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Canada’s Purple Shirt Problem

2010, Canada – Teenager Brittany McMillan uses Tumblr to call on people to wear purple on this day to show support for bullied LGBT youth. The day is known as Spirit Day. The first Gay Spirit day is Celebrated Worldwide. It then became celebrated on Oct. 19th.

From LGBTQ2 History October 20

The problem with purple shirts in Canada since the formation of the Maxime Bernier People’s Party – is that they are claiming to be a purple wave; with the royal association of the colour and the political association of parties that call themselves people’s parties who deem themselves elite

which results in the need for people such as Brittany McMillan

because of the political party, I no longer wear purple shirts

I wear orange instead

Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day: communities coming together in a spirit of reconciliation and hope because every child matters.

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