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The Pope Forgot The Vatican Chequebook

Canada 2003

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Ottawa warns Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Chretien that if he continues to support same-sex marriage he could be denied the sacraments.

Europe – 2016

Pope asks God to forgive ‘so much cruelty’ during Auschwitz visit › news › world › pope-asks-god-to-…

Jul 29, 2016 — Francis is 3rd pope to visit Nazi death camp and 1st not to have lived through WWII in Europe. Thomson Reuters · Posted: Jul 29, …

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‘Lord, forgive so much cruelty’: Pope prays at Auschwitz … › news › religion › lord-forgiv…

Jul 29, 2016 — Pope Francis sitting between barracks in the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, in Oswiecim, Poland on July 29, 2016.

what the Vatican outsourced to the German Government of the Era

The Vatican did directly in Canada, and in every nation of operation

Dear Pedophile Protector Pope and Denier of Genocide

You had a vacation in Canada, were entertained, that is not penance.

Quitting is salt in the open wound.

PS You Forgot the Vatican Chequebook?

2022 Canada

Women holding cradleboards asked to leave meeting with Pope Francis | CBC News

And the fact that headdressed males swarmed a stage in a disorderly and unseemly fashion to get selfies with the Pontiff while women stood on the periphery with no overt welcome to that apparently spontaneous moment spoke more loudly about the hypocrisy of women’s place in the Catholic Church than could ever be over-ridden by Francis’s words.

The event had been scheduled as a moment for residential school survivors to meet with the Pope in person at the archbishop’s residence on Friday morning in Quebec City, a few hours before the pontiff’s departure to

Pope’s visit to Canada sparks calls to renounce centuries-old Doctrine of Discovery |

As Pope Francis travelled across Canada, so did a demand to revisit centuries-old


Pope says genocide took place at Canada’s residential schools | CBC News

While the word genocide wasn’t heard in any of Pope Francis’s addresses during a week-long trip to Canada, on his flight back to Rome, he said everything he described about the residential school system and its forced assimilation of Indigenous children amounts to

Dear Vatican

Two Retired Popes is how the Human representative of your Deity operates?

Vatican Sex Crimes and Vatican Genocides

The Vatican is not a source of moralty

and Royality, crowned by, is denial of equality of persons

Pope Francis Says He May Need to Consider ‘Stepping Aside’ |

“I don’t think I can keep traveling with the same rhythm I used to at my age and with the limitation of this knee,” Pope Francis said to journalists during his return from


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