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M&Ms: Candy is Dandy, eh

so we are saying representation does not matter?

or realizing that candy does not have gender and does not have to be sexualized

despite, the candy is dandy and liquor quicker “old saying”

m&m were a way for chocolate rations to be used as date bait: not just saying, eh internet explodes in laughter as M&Ms announces new “inclusive” characters / LGBTQ NationNo one in all of human history has ever looked at a f–king M&M and said “I don’t feel represented…

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Six Times M&Ms Made History › news › the-wartime-origins-…Jun 2, 2014 — During World War IIM&Ms were exclusively sold to the U.S. military. In March of 1941, Mars was granted a patent for his manufacturing process …Missing: ads ‎| Must include: ads
M&M’s: A Once Military-Exclusive Treat – Retro Planet › mms
Jun 22, 2012 — Screenshot of an M&M’s ad announcing the candies being exclusive to the US military during WWII. (source: M&M’s official site).

Wait, are those M&Ms lesbians? – PinkNews › 2017/05/30 › wait-are-m…
May 30, 2017 — The official M&M Twitter account shared a picture of the two female characters representing green and brown M&Ms, on a beach holding hands.
The Oh-So-Sweet History of Gay M&M’s – MEL Magazine › Recent
Oct 29, 2019 — Mars Inc. refuses to say whether the Green and Brown M&Ms are queer and trans. To Gay Twitter, it hardly matters — they’re two ladies in …

LGBTQ2 Blogger Nina Notes: they differ greatly, cultural and subcultural readings, representation and meaning.

Heterosexual Sexual Harassment in a candy

CAF-DND Sexual Misconduct Class Actionhttps://www.caf-dndsexualmisconductclassaction.caIn 2016 and 2017 seven former members of the Canadian Armed Forces (the “Representative Plaintiffs”) initiated class action lawsuits (“Heyder and Beattie …‎Contact Us · ‎Documents · ‎Support

Military sexual misconduct class action claims … – Global News › news › military-sexual-miscond…
Nov 8, 2021 — The $900-million class action lawsuit was settled in 2019 and opened to claims from survivors and victims of military sexual misconduct on May …

$900M Canadian Forces Sexual Assault Class Action … › military › 900m-canadi…
Nov 11, 2021 — A $900 million settlement of a class action settlement alleging sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination in the Canadian …


The Lack of Theism: Clarity

translation: if I do not have an imaginary friend who validates my existence, what is existence for?

how about Not interfering in other people lives about what you say your invisible friend wants

clue: living.. existence is living.’s ‘Eccentric’ Nature| National Catholic RegisterCOMMENTARY: If a loving God is my center, then all my actions have meaning because they are related to the

that is a lot of ignoring human history of genocide and war owing to religion, and that there was no historical Jesus

and claiming science, which studies nature, validates the supernatural…

From residential school mass graves, to Germany’s concentration camps: to the witch hunts to the crusades and murder of those who advance science, which does not study supernatural claims

to oppressing heterosexual women and denying rights to LGBTQ for centuries…

it is horrifying to see how nothing is convincing to adults who seek an invisible friend to be charge I’m Asked: What evidence is there for God?The leading atheistic philosopher in the early twentieth century, Bertrand Russell, was once asked what he would say to God by way of explanation when…

funny how hetero men can only find meaning in the purity of an imaginary friend, who allows them to treat women and objects the same, how they measure against other men…..

meanwhile, not everyone is heterosexual

so maybe life has more meaning than things and offspring to inherit, eh.‘Atheists in Foxholes’ Are Honored With Monument in WisconsinThe old saying gets a rebuttal carved in

do not congratulate for minimal results – it is not like anything has improved for heterosexual women….

and it is not like ethnicity is understood as being oppressed

and sex – so sexuality – is what makes most loose their minds completely

being bothered others exist to inferring with other person’s lives Why Veterans Day 2021 was special for LGBT vetsLetters to the Should Stop Saying There Are No Atheists In Foxholes – World Religion NewsWhy This Cliché Needs To Be Buried “People say there are no atheists in foxholes. A lot of people think this is a good argument against atheism. Personally, I think it’s a much better argument against foxholes.”Kurt Vonnegut We seem to live in a time filled with world-ending threats. Turn on the news and hear …

it takes religion to be bothered by other people to genocide them. war never changes, eh.

those who oppose equality and human dignity: it is always religion bishops in Ghana reiterate support for anti-LGBT billAs Ghana’s parliament debates controversial bill to criminalize the practice and promotion of homosexuality, the country’s Catholic bishops say it should be voted into

then, there are doctors who think they are gods, eh: without regard for human dignity Are No Atheists in Surgery BedsA true story by Shoshanna Silcove: “It has been said there are no atheists in foxholes. I would add nor are there any in surgery beds. The fantastic doctors worked on me furiously for over 14 hours. Just a few more ounces of blood and it would have been an eternal dirt nap for me. I was lucky.”

Doctors and professionalism, eh – maybe do another area of medicine or maybe another profession entirely that does not involve people..

there is a lot of bashing on women that is inherent in the trans discussion – by women seeking to avoid being women to men seeking to become the priority women and render the second class of women, into second class in the woman category

mostly: those with concerns about transgender needs to speak in a more human manner than trans are doing about those who are not trans.

from the article:
in a recent ruling, Ontario’s health review board upheld the decision of a College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario committee to provide “advice” to Giancarlo McEvenue that he should better follow the profession’s advertising regulations.

Under the Medicine Act, any advertising by a doctor “must not be false, misleading or deceptive; must not contain a testimonial; and must be readily comprehensible, dignified and in good taste.”

“The photograph showing (McEvenue) holding up buckets labelled breast tissue is not dignified or in good taste, regardless of whether the clinic has received positive feedback about it,” the committee wrote. Decision upheld against doc’s posts on transgender top surgery | Toronto SunHolding two medical waste buckets labelled “breast tissue” while dressed in a Santa hat was likely not the most tasteful move by a

from the article:

“I think I’m accepted in the Republican Party. A lot of Republicans don’t like gays, but they say, ‘What you do is your own business,’” Leonardon said. “I don’t feel the Republican Party has an anti-gay bias nearly as much as it used to, particularly because the older Republicans have died off and the ones 50 and under just don’t care as much.”

Nina Notes:

in reality, in the USA it is the republican party that has denied and delayed LGBTQ2 Rights along with equality of rights for Heterosexual women

that some think the party is less oppressive than when former President Bush The Elder began using “family values” as code for anti-lgbt and “politically correct” as a slur against democrats for pretending to be inclusive while the honest bigotry of republicans was supposed to appeal to those targeted by bigotry Some Lesbian, Gay And Bisexual Americans Are Loyal To The GOP | FiveThirtyEightWelcome to Political Outliers, a column that explores groups of Americans who are often portrayed as all voting the same way. In today’s climate, it’s easy to f…


anyone surprised? survey reveals high police distrust | Manning River Times | Taree, NSWFour out of five LGBTIQA+ Victorians do not trust police to use their powers reasonably and half don’t trust them with their personal information, a survey ha…