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LGBTQ2 for November 19

BCE to The Suffragettes

1922, Canada – Canadian immigration authorities allowed the Irish lover of a Canadian citizen to immigrate legally. This was the first time in North America that a same-sex relationship was used as the basis for immigration.

1933 – Christa Winsloe’s (23 December 1888 – 10 June 1944) book “The Child Manuela” is reviewed in the New York Times. It was a translation from a German book about a lesbian relationship in a school for girls. The reviewer referred to it as “a social document that is moving and eloquent.” Winsloe was a 20th-century German-Hungarian novelistplaywright and sculptor. Winsloe wrote Das Mädchen Manuela (“The Child Manuela”), a short novel based on her experiences at Kaiserin-Augusta. Winsloe was involved in a relationship with newspaper reporter Dorothy Thompson, probably before World War II when Thompson was reporting from Berlin.  She moved to France in the late 1930s, fleeing the Nazis. During World War II, she joined the French Resistance. Contrary to what is often stated, she was not executed by the Nazis. Instead, on June 10, 1944, Winsloe and her French partner, Simone Gentet, were shot and killed by four Frenchmen in a forest near the country town of Cluny. The men said that they had thought the women were Nazi spies, and were later acquitted of murder.

1934 – Political activist Jim Foster  (November 19, 1934– October 31, 1990) is born. He founded the Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club in 1972, the country’s first gay Democratic political club. Foster co-founded the Society for Individual Rights (SIR), an early homophile organization, in 1964. In 1971, Foster, along with Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, transformed the SIR Political Action Committee into the Alice B. Toklas Memorial Democratic Club. The first U.S. gay community center opens, in San Francisco, led by The Society for Individual Rights.

The Friends of Dorothy Era and The Hayes Code

1942 – Bisexual Clothing designer Calvin Klein (November 19, 1942) is born.

1950s The Decade the public learned heterosexual women wanted sex

The Civil Rights 60s: When the Boomers were under 30


David Bowie and the Lower 3rd appeared at The Marquee Club, London, England.


The Soundtrack to “The Sound of Music” re-entered the Top 10 on the Album chart after 88 weeks of release.

Feminist, Gay Liberation and Lesbian Separatists: Civil Rights


Barbra Streisand released the single “The Way We Were”.

The Genderfuck Apathetics vs Yuppies : Aids the new STD on the list

1980: Two men are killed and six wounded when former transit cop Ronald Crumpley opens fire with submachine gun at NYC gay bar, the Ramrod. He is later found not guilty by reason of insanity.

1982 – A California judge tosses Marilyn Barnett’s so-called “palimony” suit against tennis star Billie Jean King out of court

1982 – Marilyn Barnett files a palimony suit against Billie Jean King (November 22, 1943)but it’s thrown out of court. in 1971, King began an intimate relationship with her secretary, Marilyn Barnett (born January 28, 1948). King acknowledged the relationship when it became public in a May 1981 ‘palimony‘ lawsuit filed by Barnett, making King the first prominent professional female athlete to come out as a lesbian. Feeling she could not admit to the extent of the relationship, King publicly called it a fling and a mistake. She was still married to her husband Larry. The lawsuit caused King to lose an estimated $2 million in endorsements and forced her to prolong her tennis career to pay attorneys. Billie Jean and Larry remained married through the palimony suit fallout. The marriage ended in 1987 after Billie Jean fell in love with her doubles partner, Ilana Kloss.


Kylie Minogue had the third version of “The Loco-Motion” to reach the Top 10 adn was #3.  George Michael was up to #7 with “Kissing A Fool”, with Whitney Houston fell with “One Moment In Time”.at #10

LP Faith album by George Michael was #8

90s: Listserves and Email distribution replaces telephone trees for activism


Celine Dion released her first single “Where Does My Heart Beat Now”.

1993, Romania – Marius Aitai, Ovidiu Chetea, and Cosmin Hutanu are sentenced to up to 2’/2 years in prison for same-sex acts in private. Amnesty International calls for their immediate release and protests the imprisonment of 54 other people on similar charges, as well as the reportedly widespread torture and sexual abuse of persons arrested on suspicion of homosexuality.


Prince released the 3 CD set “Emancipation.” The release was on his record label NPG Records.

1997 – In Spanish Fork Utah, during a meeting of the Nebo County Board of Education, supporters of lesbian teacher Wendy Weaver and those demanding her resignation presented their cases. A month earlier Weaver was dismissed from her position as volleyball coach and ordered not to discuss her sexual orientation with anyone, in or out of school.

1998 – Prosecutors in Laramie Wyoming present an outline of their case against Aaron McKinney who had been arrested for the brutal murder of gay college student Matthew Shepard.


Natalie Cole sang “They Can’t Take That Away from Me” at Frank Sinatra’s eigthtieth birthday party at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. If that didn’t do it for Ol’ Blues, Little Richard’s rendition of “Old Black Magic” surely did.

Post 9/11 – From “gay and lesbian” to “lesbigay” to “Lgbt/Lgbtq/Lgbtq2”


George Michael had the #1 album in the U.K. with Twenty-Five.

2009 – The New York Court of Appeals rules that state officials have the authority to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages although the court declines to rule on whether same-sex couples may legally marry in the New York.

2012 –

Transgender Pride flag flies from the Castro (San Francisco) flag pole for the first time. The flag was created by Monica Helms in 1999 and first shown at the Phoenix, AZ, pride parade in 2000. Helms is a transgender activist, author, and veteran of the United States Navy

Barry Manilow placed his 50th song on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart when “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” debuted at #22. He became just the fifth artist to accomplish that feat in the AC chart’s 51-year history. At that time, Elton John led with 68, followed by Barbra Streisand (64), Neil Diamond (58) and Elvis Presley (53). And also, Elvis was only “adult contemporary” in the 1970s.


Justin Trudeau@JustinTrudeau
Officiel du gouvernement – CanadaOn November 28, the Government will offer a formal apology to LGBTQ2 Canadians in the House – for the persecution & injustices they have suffered, and to advance together on the path to equality & inclusion.11:14 AM · Nov 19, 2017

2021 among factors why some find it hard to accept LGBTQ family members: TODAY webinar panellistsSINGAPORE — Young Singaporeans are less accepting of family members having same-sex relationships than they are of their friends and colleagues as they apply different values on both states pursue a wave of anti-LGBTQ laws, cities move in the opposite directionAs state legislatures around the country pursue anti-LGBTQ legislation in what advocates have said is the “worst year” for LGBTQ rights in modern history, bookshop sends 300 Trans history books to MPs across the country – Manchester Evening News
The initiative aims to give MPs ‘comprehensive knowledge’ of the history of the Trans community ‘before framing laws that affect them’.

except the LGBTQ2 is actually divided – across many demographic lines, including the letter subcultures… Hamilton proudly wears LGBT+ Pride flag on helmet at Qatar Grand PrixFormula One champ Lewis Hamilton will wear the LGBT+ Progress Pride flag on his helmet for this weekend’s Qatar Grand

anyone would be less suicidal in a nation where not illegal and openly hunted Men Who Move To LGBT Friendly Countries Have Lower Risk Of Suicide, Study Finds – Star ObserverA study by the American Psychological Association across 48 countries found that when gay or bisexual men moved to a more tolerant country the risk of depression or suicide decreased LGBT Festival Has Website Blacklisted By Government – DeadlineOrganizers said the move came after a coordinate homophobic chosen for Canadian monument to 9,000 killed in “LGBT Purge” – Global Construction ReviewFive designs have been announced as finalists for a monument dedicated to the 9,000 lives lost in Canada’s “LGBT Purge” that took place between the 1950s and mid-1990s. The purge… Amazon’s ‘Tampa Baes’ lesbians get trash reality TV representation just like everyone else | The StarWhatever struggles these women have had in coming out, or continue to have, whatever struggles they have had with their respective families, the fact …

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Today in LGBT History   by Ronni Sanlo

The Lavender Effect

Our Daily Elvis


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