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An Unusual Example?

Jenner married three heterosexual women and told them after the fact.

no one can consent when they do not know and should have had the opportunity to say no, I am not bisexual nor a lesbian.

Caitlyn Jenner: Trump has been ‘the worst’ for transgender people

Nina Trygg • 7 hours ago

as bad as Trump is for every single demographic

Jenner remains the worst for Trans, a poor role model who endorses the republicansCaitlyn Haiku Nina Trygg • 6 hours ago

Caitlyn Jenner (If I hadn’t changed my name years before she did, I would have chosen a different middle name), has shown herself to be extremely disconnected from the vast majority of transgender people from the get-go. After seeing some of the interviews she did early on, I was always unsure how she would be as a role model for younger transwomen (I was post-op a couple of years before I had heard of her). She’s proven my caution completely warranted. Even now I wonder about her real motives.

Book Review: A Little Thing Called Life

Nina Trygg Caitlyn Haiku • 7 minutes ago

give Linda Thompson’s book a read.

“A Little Thing Called Life: On Loving Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner, and Songs in Between”

She went from Elvis Presley as her first boyfriend, Jenner her first husband but his second wife; and finally Canada’s David Foster,.

Presley cheated for most of their relationship, including ghost dumping the then twenty something Thompson for a 19 year old when he was 42.

Jenner did not advise all three wives that they were not marrying a heterosexual man until after marriage and children, . That 1980 “Can’t Stop the Music” movie that Jenner made with the Village People should have been a clue to the public in some way.

As for motives, I suggest “To An Athlete Dying Young” is a poem by A.E. Housman’ and the faded celeb turned reality genre fodder

Foster was Thompson’s third significant relationship of 19 years and the to biggest jerk of the three. He was with hjs wife when he met Thompson and basically offered to divorce his wife upon meeting her, was absentee for much of the time and he hijacked the reality tv show that her two Jenner sons had.

Kim Kardasian was Priscilla Presley’s maid of honor.

and as a truth is stranger than fiction, the woman killed in the Jenner literal car crash that followed the public reveal had been a bit player in an Elvis movie where she danced with him in a movie called Double Trouble.

Thompson also shares about her and Elvis watching Jenner’s gold medal Olympics and Elvis commenting that he wasn’t gay but that Jenner was hot.

Elvis Presley did many sexual things that the various Memphis Mafia revealed in books or interviews and they all said there was more they took to their graves.

Bisexual was the only thing left for Presley to be. and given his relationship with Nick Adams…

so… all reality, you can’t make this up, eh.

Romances: Linda Thompson

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