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July 31 2022

BCE to The Suffragettes

1607, Italy – Pope Paul V orders the confiscation of 105 paintings from the artist Cavaleiere d’Arpino who had been unable to pay his taxes. Among the paintings was Caravaggio’s Boy with a Basket of Fruit, an overtly homoerotic image of a youth extending both a basket of fruit and his tongue seductively toward the viewer. Art historian, Andrew Graham-Dixon has said: A lot has been made of Caravaggio’s presumed homosexuality, which has in more than one previous account of his life been presented as the single key that explains everything, both the power of his art and the misfortunes of his life.

1889  – Nels Anderson (July 31, 1889 – October 8, 1986) is born. He was an early American sociologist who studied hobos, urban culture, and work culture. The word fag is first used in print in reference to gays in Nels Anderson’s 1923 monograph “The Hobo: Fairies or Fags,” defining the words as men or boys who exploit sex for profit.” Anderson studied at the University of Chicago under Robert E. Park and Ernest Burgess, whose Concentric zone model was one of the earliest models developed to explain the organization of urban areas. Anderson’s first publication, The Hobo (1923), was a work that helped pioneer participant observation as a research method to reveal the features of a society and was the first field research monograph of the famed Chicago School of Sociology, marking a significant milepost in the discipline of Sociology.

1932 – Barbara Gittings (July 31, 1932 – February 18, 2007), one of the pioneers of gay and lesbian activism, is born. She was a prominent American activist for LGBT equality. She organized the New York chapter of the Daughters of Bilitis (DOB) from 1958 to 1963, edited the national DOB magazine The Ladder from 1963–66, and worked closely with Frank Kameny in the 1960s on the first picket lines that brought attention to the ban on employment of gay people by the largest employer in the US at that time: the United States government. Her early experiences with trying to learn more about lesbianism fueled her lifetime work with libraries. In the 1970s, Gittings was most involved in the American Library Association, especially its gay caucus, the first such in a professional organization, in order to promote positive literature about homosexuality in libraries. She was a part of the movement to get the American Psychiatric Association to drop homosexuality as a mental illness in 1972. Her self-described life mission was to tear away the “shroud of invisibility” related to homosexuality, which had theretofore been associated with crime and mental illness.

Barbara Gittings

In the 1970s, she became involved with the American Library Association, especially its gay caucus, the first in a professional organization, in order to promote positive literature about homosexuality in libraries. She was also part of the movement to get the American Psychiatric Association to drop homosexuality as a mental illness in 1972. Gittings was with her partner, Kay Tobin for 46 years. In 1999, she summed up her inspiration for her activism: “As a teenager, I had to struggle alone to learn about myself and what it meant to be gay. Now for 48 years, I’ve had the satisfaction of working with other gay people across the country to get the bigots off our backs, to oil the closet door hinges, to change prejudiced hearts and minds, and to show that gay love is good for us and the rest of the world too.” In 2003, the American Library Association rewarded her with its highest tribute, lifetime honorary membership. She also earned the first John E. Fryer Award from the American Psychiatric Association in 2006 with Frank Kameny. Gittings was inducted into the Legacy Walk, an outdoor public display which celebrates LGBT history and people, in 2012.

07-31-1939   Susan Flannery – Born in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is an American actress and director best known for her roles in the soap  operas The Bold and the Beautiful (1966 – 1975) and Days of Our Lives (1987 – 2012)

She won the Golden Glove Award for New Star of the Year for her role as Lorrie in The Towering Inferno (1974). In 2010, Flannery came in at #1 in the Top 50 Soap Actresses of All Time poll on the internet blog We Love Soaps. Flannery had an 8 year relationship with actress and author, Fannie Flagg. Gay rights activist Rita Mae Brown socialized with both women in the mid-1970s and wrote about Flannery in her 1997 memoir Rita Will.

The Friends of Dorothy Era and The Hayes Code

1940: The German Reich Commissar of the occupied Netherlands territories makes all sexual activities between men illegal.

07-31-1943 Sab Shimono – Born in Sacramento, California. He is a Japanese-American character actor. His more memorable film roles include Hiroshi Kawamura in the 1990 drama

Sab Shimono

Come See the Paradise, the coroner in 1990s Presumed Innocent and Lord Norinaga in 1993s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III. He has also appeared in Asian American independent films. Shimono has been in a relationship with writer Steve Alden Nelson since 2001. The couple registered their domestic partnership in April 2005 and married in San Diego on June 23, 2008.

07-31-1944 David Norris – Born in Leopoldville, the Belgian Congo, raised 

by his mother in Ireland. Norris is credited with having “managed, almost single-handedly, to overthrow the anti-homosexuality law which brought about the downfall of Oscar Wilde” — a feat he achieved in 1988 after a fourteen-year campaign. Norris was the first out gay person to be elected to public office in Ireland. Until 1985, Norris was in a long-term relationship with Israeli activist Ezra Nawi. He spoke out against the Catholic Church’s stand on homosexuality, especially statements made by Pope John Paul II, saying that the pope was an “instrument for evil as far as I’m concerned because these constant, unremitting, ignorant, ill-informed attacks on the gay community have led to violence against the gay community.”


“Brigadoon” closes at Ziegfeld Theater NYC after 581 performances

1950s The Decade the public learned heterosexual women wanted sex

The Civil Rights 60s: When the Boomers were under 30


USA – First Lesbian and gay protest of the Pentagon. Twelve male and four female veterans of the armed services picket the Pentagon to protest discrimination in the military. Coverage airs on CBS in Washington that evening.

Sonny & Cher had a healthy move with “I Got You Babe”, which moved from #57 to #22.

1 Australia –  Birth date of out Australian Ian Roberts (born 31 July 1965). He is an Australian actor, model and former professional rugby league footballer of the 1980s, and 1990s. A New South Wales State of Origin and Australian international representative forward, he played club football with the South Sydney RabbitohsWigan WarriorsManly-Warringah Sea Eagles and North Queensland Cowboys. In 1995 Roberts became the first high-profile Australian sports person and first rugby footballer in the world to come out to the public as gay.

07-31-1965   Ian Roberts – Born in London, England, raised in 

Australia. He is an Australian former professional rugby player (1980s and 1990s), and actor. In 1995 Roberts became the first high-profile Australian athlete and first rugby footballer in the world to come out to the public as gay. Roberts stated he was a sex abuse victim and gave evidence to the State Coroner of New South Wales in regard to the murder of Arron Light, a street prostitute, who was going to give evidence against a pedophile syndicate. Light disappeared in 1997. His remains where found in 2002. Roberts accused the same man who molested him in his teens of being behind Light’s death. On September 26, 2005, the story was the subject of an episode of the Australian TV program Australian Story, entitled “Lost Boy.” In 2012 Roberts starred in the film Saltwater, which was his first role-playing a gay man.

1969: In New York City, militants separate from the more moderate homophile movement to form a counterculture-inspired group they vote to call the “Gay Liberation Front”.

 The meeting was advertised with a leaflet which read, DO YOU THINK HOMOSEXUALS ARE REVOLTING? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS WE ARE. About 50 people attended.

Feminist, Gay Liberation and Lesbian Separatists: Civil Rights

July 31, 1972

Elton John released the single “Honky Cat” on Uni Records.

1974 – The Centers for Disease Control reports that gay and bisexual men account for one third of all cases of syphilis in the US.

1976 — Dykes on Bikes is founded. A group of lesbians on motorcycles comes together to lead the 1976 San Francisco Pride Parade. Chapters of the club have been leading Pride Parades around the world ever since.

1979 – A public meeting of Vancouver’s gay community is held over increasing violence against gay people on Vancouver streets. The community calls on police to take action.

The Genderfuck Apathetics vs Yuppies : Aids the new STD on the list

1980 – The Toronto Board of Education votes to look into the possibility of setting up a permanent liaison committee between the board and the gay and lesbian community.


Kim Wilde visits injured soldier Michael Barnett at Woolwich Army Hospital in England on his 21st birthday. Barnett, who has Wilde’s name tattooed on his arm, lost a hand in the Falklands War.

1986 – Jeff Levi, executive director of National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, addressed the Senate during hearings on the nomination of William Rehnquist to the Supreme Court. Strom Thurmond questioned him on why NGLTF doesn’t work for something constructive such as changing homosexuals into heterosexuals.

07-31-1988 Charlie Carver – Born in San Francisco, California, seven minutes before his brother Max Carver, born on August 1, 1988. He is an American actor known for his role as Porter Scavo in the ABC television series Desperate Housewives. He was also well known for his role 

Charlie Carver

on Teen Wolf as Ethan, along with his brother Max who played Aiden. They both currently star on the HBO series The Leftovers. On January 11, 2016, Charlie came out as gay on his official Instagram account. Charlie said he’s known he was gay since the age of 12, and that he’s grown up “in a family where [his] orientation was celebrated.” “I now believe that by omitting this part of myself from the record, I am complicit in perpetuating the suffering, fear, and shame cast upon so many in the world.”

1989 – Urvashi Vaid (born 8 October 1958) replaces Jeff Levi as the executive director of the NGLTF. Urvashi is an Indian-AmericanLGBT rightsactivist. In April 2009 Out magazine named her one of the 50 most influential LGBT people in the United States. Vaid shares homes in Manhattan and Massachusetts with her partner, comedian Kate Clinton.[9]

90s: Slurs Reclaimed: Act Up! Lesbian Avengers and Queer Nation

1990: Warner Bros. announces that director Oliver Stone will soon begin work on a film biography of Harvey Milk.

1996 — Jamie Nabozny (born October 1975) wins nearly a million dollars in the first ever case of a gay teen suing school officials for failing to protect him from years of horrendous abuse. (Nabozny v. Podlesny) The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit rules that a public school and individual school employees, may be held liable under federal equal protection law for failing to respond to the anti-gay abuse of a student by other students.

1998 – Kristina Sheffield and Rachel Horsham, both male-to-female transsexuals, lost a legal battle to be recognized as women under English law when the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the British government had not violated their rights by refusing to issue them new birth certificates or by refusing to allow them to marry men.

1999 – Simone Wallace (born 1945) and Adele Wallace close their Sisterhood Bookstore in Los Angeles. Founded in 1972, it operated at the intersection of Westwood and Rochester near UCLA. Sisterhood was so much more than a bookstore, it was a community center and supported women far and wide for decades. Its books are now in the Mazer Archives.

Post 9/11 – The Shock Decade From “gay and lesbian” to “lesbigay” to “Lgbt/Lgbtq/Lgbtq2”

2003 – The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Ottawa warns Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Chretien that if he continues to support same-sex marriage he could be denied the sacraments.

2005, The Netherlands – The Netherlands halts the extradition of gays back to Iran following reports of gay executions.


Former Culture Club singer Boy George (O’Dowd) was ordered to do community service by picking up trash on New York City streets after pleading guilty last March to false reporting of an incident. He called police with a bogus report of a burglary at his lower Manhattan apartment in October and the responding officers found cocaine inside.


With Adam Yauch (MCA) diagnosed with cancer, Beastie Boys cancel their appearance at the All Points West festival at Liberty State Park in New Jersey. In tribute, Jay-Z opens his set with a cover of “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.”

after a long career as a singer, dancer, new-age seeker and mega-celebrity, Madonna added a new item to her resume — Israeli newspaper correspondent. The Material Girl’s byline appeared in Israel’s biggest daily, “Yediot Ahronot.” The article described her spiritual awakening upon discovering Kabbalah, after which, she writes, “all the puzzle pieces started falling into place.”

Unnamed Common Oppressor VSHeterosexual women VS Trans vs LGB/

2012 –  Gore Vidal (Eugene Louis “Gore” Vidal, born October 3, 1925 – July 31, 2012) dies. He was an American writer and intellectual known for his patrician manner, epigrammatic wit, and polished style of writing. As a public intellectual, Gore Vidal was identified with the liberal politicians and the progressive social causes of the Democratic Party. In 1960, he was the Democratic candidate for Congress, for the 29th Congressional District of New York State, a usually Republican district on the Hudson River, but lost the election to the Republican candidate J. Ernest Wharton, by a margin of 57 percent to 43 percent. his views on homosexuality in the arts. In 1950, Gore Vidal met Howard Austen, who became his life-partner in a 53-year relationship. In 2010 Vidal began to suffer from Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome, a brain disorder often caused by chronic alcoholism. On July 31, 2012 Vidal died of pneumonia at his home in the Hollywood Hills at the age of 86.

cited sources

Today in LGBT History   by Ronni Sanlo

Today in LGBT History – July 31 – Ronni Sanlo › today-in-lgbt-history-july-31

Jul 31, 2017 — 1965 – First Lesbian and gay protest of the Pentagon. Twelve male and four female veterans of the armed services picket the Pentagon to protest …

The Lavender Effect

canada pride


people link events link

LGBTQ2 Blogger Nina Notes:

To Each Decade it’s Age of Understanding, do not under consider differing geographies, nor the heterosexual clash of cultures – in particular – do not read backwards the words of humans now to earlier ages, to each own expression in culture and under legal conditions; and to all biology applies, regardless of what humans think is understood, rather than told, the why and when.

Sex the act of; is central to religion, war – who gets to what to who- vs which has had a no.

Understood as noting to be debated, quibbled nor negotiated.

Both in personal lives, in public and the workplaces, which were gender divided owing to sexual roles, across cultures and times.


music and movie information from my previous blog

Our Daily Elvis

where I note, The Last Elvis Secret given what the Memphis Mafia wrote about Presley Parties, the only thing not officially and rarely luridly written about was the balance of probability Elvis Presley was bisexual, and was described by heterosexual men as being so attractive as to raise a question – including Jerry Reed, writer and performer. And given Larry Geller’s descriptions of being accused by other Memphis Mafia members of being gay with Elvis during the private hair cut sessions -rather makes it seem the Memphis Mafia were jealous, and with Larry having to point out that were they admitting Elvis was bisexual?

As if Geller, a Hollywood hairdress would have a problem and his challenge back to those accusers was were they admitting Elvis was bisexual with the accusation? the last Elvis secret, along with the suicide note left in 1977, all swore to not reveal.

And each Memphis Mafia Member book was all about the orgies and parties Elvis made them attend, as if that was not why they were his friends acquired over time, to Red West, who saved Elvis from high school bathroom beatings and haircuts.

from my original blog:

Books: Death of Elvis

Books: Best and Worst

Books: Elvis My Best Man by George Klein and Genuine Elvis by Ronnie McDowel

Book: Baby Let’s Play House – Alanna Nash

see also:

Elvis and Lenny Bruce


With the new theatric Biopic that will reveal Elvis’ self harm in both diet and injuries as a pretense to get cancer level drugs from doctors and dentists and anyone who would administer anything, including an induced week long coma for weight loss in Vegas, known to any Elvis fan who read:

the Darkest Elvis Secret was said by his StepMom on National USA tv. That one can be famous and rich and be depressed, connects to why western nations have the highest suicide rates: direct/obvious and passive. In 2017 it was revealed Elvis Presley left a suicide note, and that was why the life insurance policy was never cashed.

Was There A Dark Side to Elvis and Gladys?

It is important to note that the majority of sexual predators and murderers are males who victimize: pick the most inclusive or the most diverse statement of victim categories:

A) women and other men

B) men and women

C) heterosexual men, heterosexual women and LGBTQ2

D) heterosexual men, heterosexual women, gay/bisexual men, bisexual women, lesbians and NB/Transpersons

Extra Credit:

now factor in how to phrase that sentence and include 1 ethnicity 2 disability – physical of body and/or of the brain and persons without religion/spirituality

The last elvis fan screamed at by the Memphis mafia

LGBTQ2 Blogger Nina Notes:

Most of the above is copied from one of the sites cited as sources in the daily post and as linked at the end of every post.

the history of nonheterosexuals and different historical eras views are such that there is a there is a danger to apply current decadish of time, in 2021 to past decades and centuries; particularly without application of complete history.

There is a difference between adopting male attire in the era when clothing was spelled out in law, and lesbians who passed in public, differ from those who only change clothing for personal sexual gratification, in private “cross dressors” in the language of this same era.

Laws regarding clothing exist in many nations, including capitol punishment, this is why sexual orientation is a demographic, That heterosexual women continue to be denied reproductive rights, education and professions, even where won at court; that women are a demographic. That male and female persons who are ethnically different from the majority population and with differing experiences being merged into colour blind visible minorities are differing demographics.

the farther back in time the given individual is, and why on this blog, there is a under theme of Elvis Presley, as the most prominent modern era person of the 1900s Current Era; who was photographed almost every day of his adult life., and who’s number of days on this planet have resulted in his being one of the most recognizable individuals across all cultures on the planet, which in 1950s was 1 billion people, and by his death almost 4 billion, to the 8 billion currently existing on earth.


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