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LGBTQ2 for January 24

BCE to The Suffragettes

41, Rome – Roman Emperor Caligula (31 August AD 12 – 24 January AD 41) is assassinated at the Palatine Games by his own officers after a reign of only four years. He was noted for his madness and cruelty including arbitrary murder and arbitrary sex encounters with men, women, and animals, including forcing his officers into regular sex bouts.

76, Spain – Roman Emperor Hadrian (24 January 76 – 10 July 138) is born near Seville Spain. Hadrian built the famous wall on the Northern fringe of the empire, in Britain, and put down the last serious uprising by the Jews. When his lover Antonius (27 November, c. 111 – before 30 October 130). mysteriously drowned in the Nile Hadrian went into a deep despair then put all of his wealth into building memorials to his lover, even building a city in his name. It said that the beautiful Antonius committed suicide before old age destroyed his looks. He was 21. 

1712, Germany –  Frederick the Great (24 January 1712 – 17 August 1786) is born in Berlin. He was King of Prussia from 1740 until 1786, the longest reign of any Hohenzollern king. Before he became king, Frederick fled with his lover Hans von Katte Hans von Katte (28 February 1704 – 6 November 1730) but the pair was captured and Frederick was forced to watch von Katte’s execution. On his father’s death, when Frederick became emperor, he went to the palace of Sans-Soucci at Potsdam and came into his own. He excluded women and surrounded himself with young men.

01-24-1905 — 04-11-1975   Dorothy Patten – Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She was an American theatre producer and actress. Patten was born into a wealthy family and rejected the traditional role of a Southern 

socialite and set out for a life on stage. She left for New York City in 1927 after the death of her mother. Patten was linked romantically with actress Cheryl Crawford in the 1930s, who together with Harold Clurman and Lee Strasberg formed The Group Theatre in 1931. After her father died, she donated their family home to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. After Patten broke up with Crawford in 1937, she became involved with Cecelia McMahon, who became her lifelong  companion until her death in 1975.  

01-24-1925 – 11-25-1970 Yukio Mishima – Born in Yotsuya, Toyko, Japan. He was a Japanese author, poet, and playwright. Nominated three times for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Mishima was also an actor, and had a staring role in 


Yasuzo Masumurad’s 1960 film, Afraid to Die. He married Yoko Sugiyama on June 11, 1958 and the couple had two children. While Mishima was working on the film Forbidden Colors, he visited gay bars in Japan. In 1998, the writer Jiro Fukushima published an account of his relationship with Mishima in 1951, including fifteen letters between himself and the famed novelist. On November 25, 1970 Mishima committed suicide. He was recognized as one of the most important post-war stylists of the Japanese language. Mishima wrote 34 novels, about 50 plays, around 25 books of short stories, and at least 35 books of essays, one libretto, as well as one film.

The Friends of Dorothy Era and The Hayes Code

01-24-1944 – 08-06-1983 Klaus Nomi (b. Klaus Sperbern) – Born in 

Immenstadt, Bavaria, Germany. He was a German countertenor noted for his wide vocal range and flamboyant stage persona. His song choice was unusual also, ranging from classical opera to pop standards like Leslie Gore’s You Don’t Own Me, Chubby Checker’s The Twist, and Lou Christie’s Lightnin’ Strikes. In the 1960s, he sang opera arias at the Berlin gay discothèque Kleist Casino. In 1972 Nomi moved to New York City. In the United States he is best remembered as one of David Bowie’s backup singers for a 1979 performance on Saturday Night Live. He was known to be gay and died in 1983 at the age or 39 from complications from AIDS.

1950s The Decade the public learned heterosexual women wanted sex

January 24, 1958

Elvis Presley was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘Jailhouse Rock’. It became the first ever single to enter the chart at No.1 and was Presley’s second UK No.1. It went on to sell over 4 million copies in the US.

LGBTQ2 BLogger Nina Notes: Oddly, even this century the gay lyrics are rarely commented upon – “Number 47 said to Number 3, you’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see, I sure would be delighted with your company, cmon and do the Jailhouse Rock with me” – there are no co-ed prisons.

The Civil Rights 60s: When the Boomers were under 30

01-24-1961 Matthew J. Titone – Born in Staten Island, New York City, New York. He is an American politician and lawyer from Staten Island, New York. A Democrat, he serves as a member of the New York State Assembly. After being 


admitted to the New York State Bar Association in 1992, Titone worked pro bono for the Staten Island AIDS Task Force and Project Hospitality. He gathered national attention when he took on the New York State adoption industry representing a family who adopted a baby boy. The family was never informed by the adoption agency that the child was born with the AIDS virus and resulted in the child being untreated for the illness for eleven years after the adoption. Titone is openly gay and married his partner of 18 years, Giosue Pugliese, in a ceremony at Staten Island Borough Hall in September 2011, shortly after same-sex marriage was legalized in New York State. He is one of six LGBT members of the New York Legislature.

January 24, 1962

Acting like Col Tom Parker, Brian Epstein signed a management deal with The Beatles. Epstein was to receive 25 per cent of the bands gross earnings, the normal management deal was 10 per cent. Epstein directs their image away from Teddy Boys in leather jackets to a smarter stage presentation, with matching suits and bows to the audience. Unlike Parker, Epstein never added his signature to the document. Epstein, who always had the interests of the group at heart, vowed not to sign the contract until he had obtained a record deal for the group.   Epstein of course did secure a recording contract through much perseverance, and on October 1, 1962, a new management contract was drawn up, and that one, Epstein signed along with the Beatles.

1965 – Winston Churchill (1874-1965) died. He had been Britain’s wartime prime minister whose courageous leadership and defiant rhetoric had fortified the English during their long struggle against Hitler’s Germany. “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat,” he stated upon becoming prime minister at the beginning of the war. He called Hitler’s Reich a “monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime.” Following the war, he coined the term “Iron Curtain” to describe the barrier between areas in Eastern Europe under Soviet control and the free West. In his biography of W. Somerset Maugham (25 January 1874 – 16 December 1965), Ted Morgan writes that Maugham once asked Churchill if it were true as Churchill’s mother had claimed, that the statesman had affairs with men in his youth. “Not true!” Churchill replied. “But, I once went to bed with a man to see what it was like.” That man was British musical-comedy star Ivor Novello (15 January 1893 – 6 March 1951)”And, what was it like?” Maugham asked. “Musical,” Churchill replied

January 24, 1969New Jersey state prosecutors issue a warning to US record dealers that they would be charged with distributing pornography if they were caught selling the John Lennon / Yoko Ono LP ‘Two Virgins’. The front cover of the album showed the pair frontally nude, while the back cover showed them from behind. The album still managed to reach No.124 on the US, but failed to chart at all in the UK, where only 5,000 copies were ever pressed.

Feminist, Gay Liberation and Lesbian Separatists: Civil Rights


The first international Lesbian Conference is held in Montreal. It was attended by more than 200 delegates from Canada and the US.

Norman Lear’s TV adaptation of Lanford Wilson’s “Hot l Baltimore” premieres on ABC. Though it features a diverse cast of characters, including two gay men and a latent lesbian, it lasts only five months.


Elton John had the highest-debuting song with the double-sided “Grow Some Funk Of Your Own”/”I Feel Like A Bullet (In the Gun of Robert Ford)”.

The Genderfuck Apathetics vs Yuppies : Aids the new STD on the list


Spandau Ballet was at the Blizt Club in London.


Adam And The Ants started a 10-week run at No.1 on the UK chart with their debut album ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’.


Noted gay director George Cukor dies at age 83 in Los Angeles.


on the USA charts – songs – Madonna was up to 4 with “Open Your Heart”,  and #6 LP with True Blue

90s: Listserves and Email distribution replaces telephone trees for activism


The producer of the New Kids On The Block LP “Hangin’ Tough” claimed that the boys only sang about 20% of the lyrics. He sued for creative contributions and royalties. The group denied the allegations and the suit was eventually dropped.

1996, Singapore – Singapore grants gender recognition to post-operative transsexuals.


The Soundtrack to Titanic moved from #11 to #1 on the Album chart, displacing Celine Dion’s Let’s Talk About Love

LGBTQ@ Blogger Nina Notes: Artists who displace themselves, eh

Post 9/11 – The Shock Decade From “gay and lesbian” to “lesbigay” to “Lgbt/Lgbtq/Lgbtq2”

Human Rights in global conflictTrans/Pans vs LGB/ vs Heterosexual women

2012 – Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, released a video on YouTube commemorating GSA Day and endorsing GSA clubs in schools. Gay–straight alliances (GSA) are school/student-led or community based organizations, found primarily in North American high schoolscolleges and universities, that are intended to provide a safe, supportive environment for lesbiangaybisexualtransgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) youth (or those who are perceived as such) and their straight allies.


David Bowie was at No.1 on both the UK & US album charts with his twenty-fifth and final studio album Blackstar, Bowie’s only album to top the Billboard 200 in the US. Bowie was the biggest-selling vinyl artist of 2016 in the UK, with five albums in the vinyl Top 30, including Blackstar as the No.1 selling vinyl album of the year.

2021 the Code, presented as part of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras | NewsDuring the Second World War, tucked away in the country at Bletchley Park, the most brilliant mathematical minds in Britain were working to crack Kantrowitz, Gay Pioneer, Author, Professor, and Lover, Dies at 81Arnie Kantrowitz, who died at age 81 on January 21, was a leader of the generation of activists in the immediate aftermath of the Stonewall Rebellion who put their lives and livelihoods on the line to advance the cause of gay liberation. He died from complications of COVID, according to his life partner, Dr. Lawrence […] couple refused south London house viewing and purchase – BBC NewsThe sellers defended their decision to deny the viewing and purchase based on their religious student’s experience at Tully not ‘a one-time lapse in judgment’ (Your Letters) – syracuse.comAfter hearing Tyler Johnson’s story, many others spoke out about homophobia and school administration’s weak response to Street: Former star Amanda Barrie says coming out as bisexual in the 1980s would have ended role | The Independent‘I could have had so many hooks if they’d made me come out [on-screen],’ the 86-year-old said in a new ‘I May Be Bisexual’ from Rachel Krantz’s New MemoirIn this excerpt from her new memoir, Open, writer Rachel Krantz investigates her own sexuality through indulging her partner’s

that she has to allege what men say regularly to women.. Air National Guard member, 37, alleges male leader said she should ‘appear more feminine’ | Daily Mail OnlineKristin M. Kingrey, 37,  is a lesbian who is tall, has short hair and doesn’t wear jewelry or makeup, according to a lawsuit filed against the Army and Air Force in | The weaponization of homophobia in Kyrgyzstan and BelarusMost people imagine the hollowing of democracy begins with election fraud or the arrest of political activists. But it is often minorities who feel the pressure

transgender identity is not a science theory, it is a diagnosis projected Anti-Trans Bill Threatens Rights | Human Rights WatchA group of lawmakers in Guatemala has advanced a bill that would stigmatize transgender people and curtail children’s and adolescents’ rights to education, information, and health, Human Rights Watch said today. Congress should reject the bill and instead address the violence and discrimination that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people face in the person in army: Films that traced LGBT lives while serving in the army | IndiaTodayFilmmaker Onir’s script inspired by the life of a retired army colonel who’s openly gay, was rejected by the MoD without citing any reason. However, films internationally have tackled this topic sensitively with depictions inspired by real-life events. Here are some movies that talk about being LGBT+ and in the Catholic officials stage mass coming-out in GermanyMore than 100 Catholic church officials in Germany came out as LGBT, queer or non-binary on Monday, adding to calls for reform within the crisis-hit “Arcane” sets the gold standard for LGBT representation in fictional media – Six Mile PostAfter being postponed because of COVID, “Arcane,” an animated series developed by Riot Games and produced by Fortiche Productions, finally released near the end of 2021 on Nov. 6 and became a Netflix sensation. The show is based on the universe of the popular online multiplayer game “League of Legends.” It is not an exaggeration… groups disappointed with Samsung S’pore for removing adMembers of the queer community were disappointed that Samsung Singapore removed a video that provided positive portrayal of LGBTQ people and their

cited sources

Today in LGBT History   by Ronni Sanlo

The Lavender Effect

canada pride


people link events link


Our Daily Elvis

LGBTQ2 Blogger Nina Notes:

Most of the above is copied from one of the sites cited as sources in the daily post and as linked at the end of every post.

the history of nonheterosexuals and different historical eras views are such that there is a there is a danger to apply current decadish of time, in 2021 to past decades and centuries; particularly without application of complete history.

There is a difference between adopting male attire in the era when clothing was spelled out in law, and lesbians who passed in public, differ from those who only change clothing for personal sexual gratification, in private “cross dressors” in the language of this same era.

Laws regarding clothing exist in many nations, including capitol punishment, this is why sexual orientation is a demographic, That heterosexual women continue to be denied reproductive rights, education and professions, even where won at court; that women are a demographic. That male and female persons who are ethnically different from the majority population and with differing experiences being merged into colour blind visible minorities are differing demographics.

the farther back in time the given individual is, and why on this blog, there is a under theme of Elvis Presley, as the most prominent modern era person of the 1900s Current Era; who was photographed almost every day of his adult life., and who’s number of days on this planet have resulted in his being one of the most recognizable individuals across all cultures on the planet, which in 1950s was 1 billion people, and by his death almost 4 billion, to the 8 billion currently existing on earth.


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