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LGBTQ2 for March 13

BCE to The Suffragettes

March 13, 1901

Andrew Carnegie announced that he was retiring from business and that he would spend the rest of his days giving away his $300 million fortune.

March 13, 1902

Andrew Carnegie approved 40 applications from libraries seeking donations.

1906 — Susan B. Anthony (February 15, 1820 – March 13, 1906)  dies. Anthony was an abolitionist, a teacher and education reformer, a labor activist, a temperance worker, a feminist and, of course a suffragist. She never married and she is believed by historians to have had three intimate relationships with women in her life.

The Friends of Dorothy Era and The Hayes Code

1950s The Decade the public learned heterosexual women wanted sex

The Civil Rights 60s: When the Boomers were under 30


The Soundtrack to “Mary Poppins”, which had hung around the top for several weeks, finally became the #1 album.

Feminist, Gay Liberation and Lesbian Separatists: Civil Rights


Posthumously, Janis Joplin moved to #2 with “Me And Bobby McGee”

 Pearl by the late Janis Joplin was #1 on the Album chart for the third week., The Soundtrack to “Love Story” remained second, at four  Soundtrack–“Jesus Christ Superstar” was fourth followed by Elton John’s Tumbleweed Connection with #10 Barbra Streisand enjoyed another Top 10 album with Stoney End.

March 13, 1977

With Blondie as their opening act, David Bowie and Iggy Pop started a North American tour at the Jean-Deslauriers Theatre in Montréal.


ABBA began recording the album Voulez-Vous.


Olivia Newton-John received the Officer of the Order of the British Empire medal from Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace in London.

The Genderfuck Apathetics vs Yuppies : Aids the new STD on the list

1980, Canada – The Association of Gay Electors chooses George Hislop (June 3, 1927 – October 8, 2005) as candidate for the Ward 6 aldermanic race in downtown Toronto. The civic election would be held in November. Hislop had been co-founder and long-time president of the Community Homophile Association of Toronto. A co-owner of the Club Baths of Toronto and The Barracks Bathhouse, he had been charged as “keeper of a common bawdyhouse” following the notorious Bathhouse raids. He was one of Canada‘s most influential gay activists.


the Go-Go’s had their first Top 10 with “We Got The Beat” at 7

1984: Claiming an “absence of compelling need” for such legislation, California governor George Deukmejian vetoes a gay rights bill that would have prohibited job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.


Madonna released the single “Like A Prayer”.

90s: Listserves and Email distribution replaces telephone trees for activism


MTV became available in the Middle East with the launch of MTV Europe in Israel.

1991 – “Paris is Burning” premieres in the US. It’s a documentary that shows New York’s drag scene in the 1980s. It is a 1990 American documentary film directed by Jennie Livingston. Filmed in the mid-to-late 1980s, it chronicles the ball culture of New York City and the African-AmericanLatinogay, and transgender communities involved in it. Some critics consider the film to be an invaluable documentary of the end of the “Golden Age” of New York City drag balls, and a thoughtful exploration of race, class, gender, and sexuality in America. In 2016, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.


15 years since her last hit, Cher started a four week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Believe’, making Cher the oldest woman to top the Hot 100 at the age of 53.

Post 9/11 – The Shock Decade From “gay and lesbian” to “lesbigay” to “Lgbt/Lgbtq/Lgbtq2”

2007, France – Nicole Stéphane, Baroness Nicole de Rothschild (27 May 1923 – 13 March 2007) dies. She was a French actress, producer and director. In the early 1970s, Stéphane was the lover of the American writer and critic Susan Sontag(January 16, 1933 – December 28, 2004.

Human Rights in global conflictTrans/Pans vs LGB/ vs Heterosexual women

cited sources

Today in LGBT History   by Ronni Sanlo

Today in LGBT History – MARCH 13 | Ronni Sanlo › today-in-lgbt-history-march-13-2

Today in LGBT History – MARCH 13. 1906 — Susan B. Anthony (February 15, 1820 – March 13, 1906) dies. Anthony was an abolitionist, a teacher and education …

The Lavender Effect

canada pride


people link events link


Our Daily Elvis

LGBTQ2 Blogger Nina Notes:

Most of the above is copied from one of the sites cited as sources in the daily post and as linked at the end of every post.

the history of nonheterosexuals and different historical eras views are such that there is a there is a danger to apply current decadish of time, in 2021 to past decades and centuries; particularly without application of complete history.

There is a difference between adopting male attire in the era when clothing was spelled out in law, and lesbians who passed in public, differ from those who only change clothing for personal sexual gratification, in private “cross dressors” in the language of this same era.

Laws regarding clothing exist in many nations, including capitol punishment, this is why sexual orientation is a demographic, That heterosexual women continue to be denied reproductive rights, education and professions, even where won at court; that women are a demographic. That male and female persons who are ethnically different from the majority population and with differing experiences being merged into colour blind visible minorities are differing demographics.

the farther back in time the given individual is, and why on this blog, there is a under theme of Elvis Presley, as the most prominent modern era person of the 1900s Current Era; who was photographed almost every day of his adult life., and who’s number of days on this planet have resulted in his being one of the most recognizable individuals across all cultures on the planet, which in 1950s was 1 billion people, and by his death almost 4 billion, to the 8 billion currently existing on earth.


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