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Why it is not a joke ever

only one reason for gay sex to be top of mind and the go to joke joking about gay sex homophobic?Should I tell them to stop?slate.comShareEmoji

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Joke about it. As a gay, gay sex is funny.

yes, LGBTQ2 get to joke about it. people who are heterosexual do not get to. and those are the jokes at issue. bullying is not a joke to the person who is the target of the punchline. it is about their sexual squeamishness and hypocrisy.

in fact, if sex does not including laughing during, you are doing it wrong.

Big Gay Al ☆☆☆

Bullying is a lot different than joking, imo.

nina tryggvason

yes. in group it is joking mostly and only sometimes bullying, whereas heterosexuals it is not a topic they are qualified to joke about as if they know. so that is always bullying.

bullies always claim they are joking.

Big Gay Al ☆☆☆

True, I guess its subjective

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

I think I drew a clear line, which both sides of are capable to understand. so the real question is, since many lgbtq2 experienced heterosexual sex. do we get to make fun of that? and the butthurt they get, after their anal squeamish “jokes” about gay male sex, is that heterosexual sex is just as icky to us and why we are queer

Big Gay Al ☆☆☆

Please, make fun of sex. Its funny, and deserves to be made fun of.

well. when I started this group there was a few gay men doing dick pics in the chat area. so I said everyone had to post genitalia and everyone stopped posting. so apparently taboo is the best sex and permission kills it. which marriage sorta proves too