The Lack of Theism: Clarity

translation: if I do not have an imaginary friend who validates my existence, what is existence for?

how about Not interfering in other people lives about what you say your invisible friend wants

clue: living.. existence is living.’s ‘Eccentric’ Nature| National Catholic RegisterCOMMENTARY: If a loving God is my center, then all my actions have meaning because they are related to the

that is a lot of ignoring human history of genocide and war owing to religion, and that there was no historical Jesus

and claiming science, which studies nature, validates the supernatural…

From residential school mass graves, to Germany’s concentration camps: to the witch hunts to the crusades and murder of those who advance science, which does not study supernatural claims

to oppressing heterosexual women and denying rights to LGBTQ for centuries…

it is horrifying to see how nothing is convincing to adults who seek an invisible friend to be charge I’m Asked: What evidence is there for God?The leading atheistic philosopher in the early twentieth century, Bertrand Russell, was once asked what he would say to God by way of explanation when…

funny how hetero men can only find meaning in the purity of an imaginary friend, who allows them to treat women and objects the same, how they measure against other men…..

meanwhile, not everyone is heterosexual

so maybe life has more meaning than things and offspring to inherit, eh.‘Atheists in Foxholes’ Are Honored With Monument in WisconsinThe old saying gets a rebuttal carved in

do not congratulate for minimal results – it is not like anything has improved for heterosexual women….

and it is not like ethnicity is understood as being oppressed

and sex – so sexuality – is what makes most loose their minds completely

being bothered others exist to inferring with other person’s lives Why Veterans Day 2021 was special for LGBT vetsLetters to the Should Stop Saying There Are No Atheists In Foxholes – World Religion NewsWhy This Cliché Needs To Be Buried “People say there are no atheists in foxholes. A lot of people think this is a good argument against atheism. Personally, I think it’s a much better argument against foxholes.”Kurt Vonnegut We seem to live in a time filled with world-ending threats. Turn on the news and hear …

it takes religion to be bothered by other people to genocide them. war never changes, eh.

those who oppose equality and human dignity: it is always religion bishops in Ghana reiterate support for anti-LGBT billAs Ghana’s parliament debates controversial bill to criminalize the practice and promotion of homosexuality, the country’s Catholic bishops say it should be voted into

then, there are doctors who think they are gods, eh: without regard for human dignity Are No Atheists in Surgery BedsA true story by Shoshanna Silcove: “It has been said there are no atheists in foxholes. I would add nor are there any in surgery beds. The fantastic doctors worked on me furiously for over 14 hours. Just a few more ounces of blood and it would have been an eternal dirt nap for me. I was lucky.”

Doctors and professionalism, eh – maybe do another area of medicine or maybe another profession entirely that does not involve people..

there is a lot of bashing on women that is inherent in the trans discussion – by women seeking to avoid being women to men seeking to become the priority women and render the second class of women, into second class in the woman category

mostly: those with concerns about transgender needs to speak in a more human manner than trans are doing about those who are not trans.

from the article:
in a recent ruling, Ontario’s health review board upheld the decision of a College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario committee to provide “advice” to Giancarlo McEvenue that he should better follow the profession’s advertising regulations.

Under the Medicine Act, any advertising by a doctor “must not be false, misleading or deceptive; must not contain a testimonial; and must be readily comprehensible, dignified and in good taste.”

“The photograph showing (McEvenue) holding up buckets labelled breast tissue is not dignified or in good taste, regardless of whether the clinic has received positive feedback about it,” the committee wrote. Decision upheld against doc’s posts on transgender top surgery | Toronto SunHolding two medical waste buckets labelled “breast tissue” while dressed in a Santa hat was likely not the most tasteful move by a

from the article:

“I think I’m accepted in the Republican Party. A lot of Republicans don’t like gays, but they say, ‘What you do is your own business,’” Leonardon said. “I don’t feel the Republican Party has an anti-gay bias nearly as much as it used to, particularly because the older Republicans have died off and the ones 50 and under just don’t care as much.”

Nina Notes:

in reality, in the USA it is the republican party that has denied and delayed LGBTQ2 Rights along with equality of rights for Heterosexual women

that some think the party is less oppressive than when former President Bush The Elder began using “family values” as code for anti-lgbt and “politically correct” as a slur against democrats for pretending to be inclusive while the honest bigotry of republicans was supposed to appeal to those targeted by bigotry Some Lesbian, Gay And Bisexual Americans Are Loyal To The GOP | FiveThirtyEightWelcome to Political Outliers, a column that explores groups of Americans who are often portrayed as all voting the same way. In today’s climate, it’s easy to f…


anyone surprised? survey reveals high police distrust | Manning River Times | Taree, NSWFour out of five LGBTIQA+ Victorians do not trust police to use their powers reasonably and half don’t trust them with their personal information, a survey ha…

LGBTQ2 for October 21

Before the 1900s to The Suffragettes

1797, Netherlands – Reinder Pieters van Workum of Frisia is convicted of seduction to sodomy and sentenced to flogging, ten years in prison, and banishment for life.

1893 – On this day Alice Mitchell and Freda Ward make the cover of “The Mascot,” a New Orleans periodical. Alicel, 18, killed Freda, 17, on Jan. 25, 1892. The cover reads, “Good God! The Crimes of Sodom and Gomorrah Discounted.” The editors referred to it as a “story of licentious, horrible love.”

1939 – 1939: New York police raided a masked drag ball and arrested 99 men in attendance, charging them with masquerading as females.

The Friends of Dorothy Era and The Hayes Code

1950s The Decade the public learned heterosexual women wanted sex

The Civil Rights 60s: When the Boomers were under 30

1964 – The film “My Fair Lady,” directed by gay George Cukor (July 7, 1899 – January 24, 1983, is released and goes on to with best Picture and Best Director.  Though not specifically impacting the trajectory of the LGBT movement, the story of Eliza Doolittle and her social disenfranchisement remains influential on the lives of many members of the LGBT community. Richard Chamberlin, who appeared in the revival productions of “My Fair Lady,” has previously discussed the difficulties of coming out as gay while working as a leading actor.

Feminist, Gay Liberation and Lesbian Separatists: Civil Rights


on the USA LP Charts, at 6   Elton John’s Honky Chateau

October 21, 1974

Queen’s single “Killer Queen” was released.

October 21, 1975

Elton John received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1977, Canada – Days of Protest Rallies are held across Canada protesting job discrimination with focus on John Damien (1933-1986), a judge with the Ontario Racing Commission who was fired for being gay.


Grease was #1 for the 11th week on the USA Album chart. 

1979 – Letters between Eleanor Roosevelt (October 11, 1884 – November 7, 1962) and journalist Lorena Hickok (March 7, 1893 – May 1, 1968) are made available. Many of the letters are of a romantic nature.

The Genderfuck Apathetics vs Yuppies : Aids the new STD on the list


Culture Club, featuring the lead vocals of 21 year old George O’Dowd, perform their first UK number one hit, “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” on Top Of The Pops. The song, which was allegedly written about O’Dowd’s six year relationship with Culture Club drummer Jon Moss, would reach #2 in the US.

1983 – Through a spokesperson, the Orthodox Eastern Churches in the United States threaten to withdraw from the National Council of Churches if the predominantly gay and lesbian Metropolitan Community Church is allowed to join. In response, the council decides to table the group’s application for membership

1985: Dan White, the man who murdered both Harvey Milk and San Francisco mayor George Moscone, committed suicide. Harvey Milk was the first openly gay individual to be elected to office in California (and he will be honored with his own postage stamp next year!)

1986 -U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop calls for the use of condoms to prevent HIV transmission.


Elton John collected his 38th Adult Contemporary hit, with exactly half of those (19) reaching the Top 10, and his ninth AC #1 with “Healing Hands”.

90s: Listserves and Email distribution replaces telephone trees for activism

1992 –

The University of Iowa board approved a policy to extend spousal insurance benefits to same sex couples and unmarried heterosexual couples.

The erotic photograph book, “Sex,” was released by Madonna. The first run of 500,000 copies sold out.

Elton John files a $35 Million lawsuit accusing a reporter from the TV show “Hard Copy” of falsely stating that he had moved to Atlanta to be near an AIDS treatment center.

1993 – Openly gay author James Leo Herlihy (February 27, 1927 – October 21, 1993) dies in Los Angeles at age 66. Herlihy wrote “Midnight Cowboy” and “Season of the Witch.”

1993 – Yale University announces that it would begin extending health 1993: Yale University announced that it would begin extending health benefits to the domestic partners of same-sex couples. Universities preceding Yale to make this decision included Stanford, Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago.


The Guinness Book Of Records announced that Elton John’s “Candle In The Wind” (Princess Diana version) was now the biggest selling single record of all time in the US and the UK, with 31.8 million sales in the first 40 days after its release. The all-time sales leader world wide is Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”.

1998 – U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher releases a report with recommendations for suicide prevention. The report recognizes that gay and lesbian youth are a high risk group and recommends target prevention efforts.

Post 9/11 – From “gay and lesbian” to “lesbigay” to “Lgbt/Lgbtq/Lgbtq2”


Sir Elton John signed a contract with the Colosseum in Las Vegas, Nevada to do 75 shows over a three-year period.


Elton John on Why His Disappointing Meeting With Elvis Became a Wake-Up CallDuring the 1970s, Elton John struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, even as he was at a creative peak. At that time, he finally met Elvis Presley, but the Elvis he met was not the Elvis of his childhood. John has called the June 1976 meeting with the late King of Rock and Roll a wake-up call in […]

2021 Botswana Appealing Ruling on Gay Sex to Brazil’s President Mocking LGBT Rights, This Week in Int’l LGBT News | World | News | SFGN ArticlesSouth Florida Gay News, SFGN, Florida’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender crusaders reflect on pivotal moments before NYC’s Stonewall Riots – ABC7 New YorkActivist Randy Wicker is reflecting on how far the LGBT movement has come since before the Stonewall Riots and the work that is left to be LDP support rises for LGBT bill, dual surnames | The Asahi Shimbun: Breaking News, Japan News and AnalysisSupport for measures to help sexual minorities and allow dual surnames in marriages has increased among ruling Liberal Democratic Party candidates, but the largest group remains undecided on the issues, a survey

yes, our lives are political and politics pays attention especially when demographics fail to lives aren’t political, so stop treating us like they are | Metro NewsWe need to stop seeing LGBT+ inclusion and safety as ‘political’ – my existence is only ‘political’ to those who don’t see me as Penalty Can Be Painful For High-Income LGBT Couples Tax BillsTax planning is importand for high income LGBT couples. The marriage penalty can hit gay and lesbian couples particularly hard, resulting in high tax

women get to be offended too, and the part of the LGB community that is tired of the women bashing is offended too drag fundraisers ditch charity over LGBT stance – BBC NewsThe group of friends say they have raised £40,000 over the past 18 awards show held in Hungary set to highlight nation’s anti-LGBTQ laws | TheHillMTV is defending its decision to hold next month’s Europe Music Awards (EMAs) in Hungary despite international pushback to the country’s restrictive new anti-LGBTQ law, saying the ceremony will highlight gay and

religious liberty is the basis for oppression of other demographics. so

“Bradley’s critics should calm down, toughen up and find more constructive ways to engage. Most of the world is religious, and much of it is unfriendly to LGBTQ people, so learning how to diplomatically navigate these kinds of conversations is crucial. “

religion is overly catered to and needs to get over others exist, rather than be supported to continue bigotry against those who are not religious and who are LGBTQ2 and even those who are heterosexual women Zivo: LGBTQ activists were wrong to attack Ryerson student’s religious liberty | National PostLiberal democracies, and pluralistic societies more generally, must balance competing rights and interests, such as LGBTQ rights and religious LGBTQ royals you didn’t learn about in history classThe Dutch monarchy made international news last week after announcing that royals can marry a same-sex partner without giving up their right to the

cited sources

Today in LGBT History   by Ronni Sanlo

The Lavender Effect

HuffPo Queer Lives

Our Daily Elvis

Canada’s Purple Shirt Problem

2010, Canada – Teenager Brittany McMillan uses Tumblr to call on people to wear purple on this day to show support for bullied LGBT youth. The day is known as Spirit Day. The first Gay Spirit day is Celebrated Worldwide. It then became celebrated on Oct. 19th.

From LGBTQ2 History October 20

The problem with purple shirts in Canada since the formation of the Maxime Bernier People’s Party – is that they are claiming to be a purple wave; with the royal association of the colour and the political association of parties that call themselves people’s parties who deem themselves elite

which results in the need for people such as Brittany McMillan

because of the political party, I no longer wear purple shirts

I wear orange instead

Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day: communities coming together in a spirit of reconciliation and hope because every child matters.

Where Are The Children – Legacy of Hope Foundation › wherearethechildrenAug. 24, 2021 — It is oldest residential school considered part of the Residential School System as defined by the Indian Residential Schools Settlement …

MMIWG: Home Page – Final Reporthttps://www.mmiwg-ffada.caA powerful new public awareness and education campaign was launched on social media platforms by the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women …

NATIONAL STOP BULLYING DAY – Second Wednesday in … › national-stop-bullyin…National Stop Bullying Day, which is referred to by some as “Unity Day” is observed annually on the second Wednesday in October, an annual designation.

System of triangles / Prisoner classification / History … › history › system-of-trianglesThe political prisoners in Auschwitz were, above all, Poles. Green triangles marked “criminal” prisoners (Berufsverbrecher – BV), imprisoned as a direct …

Reclaiming the Pink Triangle: LGBT+ people and the Holocaust › latest › reclaiming-th…Feb. 24, 2021 — How can a symbol used for persecution become a symbol for liberation and dignity? Our Visitor Operations Manager writes about the …

the hetero male religion problem sets up ‘virtue’ ministry at former site of women’s affairs department | CBC NewsAfghanistan’s new Taliban rulers set up a ministry for the “propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice” in the building that once housed the Women’s Affairs Ministry, escorting out World Bank staffers Saturday as part of the forced

religion is emotional and a claim of morality despite all the real world evidence of the harm of religion from genocide to rape culture

and religion undermines humans, reducing to a child state, what should be adult civilization

religion is a claim, without evidence, and with only tradition of oppression with centuries of nation grooming

personal views vs traditional views

atheism is a rejection of religion, which is unreasonable and baseless with zero evidence

so it is reasonable, and religious people feeling rejected are not

and it is religion that causes oppression and genocide. this intolerant atheism or merely a reasonable point of view? | The

like conversion therapy, religion is not treatment Circuit finds violation of atheist’s rights through mandated Christian parole program | Courts | coloradopolitics.comA Fort Collins parole officer and the operator of a Christian transitional program violated a man’s First Amendment rights if, in fact, they forced him to either participate in

religion is the problem that causes oppression, bigotry and leads to genoicide

government budgets are connected to the census. so not being counted is oppression and continued exclusion and marginalization

without the social issues being addressed or even named: heterosexuals need to stop being bothered others exist Act joins backlash as Australian census accused of ‘erasing’ queer peopleCourtney Act has joined criticism of the Australian census, which has been slammed not including LGBT+

religion vs science

for a deity that created the universe, the fixation on one planet’s one species and genitals makes for a small god indeed

predictable pandemics, regular earth disasters and weather events

are not caused by lgbt existing nor abortion ie women having the right to say no to men author claims COVID is God’s “judgment” for U.S. being “so pro-LGBT”Right-wing author William Koenig also claimed that LGBTQ people are prepping children to be “groomed and sexualized” and Geophysics is Rife With Bullying and Harassment – Universe TodayA new survey conducted by the Royal Astronomical Society has shown that the fields of astronomy and geophysics also suffer from a culture of bullying and was scared to come out as bisexual ‘because of the judgement’. He needn’t have worriedSemi-pro footballer Jahmal Howlett-Mundle has opened up about coming out as bisexual to his teammates, saying he had put off telling people for fear of

people who are insecure and do not bother to learn anything Removes Apology To LGBTQ Community From His Instagram Page – AllHipHopDaBaby shared a second mea culpa on Instagram, but that apology can no longer be found on his verified Instagram

to society begin bothered by there being more than one kind of man and one kind of woman more officers needed to fill employment equity gaps, RCMP says | CBC NewsAfter years of headlines about toxic behaviour and sexual harassment in the ranks, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is reporting it’s falling far behind on hiring women and visible minorities to its of Vancouver launches survey to better understand gender-based, sexualized violence in public | CBC NewsThe goal of the online survey is to gauge the scope of the problem and determine what the city can do to reduce violence against women and transgender, two-spirited and gender-diverse Breton born man’s 1989 murder fuelled intensified LGBT activistism in Quebec | SaltWirePride warrior

from genocide to exclusion and to exploitation your research before shelling out to shops with a rainbow flag, say members of Vancouver’s LGBTQ community | CBC NewsBusinesses big and small across the Lower Mainland are flying coloured flags this week as the Vancouver Pride Society hosts events celebrating the LGBTQ community and some members are warning consumers that rainbow-themed marketing is sometimes more about advertising than

when really, just trying to exist community turns to shared accommodations to build safe living spaces – The Globe and MailRising housing prices are creating a volatile market, particularly for LGBTQ community members, who are often more likely to face housing discrimination. As a result, many of them are turning to shared accommodations to build safe living

Atheism and LGBTQ2

Religion is the historic and present day cause of oppression for heterosexual women, gay men, bisexuals, lesbians and transpersons – who were named with various terms in law as illegal.

It is important to note that gay and lesbian, and by association, bisexual were removed from the diagnostic manual of mental health in the 1970s.

Whereas, transgender falls under body dysmorphia; and the academic idea of trans gender theory is more diagnosis projected onto a sexually reproducting species, where bigotry and fetish are known to be related to the heterosexual male homophobia and transphobia court words in defense of rape and murder.

and Lesbians of all women, are the most fetishized by heterosexual and transwomen

nonbinary is an emerging demographic which has not formed a shared identity to be a demographic, while in some government levels being recognized with nonbinary being a gender option

which really is going to require individual or three public bathrooms

one for hetero men, one for gay, bi men, transpersons and nonbinary and one for women, to maximize public safety.

those LGBTQ2 who are religious have to really think about the self loathing and desire to belong to a larger community than oneself.

and demographics that share characteristics and form dating pools. such as gay men and lesbians, who have nonprocreative sex by defination and which was used as justification for denial of marriage equality, does not get to be put aside

as if lesbians are the ones not at risk of date rape when denied a no to a date in the first place.

so. like an atheist does not have to practise any religion

lesbians are radical feminists, whether can cite specific theories or not, lesbian is the application of feminism

and those who do not share the primary characteristics, born female, do not get to self identify in

heterosexual men claim all women are bisexual and then they claim to be lesbians owing to attraction to women

which lesbians are not attracted to all women, not even other lesbians who are in the demographic of lesbian.

women determine the words to define ourselves and transwoman seeking those words to be changed is the ultimate mansplaining and depersonalizing the women’s lived experience

lesbians who call a penis a vagina have been gaslighted and peer bullied.

meanwhile, athiesm remains a heterosexual male vs heterosexual male domain, without regard to the demographics who experience the culture wars, the racial bigotry, the gender oppression and gender based sexual violence

which health care, police and science and social literacy, should give every adult pause to consider that there is an identifiable group which by defination excludes a category of persons born observed male, who failing to meet the social expectations now considers feelings to be facts, despite objective reality unconsciously stereotype atheists as more likely to be serial killers, yet pin them as open-minded, scientific, and fun at partiesResearch published in Social Psychological and Personality Science suggests that people can hold both positive and intensely negative stereotypes about a …

because guess who the most known ones are?

white heterosexual men

meanwhile. atheists are underrepresented in prisons which favour a find jesus for pardons think atheists are more likely to be serial killers, but also more ‘open-minded’ and fun at parties | indy100Apparently, people subsconsciously stereotype atheists as serial killers — yet also assume they’re more “open-minded” and fun at

atheism is not a claim, it is the rejection of the claim theism asserts

arguing over what words mean and one side defining the other

is part of the nonsense. those with religion really cannot understand non believers

who are not being immature or rebelling or secretly agreeing.

it is a rejection of religion. Atheist Arguments: “Atheism Isn’t a Claim” | Bob SeidenstickerWho has the burden of proof? The Christian cries foul when the atheist declares that he has no rhetorical obligation to defend his

word wanking between heterosexual men

religion has zero proof and predicts nothing

athiesm is not limited to heterosexual men

and there does not even have to a reason to reject any and all religions

other than one is not convinced by any

no higher education needed and religion is not education

it is not history and it is not law, outside of theocracies

and it is not therapy or treatment for anything

religion is the claim and proof of authority in itself

the original pyramid scheme the New New Atheists, Not Like the Old New Atheists | Evolution NewsThese atheists are finding the “Darwinian tower” less to their liking, and are laying down their bow and

from the article:

Offering a bizarrely enticing description of sex between same-sex couples, Hibbs said, “When two people of the same sex get together, it’s out of sheer wanton lust and pleasure only for self.”

“Nothing comes of it. No life can come from it. No family can come from it,” he continued.

“If you’re an evolutionist, you have to be against same-sex unions,” Hibbs said. “If you’re an evolutionist, what is one of the statements? It’s the survival of the fittest, right? And in evolutionary theory, the survival of the fittest has to procreate.”

He added: “But if evolution is true, then there would be no such thing as homosexuality, because over the last 400 trillion, billion, zillion, quadbillion, zillion, nillion, years, evolution would have washed that out.”

Then came his most curious assertion: “Homosexuality — LGBTQ actions — prove the existence of God, because God’s word says this would be some of the outcome and actions of the Last Days.” sex proves “existence of God” and discredits evolution, evangelical pastor claimsRight-wing pastor Jack Hibbs apparently spends a lot of time thinking about “LGBTQ actions” and

no. from an evolution standpoint,

adults who do not have children, take care of closely related children, conferring a benefit to the family/community

gay men, lesbians and bisexuals also would provide other work productively into the community differing from heterosexual contributions of hunting, farming, home/ community building.

crafting and creative and technology pursuits, by those free of family life

so this is religion not understanding science

which biology is not the science study that challenges or disproves a deity

anthropology is

and many cultures had many kinds of roles

and the world has primarily been hetero men

to that even in europe, not long ago

there were no women in theatre

and there are few women in atheism,

because it is not much less sexist and oppressive to women

and lgbtq2 than religion

but atheism is indifferent to owing to heterosexual male dominance of unconcern of how other demographics experience heterosexual males of all ethnicities.

while religion is about controlling and opposing

heterosexual women and removing obstacles or threats to heterosexual men

who needs articles when there’s headlines?

words and actions across headlines workers petition and two quit over anti-LGBTQ book salesFed up Amazon workers petition and quit over anti-LGBTQ book

see also workplace equality is key for LGBTQ equalityIn the United States, the struggle for LGBTQ rights has often revolved around employers and business owners discriminating against LGBTQ

lesbian space, not women space – words are being lost of T study looks at how Toronto’s LGBTQ spaces were impacted by the pandemicA University of Toronto study is shining a spotlight on how the city’s LGBTQ community is being disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19

representation matters Study Finds LGBTQ Characters Got More Screen Time In 2020 Movies : NPRThe advocacy group just released its annual film survey, which found the percentage of LGBTQ characters of color also increased. But it still cited issues with lack of transgender

and around the world; lives those words describe The humanitarian sector is failing LGBTQ survivors of conflictDespite global commitments to inclusion, humanitarian support for queerness and queer activism is failing members of the LGBTQ community in conflict and crisis killing of Samuel Luiz outrages Spain’s LGBTQ community | LGBTQ News | Al JazeeraFollowing the death of Samuel Luiz, members of the LGBTQ community in Spain are asking for the law to protect

Lest We Forget says laws against demographics is the problem.

and it is an imaginary thing to be bothered that non heteros exist PM Says EU Action On LGBT Rights Amounts To ‘Legal Hooliganism’The legal action launched against Hungary by the European Commission over measures it said discriminated against LGBT people amounts to “legal hooliganism” and is “shameful,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban told state radio on July PM says EU’s ‘imaginary values’ could trigger ‘collapse’ of bloc, amid Hungary LGBT row — RT World NewsSlovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa has condemned the EU’s western states for imposing “imaginary European values” without respecting local cultures. Jansa supports Hungary in its fight against LGBT content in schools and Commission takes legal action against Hungary, Poland for LGBT policies | TheHillThe European Commission on Thursday announced it will take legal action against Hungary and Poland for recently enacted anti-LGBT

a war of words. to war bar sold t-shirts about shooting LGBT people | TheHillA Wyoming motorcycle bar has reportedly decided to stop the sale of a shirt it carried that bragged about shooting members of the LGBT community, and included use of a homophobic slur, according to the

MEANWHILE: why is this so difficult?

Lufthansa Group’s airlines — which include Lufthansa, Eurowings and Brussels Airlines — have historically welcomed travelers on board by referring to them as “ladies and gentlemen.”
In a statement, the airline said that on future flights travelers will be referred to as “guests,” or simply greeted with a cheerful: “Good morning here on board.” switches to gender-neutral plane greetings | CNN TravelEurope’s largest airline group, Lufthansa, announces plans to move away from greeting travelers as “ladies and gentleman” to gender-neutral welcome

can we say religion is the problem?

from heterosexual women’s oppression to LGBTQ2, to being the source of all bigotries of ethnicity and lack of empathy for disabled and hostility to science and social progress.

Dear National Post:

You did not mention the pedophile serial killer priests…

from the article:

The commission ultimately determined that at least 3,200 children died while a student at a Residential School; one in every 50 students enrolled during the program’s nearly 120-year existence. That’s a death rate comparable to the number of Canadian POWs who died in the custody of Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

But a true figure will never be known for the simple fact that death records – if they were kept at all – were often lacking even basic personal information. “In many cases, school principals simply reported on the number of children who had died in a school, with few or no supporting details,” reads the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Bodies of children were not returned to families, and parents rarely learned the circumstances of a child’s death. Often, the only death notification would be to send the child’s name to the Indian Agent at his or her home community. so many children died at Indian Residential Schools | National PostAt some schools, annual death rates were as high as one in Church must take responsibility for the harm done in residential schools | The StarAnd while the Anglican Church, United Church, and Presbyterian Church have all issued formal apologies for their participation in the residential scho…

see also Tulsa digs for victims of the 1921 race massacre, victims say the road to justice is a long one | CTV NewsOne hundred years and a day after one of the country’s bloodiest massacres of the 20th Century, the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Tuesday will begin exhuming bodies possibly linked to the

LGBTQ2 thoughts: L for Law

actually we do by returning more than we take out. and we are in creative areas because we are not burdened with offspring in Japan says LGBT don’t benefit preservation of speciesDespite being one of the most secular nations of the world, Japan still must contend with ardent beliefs against homosexuality and transgender identity—attempting to use science as its basis for discrimination.Japan House of Representatives member Kazuo Yana told his ruling party members that parliament passes law compensating gay and lesbian soldiers for past discrimination – JURIST – News – Legal News & CommentaryThe German parliament Thursday voted in favor of the rehabilitation and compensation of soldiers who have faced discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation. Until the year 2000, German mil…

it is not “antiwhite racism” it is white oppression devoid of remembering history of USA. balancing historic wrongs is needed

resisting them is extending the wrongs

and fear of heterosexuals is reasonable to lgbtq2, eh

so Dear White Heterosexuals: #StopMakingWhiteEmbarassing #LestWeForget Gabbard accuses Black lesbian Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot of “anti-white racism” / LGBTQ NationGabbard, who worked for an anti-LGBTQ organization before being elected to office, is outraged white reporters weren’t privileged for a few hours…

a million moms need something better to focus on than other adults Million Moms Vs “Sin Indoctrinating” Lego – Joe.My.God.Just in from hate group leader Monica Cole: It’s apparent that even toy manufacturers are attempting to indoctrinate children by exposing them to the LGBTQ lifestyle. Why can’t LEGO let kids be kids instead of glamorizing a sinful lifestyle? LEGO is confusing our innocent children by attempting to normalize this lifestyle choice, which is not …

May 25, 1895

In London, playwright/poet/novelist Oscar Wilde was convicted and sentenced to two years’ hard labor for “gross indecency,” a term used at that time to mean “homosexual acts not amounting to buggery.

IN the UK – and apparently, without consideration

so if pedophiles show up? that’s okay?

I was kicked out and abused in 12 LGBT facebook groups for being an atheist –

which religion is why we were oppressed

so a person who is claiming they are a word – like lesbian

but those who are lesbians say, no you are not a lesbian

much like a person who does not have magical thinking does not have to date a person who does astrology or psychic powers and those claims, lacking evidence do not require respect any more than other self image thoughts in a person’s mind, when they have no respect for your boundaries and name call for declining socializing.

the historic inability to say no and set boundaries is lesbians off side | Acceptance without exceptionStonewall campaigns for the equality of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people across MoreScamvangelical: Homosexuality Is “Three Times Worse Than Smoking,” Put A Warning Label On Their Forehead – Joe.My.God.“Homosexuals have like a three times as much suicide as heterosexuals. And then you go into transgender and it just continues to go up. It’s a very destructive lifestyle. It’s 20 years less that a homosexual lives than a heterosexual. And you know, cigarettes take an average of seven years off your life. So homosexuality …

that gay men exist is not an excuse for hetero men to smoke at home, at work, in their cars and cause accidents.

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