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Culture: Rape Embedded

given what happens to those who do report, anyone surprised?

this is why transwomen crime stats should not be rolled into women’s criminal stats

there is a gender difference in crimes,as well as in social behaviors

with men expecting to define everyone around them

heterosexual men are the biggest danger to 1 heterosexual men and 2 all other demographics.

so curious how lesbians are vilified for disinterest in transwomen who complain about the cotton ceiling (lesbian panties) not dropping for transwomen who’s rights are respected.

this is a fetish and a hate crime by men who are not women who are harassing indiviual lesbians as well as lesbians as a demographic who are the women least defined by males

self identification is not valid for ethnicity, nor into a dating demographic

to a lesbian, a transwomen is clothes away from heterosexuality

and this article explains why that is rejected and shows very much the differences between genders and sexualities say they’ve received no formal reports related to sex-assault allegations at the University of Western Ontario – The Globe and MailLondon police say they have not been able to substantiate online allegations of sex assaults at Western University due to a lack of formal complaints, but will continue to

Further, given the in Canada – RCMP vs Women employees and the Military vs women, as well as LGBTQ2

it is time to consider the cost to careers of women and women’s lives

not men’s careers and often marriages after one victim finally reports

time for benefit of belief for victims and not benefit of doubt, time and technicalities for the perps


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