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Let’s Play: Person or Bot?

let’s play person or bot!

this queer blogger

that is not accurate. a democracy majority rules in who hold office. it has nothing to do with street crime. and if it was true that the idea was to protect against the majority, then white hetero men would not still be in charge almost exclusively. and LGBTQ2 would have gotten rights decades ago

that meme makes it sound like the democrat party will take your bike while the republican party will let you keep it…

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Jason Harris (the poster of the above image I replied on)

You said it but like most Democrats you forgot the Constitutional part

this queer blogger
you are a republican nazi and are part of the problem.

this queer blogger
the meme is misleading and false, just like republicans

I am not an American, I am a Canadian very concerned about the USA. #LestWeForget

Jason Harris

Lol lets see how many executive orders did Joe Biden sign in his first month? After saying if you rule by executive order you’re a dictator. Your brainwashed and are the problem. But it’s ok your Canadian so I understand.

And oh yah hashtag sleepy joe might remember something

this queer blogger
yay, bot, your heterosexual male right wing vs heterosexual male left wing taunts have no effect on a Canadian Lesbian, and your lack of response to the comments also suggest you are more bot than person.

this queer blogger
@mewe group owner

I have spotted a suspected bot of a trumpian troll

Jason Harris

So because I dont agree with you and you call me a nazi I’m a bot troll you really are a joke.
Oh yeah the Democrats cheated to steal the election.
And I think I spotted a communist.

this queer blogger

no. because you respond like a bot, you repeat your insults and no facts and do not reply to the substance of the post you botspam spewing trash

Jason Harris

Like I was supposed to respond to you telling me about your sexual preference like I care

this queer blogger

because you are a right wing and a heterosexual white man who does not define other people or words and does not have a valid opinion based on your content of meaningless bullet points not even your words, just party whining and trash talk

Jason Harris

In your automatic response of calling people a Nazi is it batish give me a break. Have a nice night I got better things to do like to recharge my batteries

this queer blogger

indeed, you do not care about anything but your own opinion, why there is no difference between heterosexual white men and internet trolls in the first place.

republicans are nazis.


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