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Iconic Lez Flicks: Personal Best

Many cite Personal Best as the reason they came out

Watching “Personal Best” Was the Main Way to Become a Lesbian in the ’80s and ’90s | AutostraddleIn Lost Movie Reviews From the Autostraddle Archives we revisit past lesbian, bisexual, and queer classics that we hadn’t reviewed before, but you shouldn’t miss.News & Culture Vancouver, Canada·

this makes me a bad lesbian. I have not seen this movie. 

the movie that made me a lesbian was Zorro the Gay Blade. 

Lauren Hutton but I already had Jodi Foster and Kristy McNichol crushes

so maybe blame Jo and Blair on the Facts of Life. 

Desert Hearts and Fried Green Tomatoes along with 

Pandora’s Box for saw as a young adult lesbian identified movies

and in the 1960s Louise Brooks revealed to a gushing film student who tracked her down that she was heterosexual, LuLu was credited with being the first on screen lesbian. 

Funnily enough the American casting of Lulu was as controversial as Bridget Jones was more recently.


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