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LezLingo: Lanyard Lesbian

Lanyard Lesbian

Social Distancing means two metres of space between our persons

Given that viruses are known to spread via body fluids

this is not the time to be social under distancing

or going into indoor places where there is high turn over of people and this covid virus can be airborne for three hours.

And, as a lesbian, I have to add: Dear Men: there is a pandemic, get some self control. keep it in your pants and wear a mask indoors and out of doors.

Do glory holes really prevent the spread of COVID-19? | Xtra MagazineTo help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through sex, the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control recommended glory holes. We asked the experts if they really

in 2011 I stood outside the soup kitchen called The Glory Hole in Alaska….

  • 😵1 Hole no more? Downtown homeless shelter changes name.The shelter formerly known as The Glory Hole was named when it opened in the 1980s for an old mining term hearkening back to Juneau’s gold rush

  • 🤔1

by the 1980s. glory hole was a gay term, even if it had been a mining one before..

meanwhile in politics Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s wigs have conservatives flipping theirs / LGBTQ NationWhile male pundits have condemned her colorful hair, they never seem to mention Donald Trump’s notoriously bad dye jobs…www.lgbtqnation.comShareEmoji

I don’t know about you, but I thank the heavens above that the US has a Senate which rapidly can set aside issues like the deaths of 140,000+ and rising, an economy in tatters, massive unemployment, the wisdom of forcing kids back to school and businesses to reopen, and a paradoxically completely inept but utterly corrupt administration…in order take up the People’s REAL business of assessing the critical minutiae of what one of their membership sometimes wears on her head.

yes, and that roe vs wade, and bathroom bills and cancelling marriage because they have to share remains top of mind to continue to avoid dealing with climate changed.