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Queer: what is in a word but meaning, eh?

To be queer was to be called queer by heterosexual males who feared queers so much that they had to beat up boys and often force sexual activities and raped girls and beat up girls.

From schoolyard bullies to adult male police officers, who often start as one and end as the other.

For Gay Men and for Lesbians, being called queer had differing meanings.

Males with Males makes males scared or exited they do not have to bother with women, and boys will be boys, buggery, as the word was codified in law. Males willing to act as if women, deemed lessor men by society, and with career and human rights – education, career, housing, voting, military service and marriage equity, dignity in the public square. those are human rights, along with the rights to own life decisions, ideas, language in Canada.

Women who preferred women, lost children or horrifyingly did not want to have children. Sexual violence words are biologically specific, owing to said differing outcomes of same type of event. Women being denied a no and shamed for saying no to men, to having right to own financial and body sovereignty and all the human rights.

Queer was the slur word for those who are not heterosexual, and bisexuals where included in the slur.

for those in the generation when gay and lesbian was illegal, it was the taunt, the insult by heterosexuals that we were less than human

it was not until the 1990s, that the generation X, following on the 1970s feminism; that those slur words were used by ourselfs before heterosexuals name called us

and the casual manner that the word is used by Millenials and Teens and being taught to grade schoolers as identity labels

: as the first placement when googling the word:

Queer is a word that describes sexual and gender identities other than straight and cisgender. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people may all identify with the word queer.

What does queer mean? – Planned Parenthood

Dear Planned Parenthood:

the meaning of words begins with the original use of the words

further, for those still living from that era, and even those of the take back words, queer nation, act up and lesbian avengers


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