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Religion and Genocide: connected – Canada Day

from boer war, to canada’s reservations and residential schools, to germany’s concentration camps, the Vatican has been there: #LestWeForget #IdleNoMore

religious voters or religious population, and a compliant government

from boer war, to canada’s reservations and residential schools, to germany’s concentration camps, the Vatican has been there: #LestWeForget #IdleNoMore

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau struck a different tone in his Canada Day statement this year, as the country reels from the discovery of over 1,100 unmarked graves across three former residential school sites in Canada.

In the statement, Trudeau acknowledged that for some, July 1 is “not yet a day of celebration.”

“The horrific findings of the remains of hundreds of children at the sites of former residential schools in British Columbia and Saskatchewan have rightfully pressed us to reflect on our country’s historical failures, and the injustices that still exist for Indigenous peoples and many others in Canada,” Trudeau said.

“We as Canadians must be honest with ourselves about our past.” tells Canadians to ‘be honest’ about our past in Canada Day statement – National | Globalnews.caHis comments come after over 1,100 unmarked graves were found at the sites of three former residential schools across the‘We’ve done something so awful’: Former governors general reflect on a Canada Day marked by pain and anger | The StarAs Canada Day 2021 dawns, eclipsed by the discovery of now more than 1,000 unmarked residential schoolchildren’s graves and counting, many Canadians a… | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxGovernor General spent $250 thousand in taxpayer money trying to hide herself from plebsThe Governor General Julie Payette has been facing intense pressure after allegations emerged a few weeks ago…

there was no Jesus to be bisexual or gay… Schools Teach Children That Jesus Was Bisexual, Russian Foreign Minister Says – The Moscow TimesRussian observers speculated that Lavrov’s critique of the West was aimed at drumming domestic support ahead of key parliamentary

the Vatican crowned the heads of Europe. religion and government have a history China is turning religion into another state-controlled tool to support its Communists ideals – The Globe and MailReligious symbols are removed and leaders compelled to attend education


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