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LGBTQ2 for November 28

LGBTQ2 for November

BCE to The Suffragettes

1862, Germany –Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (28 August 1825 – 14 July 1895), , a pioneer of the early LGBT civil rights movement, writes a letter to his family reconciling his spirituality and his sexuality. He wrote, “Good God has given me love oriented towards men. Asking Him to change that would be extremely anti-Christian.” Ulrichs was a German writer who is seen today as the pioneer of the modern gay rights movement.

11-28-1898 – 01-21-1993 Lotte Laserstein – Born in Preussisch Holland, German Empire (now Paslęk, Poland) into a Jewish family (her father was half Jewish). 

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She was a German-Swedish painter and portraitist. She studied at the Berlin Academy of Arts and won the school’s highest honors. With the rise of the Nazis, in 1933, she was profiled as “a 3/4 Jew” and prohibited from exhibiting her work and was fired from her position on the executive committee of the National Arts Association. By 1937, things became so difficult for her that she moved to Sweden. She was successful in getting her sister out of Germany, but her mother died in Ravensbrück concentration camp (her father had already died). In 1938, she married a Swedish man, Sven Marcus, in order to obtain her Swedish citizenship. The couple never lived together as husband and wife since Laserstein was a lesbian, but they remained friends throughout their lives. In 2003 an exhibit of Laserstein’s work was held in Berlin. An exhibition catalog was written by Anna-Carola Krausse titled, Lotte Laserstein: My Only Reality. It was published in English in October 2004.

11-28-1928 – 07-30-2002 A.E. Dyson (Tony Dyson) – Born in Paddington, London, England. He was a British literary critic, university lecturer, educational activist, and gay 

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rights campaigner. In 1958, he formed the Homosexual Law Reform Society (HLRS) to repeal the law regarding homosexuality (The law was repealed in 1967). It was during this time that Dyson met Cliff Tucker, a senior executive at British Petroleum, a Labor Party councilor and a magistrate. They lived together for 35 years until Tucker’s death in 1993. Dyson followed Tucker’s final wishes and bequeathed the proceeds of their Hampstead home to Tucker’s alma mater, the University of Wales, Lampeter. As a result, there is now a scholarship and lecture theatre which is named after Tucker and a Fellowship in Poetry named for Dyson. In July 2002, Dyson died from leukemia.

1932 – Margaret “Midge” Costanza (November 28, 1932 – March 23, 2010) was an AmericanPresidential advisorsocial and political activist. A lifelong champion of gay and women’s rights, she was known for her wit, outspoken manner and commitment to her convictions.

The Friends of Dorothy Era and The Hayes Code


The MGM movie musical “Meet Me in St. Louis,” starring Judy Garland opened in New York.

 1944 – Rita Mae Brown (born 28 November 1944), is born. She is an American writer, activist, and feminist, best known for her first novel Rubyfruit Jungle. Brown is also a mystery writer and screenwriter. Starting in 1973, Brown lived in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. In 1978, she moved to Charlottesville, Virginia where she lived briefly with American author, screenwriter and actor, Fannie Flagg (born September 21, 1944), whom she met at a party hosted by Marlo Thomas. They later broke up due to, according to Brown, “generational differences.” In 1979 Brown met and fell in love with tennis champion Martina Navratilova (born October 18, 1956). In 1980 they bought a horse farm in Charlottesville where they lived together until their breakup over Navratilova’s then concern that coming out would hurt her application for US citizenship. Brown still lives on the estate in Charlottesville.

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1950s The Decade the public learned heterosexual women wanted sex

November 28, 1954

Winifred Atwell was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘Let’s Have Another Party.’ Atwell was the first black artist to reach No.1 in the UK and the first black artist to sell a million records.

The Civil Rights 60s: When the Boomers were under 30


People by newcomer Barbra Streisand was the #1 album for a fifth week on the USA charts, The Great Songs From “My Fair Lady” and other Broadway Hits by Andy Williams was seventh and Hello, Dolly! by Louis Armstrong cracked the Top 10.

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11-28-1969   Colman Domingo – Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is an American actor, playwright, television and stage director. He received an Obie Award in 2008 as part of the ensemble of Passing Strange and was later in the film version directed by Spike Lee. He starred as Billy Flynn in Chicago, the longest-running revival on Broadway. Domingo had a recurring role on AMC’s zombie series, Fear the Walking Dead. He also directed an episode in Season 4. At the age of 22, Domingo came out to his mother, Edith, while she was visiting him in San Francisco. The two ended up drinking in a gay bar. He also came out to his brother, who took it all in stride. Domingo said in an interview with Metro UK, “It’s an experience I’d like to add to the chorus, that these blue-collar, macho men, like my older brother, had the capacity to say: ‘I don’t care, I love you anyway.’ There are young kids thinking: ‘I’ll never come out because it’s too hard in our communities.’ But I’m saying maybe your story can be similar to mine.”  His one-man autobiographical play, A Boy and His Soul, about a young black inner-city gay boy and his complex family, won a GLADD Award for New York Theater: Broadway & Off-Broadway, and a Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Solo Show.

Feminist, Gay Liberation and Lesbian Separatists: Civil Rights

November 28, 1974Elton John was joined on stage by John Lennon at Elton’s Madison Square Garden concert. They performed three numbers together, “Whatever Gets You Through the Night”, “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” and “I Saw Her Standing There”. Lennon had promised the flamboyant rocker that he would make a stage appearance with him if his “Whatever Gets You Through the Night” became a #1 hit, which it did two weeks earlier.  It would be Lennon’s last ever concert appearance, and that same night, Lennon and his estranged wife Yoko Ono reconciled backstage after being separated for a year.

1977 – Aspen becomes the first city in Colorado to pass a gay rights ordinance.

1978 – San Francisco Examiner Headline is “THE CITY WEEPS,” following the assassination of George Moscone and Harvey Milk.

11-28-1978 Siri Hall Arnøy – Place of birth unknown. She is a 


former Norwegian politician. Arnøy was a member of Parliament from 2001 to 2005. From October 2005 to January 2006, she was the political advisor for the Minister of Finance and a deputy representative for the term 2005 – 2009. She is openly lesbian. In 2012, she earned a Ph.D. from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The Genderfuck Apathetics vs Yuppies : Aids the new STD on the list

1980 – The National Coalition of Black Gays holds its second national conference in Philadelphia


Barry Manilow took over at #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart with “The Old Songs”.

11-28-1983 Rostam Batmanglij – Place of birth unknown. He grew up in Washington D.C. His parents are both Iranian and 


arrived in D.C. in 1983. He is an American songwriter, musician, producer and is a multi-instrumentalist. He was with the group Vampire Weekend and electro-soul group Discovery. He is openly gay and talked about his sexual orientation in the magazine Out. He was on Out’s 3rd Annual 100 Most Eligible Bachelors (2013).

11-28-1983 Omar Sharif Jr. – Born in Montreal, Canada to a 


Jewish mother and Muslim father. He is a model, writer, and activist. He is the grandson of Omar Sharif. He received international attention from his ads for Calvin Klein and Coca Cola. In 2013, shortly after the Muslim Brotherhood was elected to parliament in Egypt, Omar published an open letter in The Advocate, in which he came out as gay and half-Jewish and questioned the new Egyptian government’s commitment to basic human rights and diversity. He is the first public personality to come out as openly gay in the Arab world. He faced an onslaught of condemnation, criticism, and threats of violence. Omar was on Out’s 3rd Annual 100 Most Eligible Bachelors (2013). From 2013 to 2015, Omar served as Eastern National Spokesperson for GLADD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). Omar stated, “My grandfather didn’t care that I’m gay. Before anything, in the eyes of my grandparents, I was a grandson.”

11-28-1983 Tyler Glenn – Born in Temecula, California. Glenn was raised a Mormon. He is an American vocalist and 


keyboardist for the American alternative rock band Neon Trees. He came out as gay in the March 24, 2014 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. He discussed keeping his sexuality a secret throughout his life. Glenn says he’s known he was gay since he was a child. In 2014, he was featured as lead vocalist on Born to Run, a song on Afrojack’s debut studio album, Forget the World.


Prince‘s “I Would Die 4 U” became the fourth single from the album “Purple Rain.”

11-28-1986   Daniel Mallory Ortberg – Place of birth unknown. He grew up in northern Illinois and then in San Francisco. His parents are evangelical 

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Christian pastors. Ortberg is an American author, editor, and co-founder of the feminist site The Toast. His books include Texts from Jane Eyre (2014) and The Merry Spinster: Tales of Everyday Horror (2018). Ortberg identifies as queer and in February 2018, has come out as transgender. In November 2018, he and partner Grace Lavery, Associate Professor of English at UC Berkeley, announced their engagement. (Photo courtesy of kellywritershouse CC 2.0)


David Bowie played the second of four sold-out nights during his Glass Spider Tour in Australia and New Zealand at the Kooyong Stadium in Melbourne.

on the USA charts,  songs: George Michael and the title track from Faith was #6

LPS: The “Dirty Dancing” Soundtrack was still perched at #1 on the Album chart and Whitney, the second album from Whitney Houston at #8

1988 – A Dallas judge sentences the killer of two gay men to 30 years in prison instead of a life sentence because, as he later tells the Dallas Times Herald, “I don’t much care for queers cruising the streets.” The Dallas Gay Alliance joins political leaders across the country in protesting the judge’s decision.

1989 – A judge in Texas was censured for giving a light sentence to a teenager who murdered two gay men. He explained the sentence by saying that he couldn’t give a life sentence to a teenage boy “just because he killed a couple of homosexuals.” 


Prince‘s song “Scandalous,” from the Batman Soundtrack, was released.

90s: Listserves and Email distribution replaces telephone trees for activism


Celine Dion had the fastest mover as her great song “Love Can Move Mountains” advanced from 95 to 65.

Whitney Houston moved from #12 to #1 on this date, the third-highest leap to the top of the Rock Era, for the first week at #1 with “I Will Always Love You”.


Whitney Houston’s ““I Will Always Love You” reached #1 R&B for eleven weeks and #1 pop for fourteen weeks, a single from the soundtrack for the movie The Bodyguard, Kevin Costner, Houston’s costar in The Bodyguard, suggested she record it. It would become her biggest hit.

1998 – In Allston, Massachusetts, transgender woman of color Rita Hester (30 November 1963 – 28 November 1998) is murdered. The ensuing candlelight vigil a few days later was attended by 250 people and inspired the Transgender Day of Remembrance, observed each November 20th worldwide.

Visit GLAAD Transgender Day of Remembrance for more information.

Post 9/11 – From “gay and lesbian” to “lesbigay” to “Lgbt/Lgbtq/Lgbtq2”


David Bowie was crowned the musician’s musician. Bowie beat The Beatles and alternative rockers Radiohead in a survey by the NME that asked hundreds of top rock and pop stars to name their biggest musical influence.

About nine million people watched a Madonna concert over the Internet. The 29-minute, six-song event was performed at London’s Brixton Acedemy in front of about 2,800 people. According to the show set a record for such events.


Elton John sets a new record for hosting the most concerts at New York’s Madison Square Garden when he plays his 53rd gig there. That feat breaks the previous record set by The Grateful Dead. He has since gone on to add to the record with shows like “Elton 60,” which celebrated his 60th birthday.


Billy Joel and Elton John had a concert grudge match into 2015:

Billy Joel Bests Elton John, Sets New Record At MSG | Billboard


okay men are also sexually harassed – and who is the primary harassor? other men or women ? the article does not say

and the primary victims of sexual harassment are women

and the issue is not a women’s issue –

the primary issue is with men’s behaviour. 40 per cent of military sexual misconduct class action claims are from men: Eyre – National | Globalnews.caGen. Wayne Eyre said fixing the military’s culture is vital because the world is “probably more dangerous now than it has been since the end of the Cold War.”

Ex gays” are queer adults who tried religion as a cure ,and religion is not a cure for sexual orientation

religion is why sexual orientation remains controversial

trans and de trans is a deeper internalized self loathing owing to social messaging.

there are “Ex-Ex-Gays” who return to queerness after not accepting themselves..

so person to trans to de trans… movement debunked: former leader Ky Schevers on why the anti-trans group is like the ex-gays.“It’s very similar to ex-gay communities,” she now says. “No one really changes.”

there needs to be a trans sports category – this is why hetero women’s rights and gay/lesbian rights are in conflict with trans

if there are more than two genders, then stop putting everyone not hetero male under women on Idaho’s transgender athlete ban faces new challengesIdaho’s law that bars transgender women and girls from competing on collegiate and K-12 women’s and girls’ sports teams, hasn’t been active for over a year. Now, the law’s

it is homophobic of trans to bash on gay men and lesbians for not dating them, being bothered by same gender dating and insisting on reverse gender role compulsory heterosexuality

it is not transphobic to not date a trans person, not attracted to is not the same as bigotry

and bisexuals vs pansexuals is a bizarre battle as well.

trans and pans do not get to invalidate lesbians, bisexuals, gay men and heterosexuals.

think of the children – who need to be protected from adults Liberals to reintroduce bill banning gay conversion therapy for adults | CP24.comThe federal government is set to table a new bill to ban conversion therapy on Monday, which if passed would outlaw practices that seek to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender gay composer & Broadway genius Stephen Sondheim passes at 91 / LGBTQ NationFrom “West Side Story” to “Sweeney Todd” and everything in between, the public searches hopelessly for words that encapsulate the incomparable creative…’s only gay men’s chorus is performing live again after 2 years | CBC NewsHalifax’s only gay men’s chorus is performing live again after two years and after already selling 1,200 tickets, they say, it’s clear, people in HRM are ready and eager for more queer Beatriz: ‘Bisexuals are so often presented to be super promiscuous’ | The IndependentThe ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ actor has hung up her handcuffs to play a magical teen in new animation ‘Encanto’. She talks to Annabel Nugent about queering telly, her struggle with typecasting and playing the Disney princess she never saw herself to be when growing is shorthand for lesbian, homosexual and transgender. The “LGB” in this term relates to intimate orientation. – AdotasLGBT is shorthand for lesbian, homosexual and transgender. The “LGB” in this term relates to intimate orientation. Sexual positioning means a typically enduring design of mental, romantic and/or sexual tourist attractions of men to lady or females to males (heterosexual), of women to people or people to males (homosexual), or by women or men to … Says Citizens Abuse LGBTI PeopleCentral African state’s government made comment this week after Human Rights Watch reported degrading treatment of LGBTI people and called on Cameroon to hold perpetrators to Unite for LGBT Rights in ThailandA foreign correspondent asked me earlier this week why it’s taking so long to achieve same sex marriage in Thailand and why we are not yet’s Michael Failla became a lifeline for LGBTQ people in the Middle East – CNNThe callers reach out to him in their darkest moments — sometimes when they’re contemplating suicide — and Michael Failla always answers. He’s devoted his life to helping LGBQT people facing persecution in their home Acceptance Project launches online resource to help LGBTQ youthFirst of Its kind online resource for LGBTQ+ youth & families to help decrease isolation, family rejection & mental health

cited sources

Today in LGBT History   by Ronni Sanlo

Today in LGBT History – November 28 | Ronni Sanlo › today-in-lgbt-history-novembe…Nov 28, 2017 — 1989 – A judge in Texas was censured for giving a light sentence to a teenager who murdered two gay men. He explained the sentence by saying …

The Lavender Effect

Our Daily Elvis


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