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When will Gender Stop being a costume?

Particularly, when the gender being represented so poorly.

Given Ethnicity, particularly, when rendered slutty is understood as being a problem.

“yes but” is not the same as acknowledging and stopping the behaviour and not using the world as an excuse for lowest common denominator there is misogyny among gay men – but our sexist world is the problem | Patrick Strudwick | The Guardian<strong>Patrick Strudwick: </strong>Rose McGowan is right that the gay rights movement has tended to ignore women. But sexism is everywhere – the bulk of the hate comes from

Drag is the misogyny problem, not drag has a problem.

Gay Men are not women who failed to hetero man drag still have a misogyny problem? – Star ObserverIs drag misogynistic? The answer is yes, it can be, if queens aren’t being respectful of the women they’re trying to

Drag Queens are different in tone and intention than Drag Kings, which again, the gender is not a costume applies even when respectful and celebration of the performance of gender.

which leads to what does nonbinary drag look like?

maybe time for a cultural revolution in queerdom

or past time

certainly it is beyond time to stop genderizing traits as if there is only one way of either binary gender to be expressed.

not only to owing to the diversity of sexualities’, but also that individuals are not limited to demographic tropes and stereotypes.


When Drag Really Is

Gender Equality includes gender not being a costume in the same way ethnicity is not a costume – especially when the ones for women tend to the slatternly; and in the case of drag, toxic femininity rather than empowered

Gay Men, rejected from the heterosexual men’s club – the club that so excludes women that it has only been in recent centuries have women played women in theatre, and later radio, television and movies.

Heterosexual women eventually being legally citizens enough to vote across the western nations, with eventual access to post secondary education for professions, which eventually was the purpose of university rather than husband hunting.

from the early Suffragettes, many of whom where “spinsters” and frequently roommates. eh. to the 1970s, when equal pay for equal work and abortion resulted in more equality for some in some western nations

when The Personal is Political

in 2021, I read a group chat on a social media site

between a young queerling fan of the RuPaul Drag show

an older gay man expressed his discomfort with the having been slured by heteromen as being a woman

the younger queerling had dismissed my comment that drag was problematic and assured me that my opinion was respected,

I pointed out that I had not stated it. which I did the next day and repost here:

given women did not used to be allowed to perform, most of theatre has been drag – which is the core of the problem.

drag queens are toxic femininity , while drag king is a male celebration.. and then there is the drag/trans debate like bi being a phase and bi vs pan.

i think it is time to say gender is not a costume and not performative.

The older gay man:

Interesting. I was about to ask what you thought of drag king performances, but you already answered it. Wow most of theatre… You’re right. I had never made that connection.

and then me:

women have been excluded from the public square, education and professions.

the last thing we need is Dustin Hoffman in a dress telling us to be more like hetero men, who are the historic problem in every culture for hetero women and lgbtq2

The Tootsie Problem

i understand from a google search that drag now also includes furries and plants to non humanoid.