically. It’s Totally Valid to Identify as a Dyke and BisexualI recently identified as a bisexual dyke on IG and learned the internet has MANY thoughts about these two terms existing side by side. So I dug into the history and interviewed some experts to set the record straight on why this combined identity should be sheds light on differences in sexual satisfaction among straight, bisexual, and lesbian womenNew research suggests the importance of several factors that contribute to the sexual satisfaction of women vary based on sexual orientation. The …

Why Men Dating Bi Women Need To Be Better Allies

indeed. start with not creeping on lesbians Women In Heterosexual RelationshipsCis straight men dating bi women could be instrumental in challenging the biphobia that lingers to this

Why Men Dating Bi Women Need To Be Better Allies
Cis straight men dating bi women could be instrumental in challenging the biphobia that lingers to this day.
Feb. 15
Study sheds light on differences in sexual satisfaction among straight, bisexual, and lesbian women
Study sheds light on differences in sexual satisfaction among straight, bisexual, and lesbian women
New research suggests the importance of several factors that contribute to the sexual satisfaction of women vary based on sexual orientation. The …
Nov. 21
‘I don’t enjoy cuddling with men or kissing like I do with women. I treat the men I’m with like sex objects.’
I’m bisexual – but worry I’m not as attracted to men as I am to women
I’m a bisexual man in my 30s. I greatly enjoy sex with women, but the thought of it doesn’t turn me on as much as the thought of receiving anal sex from a man.
The Guardian
Aug. 4, 2020

One Thing You Should Never Ask A Bisexual Person
Whether it’s assuming that bisexual people have a choice in who we’re attracted to and are just “keeping our options open” or the perception that bisexual …
Oct. 29, 2020

Bisexual celebrities – 25 famous bisexuals
There are some pretty cool bisexual celebrities out there who identify as bisexual or have spoken about bisexuality. Here are 25 bi celebs.
Feb. 24

We Need To Know Who The “Ethereal Bisexual” Woman Was In Barack Obama’s Memoir
We may never know the identity of the ethereal bisexual who Barack Obama seduced with Marxist ideology. But this mystery is right up there with Fake Melania …
Nov. 19

Study to identify protective factors for suicide among young lesbian and bisexual women
What protective factors reduce the likelihood lesbian and bisexual women will consider killing themselves? That’s the focus of a $2 million national study led by …
Nov. 16

12 Problems Bisexual Girls Deal With
From unaccepting family members to friends that just don’t get it, it can be hard to fit in. These 12 problems are just a few of the things we have to deal with …
Sep. 18, 2020

Bisexual women with a straight man are less likely to be open about their sexual orientation
According to a study published this week in the Journal of Bisexuality, bisexual women feel more comfortable being open about their orientation if they are with a …
Daily Mail
Mar. 6
play_arrowJasper Swartz, 16, of Takoma Park, Md., identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. (Photo by Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post)
1 in 6 Gen Z adults are LGBT. And this number could continue to grow.
More than half of LGBT adults identify as bisexual, and women are more likely than men to be bisexual, new Gallup survey data shows.
The Washington Post
Feb. 24

Why It’s Totally Valid to Identify as a Dyke and Bisexual
I recently identified as a bisexual dyke on IG and learned the internet has MANY thoughts about these two terms existing side by side. So I dug into the history …
Sep. 23, 2020

Being bisexual can be BS – The Spectrum
The Unversity at Buffalo’s premier student publication.
University at Buffalo The Spectrum
Dec. 10

bisexual women
Search – The Women’s Magazine for Fashion, Sex Advice, Dating Tips, and Celebrity NewsYour source for the latest sex tips, celebrity news, dating and relationship help, beauty tutorials, fashion trends, and more.cosmopolitan.comShare Smith ‘Red Table Talk’ Challenges Polyamory Stereotypes | YourTangoWillow Smith Opened Up About Her Experience With Polyamory When She Joined Her Mother And Grandmother, Jada Pinkett-Smith And Adrienne Banfield-Norris, On Their “Red Table Talk”

or even correctly quoting scripture at LGBTQ and especially 2 last thing LGBTQ2 Canadians need is MPs misquoting scripture at them – iPoliticsIt was only a matter of time before the absurd remarks of Conservative MP Tamara Jansen went viral on social media, and it was entirely justified. Addressing a Liberal bill aimed at criminalizing conversion therapy, the MP for the B.C. riding of Cloverdale—Langley City said, “I’m going to invoke the words of the Apostle Matthew: […]


queer music for nov 14

November 14, 1975
Queen played the first of two nights at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool, England, the first nights on their 78-date A Night At The Opera World Tour.

Culture Club released the single “Karma Chameleon”.

George Michael went to No.1 on the UK album chart with his debut solo album ‘Faith’. The album won several awards including the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1989. To date, the album has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Between 1987 and 1988, Faith produced six Top 5 Billboard Hot 100 hits, four of which (‘Faith’, ‘Father Figure’, ‘One More Try’, and ‘Monkey’) reached No.1, making him the only British male singer to have four No.1 singles from one LP on the Billboard Hot 100.

Although they had been divorced for twelve years, Sonny and Cher appear together on The Late Show, where they are coaxed by David Letterman into singing “I Got You Babe”. The crowd gave the pair a standing ovation for what would prove to be their final performance together, as Sonny would die in a skiing accident in 1998.


The Who‘s Pete Townshend confesses his bisexuality to Newsweek magazine. Says Pete, “I know how it feels to be a woman because I am a woman. And I won’t be classified as just a man”.

Sexual and Gender Spectrum Points

back in the 1990s, A lesbian friend of mine tried to set me up with a friend of hers. I say tried, because she’d brought this gal along to a group outing without telling me it was a set up.

The gal was in a relationship with a man (living together) and was thinking she might be bi.

She was very confused since the people she talked to the boyfriend and our mutal friend both wanted her to pick sides. The boyfriend obviously wanted her to be straight, while the lesbian friend refused to believe in bisexuals and tried to influence her to be a lesbian.

And that’s where I came in. We talked, we danced and had a fun time – and when she was leaving the dance, I walked her outside to wait for her ride home to arrive.

She was nervous to be alone, and being the generous sort that I am, I put the cards on the table.

“Do you want me to kiss you now or when your roommate comes for show?”

“Now” she said, “I don’t want an audience.”

I was happy to be her first girl kiss, and it was pretty magical.

But then, she felt guilty and admitted that it was her roommate and her boyfriend who were due to arrive.

I told her that I had known, that our mutual lesbian friend had explained the situation to me.

I asked her if she was willing to leave the guy to explore her new identity and she said no.

I asked her if she’s given up other men for him – of course she said

So why does it matter if you’re happy with him that you’ve also given up women?

The relief that flooded her face and body was amazing.

I saw her another time for a friendly coffee and I went to a cafe where she was having an art show. I can only hope it’s as sweet a memory for her as it was for me.

Mostly I am glad that I was able to give her permission to enjoy her heterosexual relationship without guilt or pressure.

It’s funny to me how many times that I have been asked to give people permission to live the life that they want to; and every time, it’s been about sexuality.

If there’s anything a person should know about themselves, it’s sexuality. Know what you’re attracted to, what you like, and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

It doesn’t matter what you like, as long as you don’t harm other people – unless they give you permission to and establish a safe word.‘Am I Bisexual?’ 18 Bisexuality Signs from Experts and Real WomenIf you’re wondering, “am I bisexual?” read on for some common signs and experiences here, as explained by sexuality experts and women who know

bisexual is a spectrum, it is not a 50/50

but if one does not like to do the same to both genitalia, perhaps one is not actually bisexual

there is a difference between what is done to you

and what you do for your partner

so. when gender is part of what is attractive and also repulsive in terms of sexuality…. hate giving oral sex to women. How do I make myself like it?Can I change my ways?

Bisexual guy worried he has to ‘choose’ a gender gets an illuminating lesson in monogamy, polyamory and triadsA bisexual man is afraid that he will “always have something missing” from his sex life if he enters a long-term relationship with a Max And Ivan: Revisiting ‘The L Word’ As a Trans Masculine Person“In the 10 years since I first saw ‘The L Word,’ I’ve changed and so has the lens through which I understand the world; storylines that were just high drama then now make me cringe.” Heroes tells the story of WA drag king pioneer Effie Fellows – OUTInPerth – LGBTIQ News and Culture | OUTInPerth – LGBTIQ News and CultureBlack Swan State Theatre Company are diving into local history with an online performance series that reveals the untold stories of five incredible Western Australians. Unsung Heroes brings a world premiere season directed by Emily McLean and Joe Paradise Lui that brings together some of WA’s best local talent to bring the tales of WA’s … Gay England: The trans man competing ‘against an idea of male beauty’ – BBC NewsChiyo feels his masculinity is judged every time he steps outside. Next year it will be judged on

The saying “gender is between the ears and sexuality is between the legs” is easy to remember, but too simplistic. Your gender is whatever you feel and believe it is.

Believing in a gender binary, where only “men” and “women” exist, has created a stifling system where personality traits are attributed to one gender or the other. This ignores the vast intersections where male, female, and non-binary characteristics exist, co-mingle, and crossover. It Really Means To Be Genderfluid — And How It Affects Your Romantic Relationships | YourTangoWhat Is Genderfluid? Genderfluid Is Non-binary, Meaning An Individual Doesn’t Identify As A Specific Gender. But Having An Identity That Differs From Male Or Female Can Bring Issues With Romantic didn’t know whether gender fluid fiancé would walk down aisle as a man or woman | Daily Mail OnlineAs Douglas Davidson, 51, from Scotland, stood at the alter, he had no idea whether gender fluid husband-to-be Chris Law, 37, would walk down the aisle as himself or ‘blushing bride’ mum of ‘LGBT family’ says she only realised she was gay after her husband came out as trans – Wales OnlineJenni and Sarah have want to show other couples that relationships can ‘survive a transition’

how is the husband heterosexual with a tranman as a spouse?

I’m a trans man with a straight cis husband. We’re ready to start a family | Xtra MagazineAs a bisexual trans man with a straight cis husband, the discussion of having kids is complicated by matters of surrogacy, adoption and raising kids in the

Quirk Sugarplum

They had 8 years together before Andy realized he was male and began to transition. I expect Raj simply loves him for who he is and they’ve found a way to work things out.

People. Go figure.

nina tryggvason

everyone is their own expert and coupledom is up to any given couple, i have been pondering the relationship of heterosexuals who date BTQ2s vs those who are PFLAG allies so – this is an intellectual/academic question- how does one person identify as a heterosexual male when their partner is not a heterosexual woman? their relationship is more queer than a heterosexual male/ bisexual woman or a bisexual man/gay man.

it is good to know that for some couples, it does not change anything. as for the couples who separate and divorce even, that happens for many reasons as each person grows in their own way and when the couple is doing less than their best life. it is time to make changes.

let the heterosexual women who started slash fan fic have it, eh reasons Kirk should absolutely be bisexual in Strange New WorldsJames T. Kirk should absolutely be bisexual in Strange New Worlds — here’s

MEANWHILE. in the illogical extreme:

because age is a measurable thing outside of the human meaning.

time passes and is marked. aging.

humans are more complex than most worldviews allow and cultural expression is one thing, and individuals another. author Pamela Redmond: ‘If people can be gender fluid, why not age fluid?’ | Daily TelegraphShes the woman behind the hit television series Younger. Here, Pamela Redmond opens up about her real-life battle with

The Gold Standard: GOPs

Grand Old Party or Good Ole Boys. campaign reportedly considering whether to weaponise transphobia to save the president’s flailing re-election bidConservatives in America are reportedly hoping Donald Trump will weaponise trans rights to revitalise his failing re-election

I want to say this won’t gain him an inch of ground. Those who have such an attitude are already firmly in his camp. He’s lost moderates, not extremists. He might do better to come out somewhat (obviously not fully) supportive of transgender rights, to show he’s not entirely made of hatred and stupidity. He won’t lose any of his lunatic base, who he can still capture with hatred of minorities and “illegals”.

But that said, there a a lot of otherwise reasonable moderates who do get heebie-jeebies at transgender. 😕2 Replies

then I would call them regular conservatives, not “otherwise reasonable” nor “moderates”. in 2020 USA politics there is only the extreme, and both parties have been galloping right for some time

Socially extreme conservatives have punishing fiscal policy because of their hatred but do not disguise their motive, whereas so called moderates, fixate on the finances without admitting it is owing to their biases. The republican party only accepts LGBQ2 who are ethnicity bigots who think that will make them straight enough, and ethnicities who hate LGBTQ2 as if that will make them white enough.

remember when Clarence Thomas was promoted to the Boys Club and whereas Anita Hill joined the ranks of the ignored because his career was too important so his conduct was okay. florist ‘refused’ to make bouquets for a gay wedding, so the town decided to end discrimination once and for allAfter a local florist refused to make bouquets for a gay wedding, Ketchikan, Alaska unanimously passed sweeping non-discrimination laws for LGBT+ (2)Emoji

Quirk Sugarplum6 hours ago

Once again, if you’re religious and are operating a business in the secular domain, then you by default must deal with all customers. If your conscience cannot permit this, that is your right. But if so, then you must trust in your God to provide another life path for you, and leave your business.1 Reply

nina tryggvason Owner5 hours ago

yes. cake is not art in the sense of legal purposes. this is why religion does not make a person good, only delusional. Children are told to not listen to their imaginary friends because look what happens when adults to. eh.

editted to:

yes. cake is not art in the sense of legal purposes of art, which is a creation to comment upon, rather than an item to be consumed to celebrate a live event. there is a line of art and line and this is the battleground issue as the “husband and wife” language to “spouse and spouse” to gender neutralize the oaths, and allow any couple to choose which words they want to represent their particular union depending on the pairing. this is why religion does not make a person good, only delusional about where one’s rights end and another’s begin. Children are told to not listen to their imaginary friends because look what happens when adults to. eh. children are taught to share and then that is how adults behave over things more important than things.

meanwhile in 2020. a victory of inclusion of sorts…

being rendered bland.. I am not sure this was the representation and inclusion we were looking for…’s Wedding Every Weekend Has 1st Gay or Lesbian Wedding | Heavy.comHallmark’s new August movie, Wedding Every Weekend, will include the first lesbian or gay wedding on the channel.heavy.comShare (1)Emoji

Quirk Sugarplum6 hours ago

Works for me. 😊

That said, it’s minimal inclusion. One couple out of four, and probably will be the most glossed-over segment. Give us a full-length and wonderfully romantic movie, Hallmark.1 Reply

a bad actually included is better than no inclusion at all… I guess

rights are not subject to mob rule March Of Public Opinion On LGBT Identity And IssuesIn 1973, when NORC’s General Social Survey first asked people about sexual relations between two adults of the same sex, 76% described them as always or almost always wrong. When NORC last asked the question in 2018, 34% gave that

what about this compared to the hallmark?

from the article:

However, the series, which starts this week is more than just Desperate Housewives in hijabs. The smoking and swearing of the main characters has proved controversial, as has the tackling of issues such as child abuse and domestic violence, as well as same-sex relationships, which are illegal in Pakistan.

“Because we are showing such a diverse range of women, it was important to show the entire spectrum of sexuality. It would have been wrong if they were all straight because not all women in Pakistan are straight,” said Abbasi, who is based in Leeds.

There is also a transgender character. “The reason the women open the detective agency is to level the playing field for everyone who identifies as a woman, so a transgender character who identifies as a woman should be included.”

He added: “The fact that she’s transgender is not addressed on the show and that is deliberate. It’s not that I was overlooking her identity or ashamed of it. It was to show the women coming to the agency were all equal.” lovers and a boxer in a burqa: a new look for Pakistani TV | Television & radio | The GuardianBritish-Pakistani filmmaker tackles sexual stereotypes in groundbreaking new drama series,

Quirk Sugarplum

Well, that does put things into perspective now, doesn’t it? 🤔

Maybe Pakistan has their own version of the Hallmark channel we can watch…?

nina tryggvason

better than queer baiting, but not by much. this seems more a rare view of heterosexual women with some lgbtq2 characters as a side

Gay for Pay vs Representation

Why Representation Matters: LGBTQ

Representation and Inclusion: Multicultural World

Representation, Death & Taxes athletes doxxed by LGBT advocacy site for support of women in sportsDespite the doxxing, the NCAA is taking a closer look at its own inclusive policies, and much of that must be a result of the 300 women athletes who signed their names to a letter asking them to do just mob accused a trans woman of stealing. After they couldn’t find anything on her, they burned her aliveA trans woman was beaten and burned alive by gang members who had accused her of theft, according to reports from Cilincing in North Jakarta, Black students are being failed by universities. This non-binary academic has a plan to change thatThe Free Black University plans to “redistribute knowledge” among Black students with the needs of those who are also queer and trans at the very

That there is a stigma with LGBTQ2 is the heterosexual disability to cope with others existing.‘Absolutely shameful’ NHS England report disturbingly compares being LGBT+ to having a disabilityA major NHS England document drew criticism from healthcare providers after it appeared to characterise being LGBT+ as having a