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Two Spirited: This is a Protestor

This is a Protestor. #IdleNoMore #MissingWomen #TwoSpirited


Vancouver Island First Nations call for deferral of old-growth … › news › canada › british-columbia

Jun 7, 2021 — Three B.C. First Nations want forestry workers to temporarily stop … to remove two protesters chained to a tree stump at an anti-logging …

Search for missing Indigenous logging protester … – Toronto Star › news › canada › 2022/01/16

Jan 16, 2022 — Bear Henry, a twospirited 37-year-old who has been protesting old-growth logging at Fairy Creek, since March 2021, went missing on Nov. 27.

B.C. logging protester lives to tell the tale of 72-day odyssey in the wilderness | The Star

Bear Henry ran out of baked beans and peanut butter around Christmas and survived drinking from a stream and melted

Idle No More | The Canadian Encyclopedia › article › idle-…

Feb 4, 2019 — With roots in the Indigenous community, Idle No More began in November 2012 as a protest against the introduction of Bill C-45 by Stephen …

Comparing Coutts border protest to Indigenous land … › news › alberta-premier-coutts-b…

Feb 9, 2022 — Premier Jason Kenney said comparing police responses at Coutts, Alta., to police responses to Indigenous land defenders is “inaccurate,” …

meanwhile, those who “Self identify” as protestors, owing to being mostly white heterosexual men who cause the oppression and danger to other demographics:

This is a Domestic Terrorist: and the demographic of why other demographics were without rights and lessor or not at all people under the law.

if Truckers have an issue it is the poor state of the infrastructure – roads and bridges

if this was a protest, the conservatives would not be endorsing it

this is a reactionary insurrection, civil disobediance, in global reordering

the resolution of colonialism and the cold war, ending hot

#TowTheTruckers #ArrestCanadasJanSixers #DomesticTruckerism

Because the police do not hesitate to arrest protestors…

Dear Truckers: About Rights and Bodies – Nineties Dyke

“Our Bodies, Ourselves” is about abortion and reproductive rights and not complaining and whining, and threatening and bullying because rights include responsibilities like public safet…


Topless as a norm vs Naked Athena

‘Naked Athena’: The story behind the surreal photos of Portland protesterIt was 1:45 a.m. Dave Killen, a photographer for The Oregonian/OregonLive, was nearing the end of his shift covering the nightly protests in Portland. In the five hours he had been out, Killen and a group of protesters had been pushed by police northward on Third Avenue, he said, to its intersection with Taylor Street.

Protest Image USA 2020 – Naked Athena

it is a powerful image, but I am unsure of the advisability of risking arrest, given the current climate of police brutality to the public and within their own ranks. it would be preferable to be able to make political or any statement without the state of dress or needing to be undressed to make the point. 

comparing to #IdleNoMore Canada

but youth is about taking chances and not consequences and I did not experience much fallout from the 1992 Gwen Jacob march that lead to topless being legal for women.

but here is a news clip of Gwen Jacob from then:

from Angles newspaper coverage of the Vancouver Gwen Jacobs two days of action

the Rodgers Cable local reporter who covered us – I was there for print, flashed our small group who walked on Commercial Drive and rode a 20 Victoria bus. where a man who had a cell phone, rare in those days, called the police while the bus driver only cared that we paid the exact change fair.

1996: Topless triumph: Appeal court overturns woman’s … › news-story › 5693294-199…

Gwen Jacobs, who walked topless in Guelph, Ont., on a hot day in July 1991, has won … In throwing out Jacob’s conviction, the Court of Appeal said she was not … 

The right to go topless: Nearly 20 years later, Gwen Jacob … › sports › 2010/08/30 › the-right-t…

Aug 30, 2010 – GUELPH – It was just a shirt. But for Gwen Jacob it changed her life and made history. It’s nearly 20 years since Jacob’s arrest for walking topless …Missing: march ‎| Must include: march
Vancouver women stage topless march for social equality and … › 2013/08/26 › bc-topless

Aug 26, 2013 – … the 1991 conviction of Gwen Jacobs, saying “there was nothing degrading or dehumanizing” about her decision to take off her shirt in public.

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