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may 31 for lgbtq2


David Bowie’s Tin Machine made their live debut at the International Music Awards, New York. Bowie stated that he and his band members joined up “to make the kind of music that we enjoyed listening to” and to rejuvenate himself artistically.


Silence Equals Death, Lest We Forget

Billie Eilish Rants Against Trump’s Reaction To Minneapolis Protests – Hollywood LifeBillie Eilish goes on rant over Donald Trump and his response to the Minneapolis protests. See her comments here.

2021 Loud Was an Early Reality Star. He Was Also a Gay Punk Pioneer. – The New York TimesLoud was part of “An American Family” in 1973, but his wild band, Mumps, never signed a record deal. Now their songs are being released on the 20th anniversary of his Homosexual or Bisexual is natural. It’s time for society to accept naturalScience says that a human being’s attraction towards other human beings, whether male or female, is purely based on natural human instincts. These instincts are not engineered or created by oneself. They are instilled through…

rape is the fault of the rapist, no excuses. court blamed woman’s bisexuality & underwear as it freed rapistsAN ITALIAN court’s decision to blame a woman’s bisexuality and red underwear and overturn the gang-rape conviction of six men has sparked outrage. Following the ruling, Europe’s …


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