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CanCon Pridelets: Joshua Birch

LGBTQ2 Blogger Nina first learned of Joshua Birch from a phone call to Angles, Vancouver BC Canada’s qmunity newspaper from 1980 to 2004..

Birch had won his case against the Canada Military, and committed suicide on his 35th birthday, December 25.

Opinion: Gay in the military – The Globe and Mail › article734594Feb 15, 2005 — Joshua Birch, a former air-force captain, was pushed out of the military after revealing his sexual orientation in 1989. Canadian Forces …
Legal Cases – The Aeolian Hall › legal-cases
Oct 8, 2020 — Captain Joshua Birch had a very successful career in the Canadian Armed forces. At least, until disclosing that he was gay. After that, he was …
Canadian Human Rights Act › article › cana…
Haig v. Canada (Canadian Armed Forces) — Haig v. Canada (Canadian Armed Forces). In 1992, Captain Joshua Birch launched a human rights complaint …‎Background · ‎What the Canadian Human… · ‎Canadian Human Rights…


It had been “Gay and Lesbian” with very few lesbians on the collective, and I was the lesbian who added bisexual. A later collective saw the addition of Trans and the paper ended as LGBT.

To serve in the military was often reserved for citizens, at least in the higher ranks, and for the lowest ranks, a path to citizenship, over many nations in historic and current era.

To have access to the laws, to have public and private business, which marriage is contract law and relating to inheritance.

Persons marginalized from the mainstream owing to non-procreative sexual orientations and gender norm transgressions and Persons excluded from the mainstream owing to laws restricting visible minorities and if you were a person with enough characteristics to have multiple demographics, that added to the oppression burden.

Canada’s Cold War Purge of LGBTQ from the Military – The … › article › cana…Jun 24, 2020 — The case resulted in the ending of the long-standing discrimination and purging of gays and lesbians in 1992. After reversing its ban, the …

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