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The Oppressor Vs Oppressee

the heterosexual male right vs heterosexual male left problem

Angry Wizard22 hours ago

What about heterosexual male anarchists? 😜

LGBTQ2 Blogger Nina:

that is another part of the problem when only heterosexual male especially white views are all that are discussed. the why am I not in charge without regard for others is the very problem

Angry Wizard22 hours ago

No one can morally be “in charge” of another human being regardless of color or sexual orientation.

LGBTQ2 Blogger Nina

tell that to the other heterosexual males of all political and/or religious views

Angry Wizard

Sorry. I don’t represent them.  This kind of labelling and collectivism is unhealthy.  How about the content of someone’s character rather than the color of their skin or their sexuality?  Lumping all white heterosexual males under one label is as counterproductive as doing it to any other “group”.

LGBTQ2 Blogger Nina

that is a nice idea but when it is white heterosexual men who are responsible for the oppression in Canada and the USA, the groupthink of self interest is overwhelming. it is time white hetero men regardless of their ideas learn what they have done to all the other demographics. so making oppression about white heteromen is part of the problem that other demographics experience when trying to communicate with an individual from that demographic

white heterosexual men are not the most picked on group, nor the best individual for every single job or entertainment role. and claiming victim status owing to individual lack of power is another part of toxic masculinity.

you individually cannot understand other demographics when you fail to grasp that and compete for the victimhood caused by your most generic demographic –

as for morality, that is one of the bigger myths humans invented along with the idea of legal rights.

Angry Wizard20 hours ago

Nina Triggerson.  LOL.

  • lgbtq2 blogger nina

you demonstrate exactly why there is no difference between internet trolls and average white heterosexual men. already more words than you can read.

Angry Wizard5 minutes ago

And you proved my point with your response.  Thanks for the screenshots so I can roast the shit out of you.

  • lgbtq2 blogger nina

which proves all my points about white heterosexual men.

Angry Wizard3 minutes ago

Ooh.  Tell me more about all of the problems in the world are because of white heterosexual men.  Hitler was a socialist eunuch.  You must love him.

  • lgbtq2 blogger nina

you really have no reason to wonder why white heterosexual men are the problem demographic when you gloat and brag about being the problem demographic.

  • godwin’s law. you really do not understand the internet.

Angry Wizard2 minutes ago

Yes.  The entire demographic is responsible for every evil in the world.  Tell me more!

Don’t quote the law to me.  I was there when it was written, you fascist racist sexist nutjob.

lgbtq2 blogger nina

heterosexual men of all ethnicities, globally through history – and you claim to be an adult yet interact like a child combative and name calling.

  • white heterosexual man calls someone names, on the internet, what a sad little troll you are that this is how you validate yourself. little better than a bot.

by using words incorrectly. you are a whiney white man who is name calling like a child because he cannot understand he does not get to play victim when white heterosexual men were never illegal nor marginalized anywhere

Angry Wizard3 minutes agoedited

I’ve been a socially liberal political activist since 1988.  People like you ruin the fight for civil liberties.  The enemy is the government and their corporate cronies, not a particular group as you shout.

  • LGBTQ2 blogger nina

you are not liberal to blame an individuals in the demographics oppressed in law and socially by white heterosexual men

you are in fact as bad as the right wing that you presume to stand against on behalf of. which is beyond your grasp to consider your impact as one in the problem demographic.

Angry Wizard26 seconds ago

Ok.  I’m done.  Left wing fascists are boring.

LGBTQ2 blogger nina

white heterosexual men were already boring


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