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Gay Icons: John Cage

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He also wrote music for pianos that had been “prepared” by having screws and nails placed in them. He was gay. His life partner from 1943 until his death was choreographer Merce Cunningham (1919-2009). Cage died of a stroke in New York City.

John Cage – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Composer John Cage dies of a stroke at age 79 in Manhattan, New York.

he is most known for his performance piece 4:33


Queerbaiting vs Inclusion

stop trying to make heterosexuals secretly queer, eh

allies need to work with heterosexuals not replace LGBTQ2 role models

there is enough queer baiting without inventing it ourselves. Swift Confirms Folklore Theories About ‘Betty’Taylor Swift spoke about the fan theories surrounding the Folklore song “Betty,” and how it’s not about a gay love

Quirk Sugarplum

People no longer (by necessity) leave a trail of tiny breadcrumbs leading others through a dark forest’s winding path where there are carefully-disguised clues to their sexuality hidden beneath random stones and mushrooms.

99% of the time if they want you to know, they’ll just tell you.

nina tryggvason 

yes, the only reason to be coy in 2020 is queerbaiting.

and these days, over tell with a main label and subcagtegories.


American singer-songwriter Katy Perry went to No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘I Kissed A Girl’. The track was a worldwide hit topping the charts in over than 20 countries

Quirk Sugarplum

Nobody ever seems to remember Jill Sobule’s I Kissed a Girl song from way back in 1995. 😕

nina tryggvason 

it was brilliant and the first bisexual/ lesbian music video I ever saw Eichner Talks About Paul Lynde; Set To Star In ‘Man In The Box’ – DeadlineBilly Eichner To Play Paul Lynde In ‘Man In The Box,’ Actor Stigmatized For Being Gay Eichner Feels Things Haven’t Changed

Quirk Sugarplum

Such an odd era. Gay men were largely despised in real life. But campy actors like Paul Lynde and John Inman were held in high regard.

nina tryggvason 

the golden era of hollywood even more – the overly fussy prim hotel manager or store manager types. the severe librarians for lesbians – Miss Hathaway in beverly Hillbillies or Ms Danvers in Rebecca…

The Gold Standard: GOPs

Grand Old Party or Good Ole Boys. campaign reportedly considering whether to weaponise transphobia to save the president’s flailing re-election bidConservatives in America are reportedly hoping Donald Trump will weaponise trans rights to revitalise his failing re-election

I want to say this won’t gain him an inch of ground. Those who have such an attitude are already firmly in his camp. He’s lost moderates, not extremists. He might do better to come out somewhat (obviously not fully) supportive of transgender rights, to show he’s not entirely made of hatred and stupidity. He won’t lose any of his lunatic base, who he can still capture with hatred of minorities and “illegals”.

But that said, there a a lot of otherwise reasonable moderates who do get heebie-jeebies at transgender. 😕2 Replies

then I would call them regular conservatives, not “otherwise reasonable” nor “moderates”. in 2020 USA politics there is only the extreme, and both parties have been galloping right for some time

Socially extreme conservatives have punishing fiscal policy because of their hatred but do not disguise their motive, whereas so called moderates, fixate on the finances without admitting it is owing to their biases. The republican party only accepts LGBQ2 who are ethnicity bigots who think that will make them straight enough, and ethnicities who hate LGBTQ2 as if that will make them white enough.

remember when Clarence Thomas was promoted to the Boys Club and whereas Anita Hill joined the ranks of the ignored because his career was too important so his conduct was okay. florist ‘refused’ to make bouquets for a gay wedding, so the town decided to end discrimination once and for allAfter a local florist refused to make bouquets for a gay wedding, Ketchikan, Alaska unanimously passed sweeping non-discrimination laws for LGBT+ (2)Emoji

Quirk Sugarplum6 hours ago

Once again, if you’re religious and are operating a business in the secular domain, then you by default must deal with all customers. If your conscience cannot permit this, that is your right. But if so, then you must trust in your God to provide another life path for you, and leave your business.1 Reply

nina tryggvason Owner5 hours ago

yes. cake is not art in the sense of legal purposes. this is why religion does not make a person good, only delusional. Children are told to not listen to their imaginary friends because look what happens when adults to. eh.

editted to:

yes. cake is not art in the sense of legal purposes of art, which is a creation to comment upon, rather than an item to be consumed to celebrate a live event. there is a line of art and line and this is the battleground issue as the “husband and wife” language to “spouse and spouse” to gender neutralize the oaths, and allow any couple to choose which words they want to represent their particular union depending on the pairing. this is why religion does not make a person good, only delusional about where one’s rights end and another’s begin. Children are told to not listen to their imaginary friends because look what happens when adults to. eh. children are taught to share and then that is how adults behave over things more important than things.

meanwhile in 2020. a victory of inclusion of sorts…

being rendered bland.. I am not sure this was the representation and inclusion we were looking for…’s Wedding Every Weekend Has 1st Gay or Lesbian Wedding | Heavy.comHallmark’s new August movie, Wedding Every Weekend, will include the first lesbian or gay wedding on the channel.heavy.comShare (1)Emoji

Quirk Sugarplum6 hours ago

Works for me. 😊

That said, it’s minimal inclusion. One couple out of four, and probably will be the most glossed-over segment. Give us a full-length and wonderfully romantic movie, Hallmark.1 Reply

a bad actually included is better than no inclusion at all… I guess

rights are not subject to mob rule March Of Public Opinion On LGBT Identity And IssuesIn 1973, when NORC’s General Social Survey first asked people about sexual relations between two adults of the same sex, 76% described them as always or almost always wrong. When NORC last asked the question in 2018, 34% gave that

what about this compared to the hallmark?

from the article:

However, the series, which starts this week is more than just Desperate Housewives in hijabs. The smoking and swearing of the main characters has proved controversial, as has the tackling of issues such as child abuse and domestic violence, as well as same-sex relationships, which are illegal in Pakistan.

“Because we are showing such a diverse range of women, it was important to show the entire spectrum of sexuality. It would have been wrong if they were all straight because not all women in Pakistan are straight,” said Abbasi, who is based in Leeds.

There is also a transgender character. “The reason the women open the detective agency is to level the playing field for everyone who identifies as a woman, so a transgender character who identifies as a woman should be included.”

He added: “The fact that she’s transgender is not addressed on the show and that is deliberate. It’s not that I was overlooking her identity or ashamed of it. It was to show the women coming to the agency were all equal.” lovers and a boxer in a burqa: a new look for Pakistani TV | Television & radio | The GuardianBritish-Pakistani filmmaker tackles sexual stereotypes in groundbreaking new drama series,

Quirk Sugarplum

Well, that does put things into perspective now, doesn’t it? 🤔

Maybe Pakistan has their own version of the Hallmark channel we can watch…?

nina tryggvason

better than queer baiting, but not by much. this seems more a rare view of heterosexual women with some lgbtq2 characters as a side

Gay for Pay vs Representation

Why Representation Matters: LGBTQ

Representation and Inclusion: Multicultural World

Representation, Death & Taxes athletes doxxed by LGBT advocacy site for support of women in sportsDespite the doxxing, the NCAA is taking a closer look at its own inclusive policies, and much of that must be a result of the 300 women athletes who signed their names to a letter asking them to do just mob accused a trans woman of stealing. After they couldn’t find anything on her, they burned her aliveA trans woman was beaten and burned alive by gang members who had accused her of theft, according to reports from Cilincing in North Jakarta, Black students are being failed by universities. This non-binary academic has a plan to change thatThe Free Black University plans to “redistribute knowledge” among Black students with the needs of those who are also queer and trans at the very

That there is a stigma with LGBTQ2 is the heterosexual disability to cope with others existing.‘Absolutely shameful’ NHS England report disturbingly compares being LGBT+ to having a disabilityA major NHS England document drew criticism from healthcare providers after it appeared to characterise being LGBT+ as having a

Topless as a norm vs Naked Athena

‘Naked Athena’: The story behind the surreal photos of Portland protesterIt was 1:45 a.m. Dave Killen, a photographer for The Oregonian/OregonLive, was nearing the end of his shift covering the nightly protests in Portland. In the five hours he had been out, Killen and a group of protesters had been pushed by police northward on Third Avenue, he said, to its intersection with Taylor Street.

Protest Image USA 2020 – Naked Athena

it is a powerful image, but I am unsure of the advisability of risking arrest, given the current climate of police brutality to the public and within their own ranks. it would be preferable to be able to make political or any statement without the state of dress or needing to be undressed to make the point. 

comparing to #IdleNoMore Canada

but youth is about taking chances and not consequences and I did not experience much fallout from the 1992 Gwen Jacob march that lead to topless being legal for women.

but here is a news clip of Gwen Jacob from then:

from Angles newspaper coverage of the Vancouver Gwen Jacobs two days of action

the Rodgers Cable local reporter who covered us – I was there for print, flashed our small group who walked on Commercial Drive and rode a 20 Victoria bus. where a man who had a cell phone, rare in those days, called the police while the bus driver only cared that we paid the exact change fair.

1996: Topless triumph: Appeal court overturns woman’s … › news-story › 5693294-199…

Gwen Jacobs, who walked topless in Guelph, Ont., on a hot day in July 1991, has won … In throwing out Jacob’s conviction, the Court of Appeal said she was not … 

The right to go topless: Nearly 20 years later, Gwen Jacob … › sports › 2010/08/30 › the-right-t…

Aug 30, 2010 – GUELPH – It was just a shirt. But for Gwen Jacob it changed her life and made history. It’s nearly 20 years since Jacob’s arrest for walking topless …Missing: march ‎| Must include: march
Vancouver women stage topless march for social equality and … › 2013/08/26 › bc-topless

Aug 26, 2013 – … the 1991 conviction of Gwen Jacobs, saying “there was nothing degrading or dehumanizing” about her decision to take off her shirt in public.

see also

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Queer Conservatives really are, eh

conservatives queers are part of the problem Trump supporter arrested after defacing Black Lives Matter muralLGBTrump founder Mark-David Hutt was charged with criminal mischief after defacing mural outside Trump

Quirk Sugarplum12 hours ago

I’ll never get “Conservative queers”. Is it some sort of Stockholm syndrome?

“Yeah, I know they want to crush, eradicate, and ban everything about me, including sometimes my actual life. But…I dunno. Just look at them! They’re so powerful. Totally dominant. How can you resist that? It just makes sense when they say it.” 🙄

nina tryggvason 

they think they are heterosexual enough for being ethnic bigots, the same why ethnicities who hate queers are white enough in the republican big tent.

Quirk Sugarplum

Adding to the above, I know that’s a silly oversimplification. It’s a complex thing with many shades of gray. But still.

nina tryggvason 

feel good bigotry, pick on them, not me. more minion than bystander

also in this era, that is a white man in a tshirt for trump. he could be paid to be wearing that shirt and not LGBTQ2 at all.

The Darkest aspect of the Potterverse Thiel, Gay Billionaire, Is Funding This Anti-LGBTQ+ RepublicanThe contributions from the PayPal cofounder are the “lifeblood” of Kris Kobach’s

how many more decades? cause one by one is too slow for social change globalisation of gay rights – As more gay people come out, tolerance will spread | Leaders | The EconomistThough in some countries to be open is still to risk

TV Representation vs Ellen

wrong choice. wrong direction. the next host needs to have more diversity in one than reverting back to the norm from the first white lesbian host. Corden in line to replace Ellen DeGeneres amid toxic workplace investigation: Report | CanoeAmerica’s Late Late Show host James Corden could take over Ellen DeGeneres’ hit daytime talk show, according to new reports.Editors at Britain’s The Sun claimed Corden “could be the shock winner after dozens of employees accused the US$50 million-a-year ($67 million) presenter of…canoe.comShareEmoji

@Quirk Sugarplum looking forward to blogging our exchange. Just so you know, I am a Canadian and if there is one thing we know it is the word “Nice” and it is a doubled edged word, like most words. so I was unsurprised when this workplace news story broke. Reply

I started with a very long, boring history of US daytime talk shows where very few find any sort of success at all, and even fewer a lasting success. But I spared you that ramble out of kindness. Also I accidentally deleted it. Anyway, you’re welcome!

(Though I will pedantically mention Rosie O’Donnell was the first such white lesbian host)

I’m reluctant to come off insisting a lesbian be replaced with a lesbian, simply out of lesbian-ness. Though yes, it would be very nice if that were at least a consideration. I don’t watch much TV so I rarely catch Ellen’s show and I know little about Cordon other than he seems an affable goofball. So I really can’t opine on his  appropriateness as replacement strictly on his performance abilities. He may do amazingly well. Though daytime talk is a hugely unpredictable minefield and it seems statistically more likely he would fail. But yeah, it’s frustrating that they’d offer a straight white man the job — especially since he already has his own (I’m told) popular show at night. There are SO many amazingly talented lesser-known men and women of all colors and orientations out there who deserve a shot.

i don;t think it has to be a lesbian. it could be another sexuality but definitely not a Caucasian. I don;t remember Rosie being out when she had her show to start with nor do I remember which year that show started, just that Ellen was an out stand up, then went in the closet, got that sitcom, which was not funny and rebranded it when she came out and then got the talk show.

debuted 1996’Donnell_ShowThe Rosie O’Donnell Show –

debuted 2002. Ellen DeGeneres Show –

spare me, but deprive potential readers of the blog.. of which there are not really any yet. so that works. lols. Singh – iconic lesbians we want to see replace Ellen DeGeneres as the queen of talk shows instead of James CordenWith James Corden tipped to replace Ellen DeGeneres in her eponymous show, here’s our list of eight superior lesbians for the top

nina tryggvason

@Quirk Sugarplum what’s your choice?

Quirk Sugarplum5 hours ago

Sadly, I’m not terribly familiar with a few of these women. It feels that someone with good comic chops would be a better choice. I really like Wanda Sykes, so I’ll go with her. But I wonder if she’d enjoy “mainstreaming” to a daytime audience. Kate McKinnon is talented and I have a soft spot for her, so she’s a very close second. But I also sort of hate to see those talents (for lack of a better term, no insult intended) wasted on a constraining talk show.

As always, Lily Tomlin — as the reigning Empress of All Things — is always first choice. But she’s generally very selective with her time and I can’t imagine she’d ever want to do such a show. It’s not her style. And if she did, I’d be furious at guests for taking up time she could be talking about her wonderful self.

nina tryggvason 

i lean towards either Samira Wiley or Hayley Kiyoko as fresher and leading the new generation more than Old Guard Queers

it is the abused employees who need the support de Rossi and Jerry O’Connell #StandWithEllen DeGeneres Despite Recent Workplace AllegationsPortia de Rossi is standing by her wife, Ellen DeGeneres, amid allegations made by current and former employees at the talk show.