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The Lack of Theism: Clarity

translation: if I do not have an imaginary friend who validates my existence, what is existence for?

how about Not interfering in other people lives about what you say your invisible friend wants

clue: living.. existence is living.’s ‘Eccentric’ Nature| National Catholic RegisterCOMMENTARY: If a loving God is my center, then all my actions have meaning because they are related to the

that is a lot of ignoring human history of genocide and war owing to religion, and that there was no historical Jesus

and claiming science, which studies nature, validates the supernatural…

From residential school mass graves, to Germany’s concentration camps: to the witch hunts to the crusades and murder of those who advance science, which does not study supernatural claims

to oppressing heterosexual women and denying rights to LGBTQ for centuries…

it is horrifying to see how nothing is convincing to adults who seek an invisible friend to be charge I’m Asked: What evidence is there for God?The leading atheistic philosopher in the early twentieth century, Bertrand Russell, was once asked what he would say to God by way of explanation when…

funny how hetero men can only find meaning in the purity of an imaginary friend, who allows them to treat women and objects the same, how they measure against other men…..

meanwhile, not everyone is heterosexual

so maybe life has more meaning than things and offspring to inherit, eh.‘Atheists in Foxholes’ Are Honored With Monument in WisconsinThe old saying gets a rebuttal carved in

do not congratulate for minimal results – it is not like anything has improved for heterosexual women….

and it is not like ethnicity is understood as being oppressed

and sex – so sexuality – is what makes most loose their minds completely

being bothered others exist to inferring with other person’s lives Why Veterans Day 2021 was special for LGBT vetsLetters to the Should Stop Saying There Are No Atheists In Foxholes – World Religion NewsWhy This Cliché Needs To Be Buried “People say there are no atheists in foxholes. A lot of people think this is a good argument against atheism. Personally, I think it’s a much better argument against foxholes.”Kurt Vonnegut We seem to live in a time filled with world-ending threats. Turn on the news and hear …

it takes religion to be bothered by other people to genocide them. war never changes, eh.

those who oppose equality and human dignity: it is always religion bishops in Ghana reiterate support for anti-LGBT billAs Ghana’s parliament debates controversial bill to criminalize the practice and promotion of homosexuality, the country’s Catholic bishops say it should be voted into

then, there are doctors who think they are gods, eh: without regard for human dignity Are No Atheists in Surgery BedsA true story by Shoshanna Silcove: “It has been said there are no atheists in foxholes. I would add nor are there any in surgery beds. The fantastic doctors worked on me furiously for over 14 hours. Just a few more ounces of blood and it would have been an eternal dirt nap for me. I was lucky.”

Doctors and professionalism, eh – maybe do another area of medicine or maybe another profession entirely that does not involve people..

there is a lot of bashing on women that is inherent in the trans discussion – by women seeking to avoid being women to men seeking to become the priority women and render the second class of women, into second class in the woman category

mostly: those with concerns about transgender needs to speak in a more human manner than trans are doing about those who are not trans.

from the article:
in a recent ruling, Ontario’s health review board upheld the decision of a College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario committee to provide “advice” to Giancarlo McEvenue that he should better follow the profession’s advertising regulations.

Under the Medicine Act, any advertising by a doctor “must not be false, misleading or deceptive; must not contain a testimonial; and must be readily comprehensible, dignified and in good taste.”

“The photograph showing (McEvenue) holding up buckets labelled breast tissue is not dignified or in good taste, regardless of whether the clinic has received positive feedback about it,” the committee wrote. Decision upheld against doc’s posts on transgender top surgery | Toronto SunHolding two medical waste buckets labelled “breast tissue” while dressed in a Santa hat was likely not the most tasteful move by a

from the article:

“I think I’m accepted in the Republican Party. A lot of Republicans don’t like gays, but they say, ‘What you do is your own business,’” Leonardon said. “I don’t feel the Republican Party has an anti-gay bias nearly as much as it used to, particularly because the older Republicans have died off and the ones 50 and under just don’t care as much.”

Nina Notes:

in reality, in the USA it is the republican party that has denied and delayed LGBTQ2 Rights along with equality of rights for Heterosexual women

that some think the party is less oppressive than when former President Bush The Elder began using “family values” as code for anti-lgbt and “politically correct” as a slur against democrats for pretending to be inclusive while the honest bigotry of republicans was supposed to appeal to those targeted by bigotry Some Lesbian, Gay And Bisexual Americans Are Loyal To The GOP | FiveThirtyEightWelcome to Political Outliers, a column that explores groups of Americans who are often portrayed as all voting the same way. In today’s climate, it’s easy to f…


anyone surprised? survey reveals high police distrust | Manning River Times | Taree, NSWFour out of five LGBTIQA+ Victorians do not trust police to use their powers reasonably and half don’t trust them with their personal information, a survey ha…


Atheism and Atheist

the rejection of religion, and nothing else.

religion is mostly in the bronze age.. other than mormon and scientology, invented recently Is “Stuck in the Late 19th Century” | Evolution NewsDarwin, Marx, and Freud are largely responsible for elaborating the outlook that sought to replace the Western theistic

if atheism is stuck in last century it is because of spokesman and spokesmen

because it is not just for white heterosexual men – who zero sum with religion, without being an ally to those religion harms Spokesman Matt Dillahunty Refuses To Debate Me Again | Mind MattersFor millennia, theists have thought meticulously about God’s existence. New Atheists merely deny any need to make a case. That’s partly why I dumped

What atheists can learn from the gay rights movement – The … › on-faith › 2013/04/03Apr. 3, 2013 — How did homosexuality shift in public opinion from less respectable than atheism to more? And what can the atheist movement learn from the LGBT …
Atheists can be homophobic and sexist, too – Religion News … › 2014/03/10 › atheists-can-ho…
Mar. 10, 2014 — This week, the rights of women and LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) people have been a big topic of discussion in the …

Meeting in the middle on religious and LGBTQ rights – Deseret … › meeting-in-the-middle-religi…May 4, 2021 — Jonathan Rauch believes there is a way to protect religious freedom and LGBTQ rights. He’d like Congress to work to find balance between the …
Lesbian author brings a smile to her atheism – Bay Area … › news › books
Oct. 17, 2018 — Recently, she has written a self-published book, “Queer Disbelief: Why LGBTQ Equality Is an Atheist Issue,” available on Amazon. In the book …
Atheism, Gender, and Sexuality – Oxford Handbooks Online › view › oxfordhb
by ME Brewster · Cited by 30 — Moreover, data about atheism and religiosity amongst lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) groups is presented. Findings regarding rates of …Missing: learn ‎| Must include: learn

Alex C

Of course they can. One has no bearing at all on the other. I’m not sure I understand why we even need an article.

because religion is the easy go to reason and it is clearly not the only part of the heterosexual mostly ,but male caused problems of male vs males, which then women are the battleground for heterosexual men and as recent years have made pointed clear gay and bisexual men supporting transwomen vs lesbians…. we need to go beyond the obvious to the full span of a problem before it can be resolved.

it has gotten so bad for women that there has been a transwomen saying that trans activists went too far and there should have been more consultation before taking over women’s groups and failing to recognize women’s reality.

after decades of lawsuits against women’s groups and lesbian groups…. from women’s prisons to rape/crisis centres, to women’s centres to lesbian not for public access events and spaces

the harms have been done

when transwomen object to language that describes women, that is the hate speech against women

trans persons complain that they are fetishized as they cotton ceiling fetishize lesbians then call others bigots who are not attracted to trans – meaning they are no different than heterosexual incels

admitting to unreasonableness and repeating what women have been saying does not confer reasonableness – there was no call to stop sexually harassing lesbians and cease the terf slur. this is a we went to far and attempt to roll back when damage has been done – not only to individual women, but women’s organizations as well. transwomen were not allies with women for mutial protection from hetersexual male violence, transwomen went after women’s groups and especially lesbians with decades of sexual fetish being expressed as the name calling and taking over our dyke march, kicking lesbians out of pride and other lgbt organizations and also for heterosexual women’s groups, where women of the 1970s are trash talked for taking care of heterosexual women and not transvestites

this is where sounding reasonable is not actually reasonable, without acknowledgement of harms done and stepping back across the lines crossed, not negotiating from where the too far was. rights? Yes. Toxic, in-your-face activism? No | CBC NewsConflicts between transgender and women’s rights do exist, but that doesn’t mean we should censor discussion and debate, writes Jessica

this is the website for the Vancouver based trans organization that is fixated on lesbians rather than dealing with trans safety from heterosexual males

it is good to know what the talking points are to challenge and dismiss them as unprovable and not relevant to the majority of the population

transgender are no different from heterosexual incels who complain women do not date them

if you look at the site, the word “colonialism” is used, which is overreach and easy word to throw around to make white heterosexuals more on the political left yield, and it follows all the other name calling towards those who are not dating trans persons – rather than trans addressing the crimes against lgbtq2 and heterosexual women. Against Trans Antagonism | NO TERFS, NO SWERFS, NO FASCISTSNO TERFS, NO SWERFS, NO

What do you call….an(d) answer

What do you call a religion that has no theology, it’s based on logic, reason and science and promotes individual thinking and needs you to question everything, and it’s moral code is based on common sense of doing what’s right Without Blindly Following a law, rule, a creed or dogma, or a tradition, or a religious and or political ideology and no need to gather in a tax exempt building once a week to pass the basket and listening to a con artist speaker or preacher who only care how much money he or she could make from you or some naïve, gullible, uneducated sheep minded people still following a dark age book written by some con men to fool the fools who believe them without question but with great devotion?

Alex Blue (Gay Man escaped Muslim nation owing to atheism in Canada)


no idea. because atheist is the rejection of religion and nothing else.


I call it: Non Delusional. 😁


that is so good I did laugh out loud… that was brilliant Alex.


Thank you Nina ❤


you are kindly welcome I really needed that laugh.

we have to be alert this Canada election 2021 to the “conscious rights” that doctors are claiming to refuse abortion services – a new way to say religious rights or freedom of religion, when ideas do not have rights unless they are patentable… and that gives a person rights twice.. so we need to co-ordinate messages in our respective spheres of influence

because trans are trying the same thing and it is gaslighting to tell anyone to ignore their own perceptions and as a lesbian being called a terf while no one is paying attention to the fetish cotton ceiling or noticing the appalling terminology being used in the LGBT literature of front hole and back hole. as if women would describe our own bodies that very penis reference manner..

no one has to right to walk up to anyone and say you have to date me or you are bigot or start talking about genitals, which is the core of the trans dating debate.. which at the end of the planet, when children are soldiers and mass disasters.. who dates transgender is not in the top 1000 concerns. and as a lesbian on the concern about dating, I am very concerned lesbians and even heterosexual men are being told they do not have a no… finally something lesbians and straight men do have in common, but homophobia and transphobia are the hetero men’s words to make their having assaulted, raped and murdered reasonable. whereas, for lesbians, saying no individually is exhausting so it needs to be said as a demographic.

that religion and transgender theory may not be questioned, means they may be dismissed without debate.

that is not how reality, nor academia works

and co-opting intersectionality of ethnicity for genitals

and saying diversity while defining words to include the opposite

is to end the meaning of words, not expand them

and no person is obligated to ignore their own senses and knowledge on behalf of another, especially a stranger with no positive reason to be self identifying into a demographic defined most understandably to any person as not involving a penis, regardless of how the person refers to or names it.

Lesbians are not nonmen who are attracted to other non men

nor are lesbians heterosexual men in women’s bodies

and doctors can only observe and record what is measureable

doctors do not assign, unless there has been some question of what was observed or an accidental mutilation and cover up, as in documented cases of doctors using patients to make names for the doctors to name things

if a person lives in a nation where human rights, which include responsibility

then no one has any right to redefine words or call you named and accuse you of bigtory for not dating a person who does not appeal to you

any more than you will have a bad time after death if you do not obey a religious concept of how to behave depending on your gender

which, gender is your biologicial sex, owing to be homo sapiens, a sexually reproducing species

with bisexuals enjoying both

gay men and lesbians enjoying one

and persons who are trans, have pansexuals and fetishizers

while all women

from hetero to bisexual to pansexual and especially lesbians

have male fetishizers, and cotton ceiling is the confession of denying lesbians human rights, including forming a demographic on shared characteristics

which those clothes from heterosexual from a lesbian perspective, do not.

as individuals and as a demographic, being an ally means respecting boundaries where human rights gets to define them: no to a date

and responding to no with name calling, debates and redefining words

accusations of bigotry

is more than a red flag, and reveals the exact relationship being demanded

and bizarrely supported by adults who should know better

especially in a kink aware community, even if not kinky.

if there is not a not to a date, then there is not a no to sex

and consent requires informed and if there is no

no to a date nor to sex, then there is no safeword

which, to religion, atheist is

and to keep oneself who is at rape risk, no to a date is supposed to be safe to say

otherwise, no women has rights to self determination

Atheism and LGBTQ2

Religion is the historic and present day cause of oppression for heterosexual women, gay men, bisexuals, lesbians and transpersons – who were named with various terms in law as illegal.

It is important to note that gay and lesbian, and by association, bisexual were removed from the diagnostic manual of mental health in the 1970s.

Whereas, transgender falls under body dysmorphia; and the academic idea of trans gender theory is more diagnosis projected onto a sexually reproducting species, where bigotry and fetish are known to be related to the heterosexual male homophobia and transphobia court words in defense of rape and murder.

and Lesbians of all women, are the most fetishized by heterosexual and transwomen

nonbinary is an emerging demographic which has not formed a shared identity to be a demographic, while in some government levels being recognized with nonbinary being a gender option

which really is going to require individual or three public bathrooms

one for hetero men, one for gay, bi men, transpersons and nonbinary and one for women, to maximize public safety.

those LGBTQ2 who are religious have to really think about the self loathing and desire to belong to a larger community than oneself.

and demographics that share characteristics and form dating pools. such as gay men and lesbians, who have nonprocreative sex by defination and which was used as justification for denial of marriage equality, does not get to be put aside

as if lesbians are the ones not at risk of date rape when denied a no to a date in the first place.

so. like an atheist does not have to practise any religion

lesbians are radical feminists, whether can cite specific theories or not, lesbian is the application of feminism

and those who do not share the primary characteristics, born female, do not get to self identify in

heterosexual men claim all women are bisexual and then they claim to be lesbians owing to attraction to women

which lesbians are not attracted to all women, not even other lesbians who are in the demographic of lesbian.

women determine the words to define ourselves and transwoman seeking those words to be changed is the ultimate mansplaining and depersonalizing the women’s lived experience

lesbians who call a penis a vagina have been gaslighted and peer bullied.

meanwhile, athiesm remains a heterosexual male vs heterosexual male domain, without regard to the demographics who experience the culture wars, the racial bigotry, the gender oppression and gender based sexual violence

which health care, police and science and social literacy, should give every adult pause to consider that there is an identifiable group which by defination excludes a category of persons born observed male, who failing to meet the social expectations now considers feelings to be facts, despite objective reality unconsciously stereotype atheists as more likely to be serial killers, yet pin them as open-minded, scientific, and fun at partiesResearch published in Social Psychological and Personality Science suggests that people can hold both positive and intensely negative stereotypes about a …

because guess who the most known ones are?

white heterosexual men

meanwhile. atheists are underrepresented in prisons which favour a find jesus for pardons think atheists are more likely to be serial killers, but also more ‘open-minded’ and fun at parties | indy100Apparently, people subsconsciously stereotype atheists as serial killers — yet also assume they’re more “open-minded” and fun at

atheism is not a claim, it is the rejection of the claim theism asserts

arguing over what words mean and one side defining the other

is part of the nonsense. those with religion really cannot understand non believers

who are not being immature or rebelling or secretly agreeing.

it is a rejection of religion. Atheist Arguments: “Atheism Isn’t a Claim” | Bob SeidenstickerWho has the burden of proof? The Christian cries foul when the atheist declares that he has no rhetorical obligation to defend his

word wanking between heterosexual men

religion has zero proof and predicts nothing

athiesm is not limited to heterosexual men

and there does not even have to a reason to reject any and all religions

other than one is not convinced by any

no higher education needed and religion is not education

it is not history and it is not law, outside of theocracies

and it is not therapy or treatment for anything

religion is the claim and proof of authority in itself

the original pyramid scheme the New New Atheists, Not Like the Old New Atheists | Evolution NewsThese atheists are finding the “Darwinian tower” less to their liking, and are laying down their bow and

from the article:

Offering a bizarrely enticing description of sex between same-sex couples, Hibbs said, “When two people of the same sex get together, it’s out of sheer wanton lust and pleasure only for self.”

“Nothing comes of it. No life can come from it. No family can come from it,” he continued.

“If you’re an evolutionist, you have to be against same-sex unions,” Hibbs said. “If you’re an evolutionist, what is one of the statements? It’s the survival of the fittest, right? And in evolutionary theory, the survival of the fittest has to procreate.”

He added: “But if evolution is true, then there would be no such thing as homosexuality, because over the last 400 trillion, billion, zillion, quadbillion, zillion, nillion, years, evolution would have washed that out.”

Then came his most curious assertion: “Homosexuality — LGBTQ actions — prove the existence of God, because God’s word says this would be some of the outcome and actions of the Last Days.” sex proves “existence of God” and discredits evolution, evangelical pastor claimsRight-wing pastor Jack Hibbs apparently spends a lot of time thinking about “LGBTQ actions” and

no. from an evolution standpoint,

adults who do not have children, take care of closely related children, conferring a benefit to the family/community

gay men, lesbians and bisexuals also would provide other work productively into the community differing from heterosexual contributions of hunting, farming, home/ community building.

crafting and creative and technology pursuits, by those free of family life

so this is religion not understanding science

which biology is not the science study that challenges or disproves a deity

anthropology is

and many cultures had many kinds of roles

and the world has primarily been hetero men

to that even in europe, not long ago

there were no women in theatre

and there are few women in atheism,

because it is not much less sexist and oppressive to women

and lgbtq2 than religion

but atheism is indifferent to owing to heterosexual male dominance of unconcern of how other demographics experience heterosexual males of all ethnicities.

while religion is about controlling and opposing

heterosexual women and removing obstacles or threats to heterosexual men

The Who and How of Harm

The Who CAUSES the harm from genocide and oppression to outsourced genocide aka suicide:

they seek forgiveness for oppression that they do not apologize or take responsibility for. declaration seeks forgiveness for harm caused to LGBT peopleMORE than 370 religious leaders around the world have signed a new declaration which seeks forgivene…

calling out the bullies is not bullying.

it is holding religion accountable for the horrifying actions of oppression and genocide they are entirely responsible for. Being Bullied as Anti-LGBT Hate Group? Amazon, SPLC Are Defendants in Lawsuit | Daily Business ReviewThe oral arguments were fraught with clashing corporate and religious ideas about morality and freedom of speech as both sides accused the other of being hateful.

given the history of oppression and marginalization and rights being a question for decades. it is any wonder this is the result?

considering that religion is why LGBTQ2 are oppressed and genocided in most of the world… faith leaders call for global decriminalisation of LGBT+ people | LGBT rights | The GuardianMore than 370 sign declaration demanding ban on conversion practices before UK conference <br>

they are starting to see the requirements for operating business in one nation vs other nations. conversion therapy ban called for by almost 400 religious leaders in ‘landmark’ pledgeThe Declaration recognises the harm that certain religious teaching has caused the LGBT+ community and asks for their

religion outsourcing of genocide to oppressed target demographic: LGBTQ2 show LGBTQ people at higher risk of eating disorders, self-harm | Pennsylvania Capital-StarResearch shows that eating disorders, thoughts of self-harm and suicide attempts are higher among LGBTQ+-identified

11 hours ago

Prolly explains why so many of my gay friends are in recovery?2

yes, the constant coping with being marginalized and life being harder than it had to be

  • 👍1

little wonder so many harden into fierce and fabulous or stone.

not surprises with the continued oppression and lack of role models, lesbian, bisexual individuals have higher rates of adverse childhood experiencesGay, lesbian and bisexual individuals had more adverse childhood experiences than their heterosexual counterparts in the United States, according to study results published in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. Further, these individuals were at higher risk for comorbid substance use and mental health disorders.Show

meanwhile, others assimilate…

this is the qmunity first divide. the one who are just like the heteros, and just happen to be LGBTQ2 and those who are queer openly different from heterosexual normatives.

those who can mainstream pass vs those who pass on mainstream Buttigieg’s faith was as much a part of his profile as being LGBT. Is it a model for others?Biden announced he will nominate Pete Buttigieg to be his secretary of transportation, which is a big deal for LGBTQ+ representation in any

RELATED and meanwhile in Canada ,eh causes genocide and suicide | Nina’s Soap Bubble Boxfinally the headline I have been waiting to see LGBT people are ‘being made homeless due to religion’ – BBC NewsNearly half of young LGBT people left homeless after coming out are…

Conservatives being conservative

because they are the problem demographic. O’Toole retracts comments on residential schools that sparked uproar, but stops short of apology | National Post‘In my comments to Ryerson students, I said that the residential school system was intended to try and “provide education.” It was not,’ O’Toole said in a…