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Vancouver 90s Activism Art

Vancouver in the 1990s had a houseing crisis and new infrastructure projects.

his video is from the 1990s. a vancouver film school project about the Vancouver 1990s housing crisis which included the Francis Street Incident

New in the city was Act Up, December 9 Coalition The Lesbian Avengers and more queer community groups visible because AIDS ensured there was a much smaller closet and the mainstream could not longer pretend we did not exist at the margins, we were everywhere in every demographic. in 2020. too many did not get the memo to get over it.

to celebrate the Grandview bridge. an art installation was done.

The Grandview Street Blue Art Tile Installation of east side activists from the 1990s

90sDyke Mentor Nina at her name tile in 2019

Vancouver – the eastside – commerical drive The Drive Dykcouver. eh

The video is a class assignment from UBC in 2019