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LGBTQ2 for November 17

BCE to The Suffragettes

1862 – Thomas Hannah, Jr., a private in Company G of the 95th Illinois Regiment, writes that one of the soldiers in his regiment was found to be a female. He was referring to Albert Cashier (December 25, 1843 – October 10, 1915), a female-bodied Civil War soldier who had lived as a man. Albert D. J. Cashier, born Jennie Irene Hodgers, was an Irish-born female immigrant who served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Cashier adopted the identity of a man before enlisting, and maintained it for most of the remainder of his life. He became famous as one of a number of female-born soldiers who served as men during the Civil War, although the consistent and long-term commitment to the male identity has prompted some contemporary scholars to suggest that Cashier was a trans man.

1889, UK – The New York Times publishes a report on the “Cleveland Street Scandal,” a case involving a house of male prostitutes and members of British nobility. The Cleveland Street scandal occurred in 1889, when a homosexual male brothel in Cleveland StreetFitzrovia, London, was discovered by police. The government was accused of covering up the scandal to protect the names of aristocratic and other prominent patrons. At the time, sexual acts between men were illegal in Britain, and the brothel’s clients faced possible prosecution and certain social ostracism if discovered. It was rumored that Prince Albert Victor, the eldest son of the Prince of Wales and second-in-line to the British throne had visited, though this has never been substantiated. Unlike overseas newspapers, the English press never named the Prince, but the allegation influenced the handling of the case by the authorities, and has colored biographers’ perceptions of him since. After Henry James FitzRoy, Earl of Euston, was named in the press as a client, he successfully sued for libel. The scandal fueled the attitude that male homosexuality was an aristocratic vice that corrupted lower-class youths. Such perceptions were still prevalent in 1895 when the Marquess of Queensberry accused Oscar Wilde of being an active homosexual.


On that night 41—possibly 42—men gathered under the cover of night to dance together. Though some may not consider this scandalous by today’s standards, fallout from “The Dance of the 41,” as it was called by the press, was controversial enough to change the landscape of sexuality in Mexico.

As part of their condemnation, the men were taken to jail, with the men dressed in women’s clothes being forced to sweep the streets in their attire. Afterwards, the men were shipped to Yucatán to assist troops in their fight against the Mayans, but not by taking up arms. They were tasked with menial duties such as digging trenches and sweeping floors.

The divide between the elites and the lower class was severe, and would eventually lead to the Mexican Revolution of 1910. However, the dance saw the lines of social status blurred among Mexicans.

41 Has a Secret Meaning in Mexico, Thanks to a Queer … › news › dance-of-41-mexico-…Jun. 27, 2018 — The reason has to do with a party held in a secret location in Mexico on November 17, 1901. On that night 41—possibly 42—men gathered under …

1925 – Rock Hudson  (born Roy Harold Scherer Jr.; November 17, 1925 – October 2, 1985), actor is born. He was an American actor, generally known for his turns as a leading man during the 1950s and 1960s. Viewed as a prominent ‘heartthrob’ of the Hollywood Golden Age, he achieved stardom with roles in films such as Magnificent Obsession(1954), All That Heaven Allows (1955) and Giant (1956), and found continued success with a string of romantic comedies co-starring Doris Day in Pillow Talk (1959), Lover Come Back (1961) and Send Me No Flowers (1964). After appearing in films including Seconds (1966), Tobruk(1967) and Ice Station Zebra (1968) during the late 1960s, Hudson began a second career in television through the 1970s and 1980s, starring in the popular mystery series McMillan & Wife and the opera Dynasty. While his career developed, Hudson and his agent Henry Willson kept the actor’s personal life out of the headlines. In 1955, Confidential magazine threatened to publish an exposé about Hudson’s secret homosexual life. Willson stalled this by disclosing information about two of his other clients. Willson provided information about Rory Calhoun‘s years in prison and the arrest of Tab Hunter (born July 11, 1931) at a party in 1950.According to some colleagues, Hudson’s homosexual activity was well known in Hollywood throughout his career,  and former co-stars Elizabeth Taylor and James claimed that they knew of his homosexuality, as did Carol Burnett. Unknown to the public, Hudson was diagnosed with HIV on June 5, 1984, just three years after the existence of HIV and AIDS had been discovered by scientists. On July 25, 1985, Hudson’s French publicist Yanou Collart confirmed that Hudson did in fact have AIDS. He was among the first notable individuals to have been diagnosed with the disease. On October 2, 1985, Hudson died in his sleep from AIDS-related complications at his home in Beverly Hills at age 59.

1928 – The New York Times reports that a London judge found the lesbian novel “The Well of Loneliness” obscene and ordered all seized copies of it destroyed.

The Friends of Dorothy Era and The Hayes Code

1950s The Decade the public learned heterosexual women wanted sex

The Civil Rights 60s: When the Boomers were under 30

1960 – RuPaul (born November 17, 1960) is born. RuPaul Andre Charles  is an American actor/host, drag queen, television personality, and singer/songwriter. Since 2009, he has produced and hosted the reality competition series RuPaul’s Drag Race, for which he received two Awards in 2016 and 2017. He has described doing drag as a “very, very political” act because it “challenges the status quo” by rejecting fixed identities: “drag says ‘I’m a shapeshifter, I do whatever the hell I want at any given time’. RuPaul has been with his Australian partner, Georges LeBar, since 1994, when they met at the Limelight nightclub in New York City. They married in January 2017. LeBar is a painter and runs a 50,000-acre ranch in Wyoming. In 2017, RuPaul was included in the annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world.

November 17, 1968

Big Brother and the Holding Company featuring Janis Joplin play the Rindge Arena in Braintree.

Feminist, Gay Liberation and Lesbian Separatists: Civil Rights

November 17, 1970

Elton John’s live LP is recorded as it’s broadcast over WABC-FM from A&R Recording Studios in New York, marking one of the first times that a live rock concert is released as a recording.

1971 – A group of sex researchers looking for physical differences between homosexual and heterosexual men announce erroneous findings that heterosexuals have 40% more testosterone in their blood than homosexuals do.


Elton John had the top album with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

November 17, 1974

ABBA kick off their first European tour in Copenhagen, playing outside of Sweden for the first time.

1974 – The New Yorker publishes its first gay-themed short, “Minor Heroism” by Allan Gurganus.


A Very Special Olivia Newton-John was shown on ABC television.

1979, Canada – Vancouver Sun reverses course and accepts an ad from Gay Tide after a five-year court battle. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled Sun had “reasonable cause” to refuse advertising. The first ad was submitted to the Sun on October 23, 1974.

The Genderfuck Apathetics vs Yuppies : Aids the new STD on the list


Wham! Were at No.1 on the UK album chart with ‘Make It Big’ and No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’. Michael’s inspiration for the song was a scribbled note left by his Wham! partner Andrew Ridgeley for Andrew’s parents, originally intended to read “wake me up before you go” but with “up” accidentally written twice, so Ridgeley wrote “go” twice on purpose.

on the USA song charts, Wham! moved up to #1 with “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”.

1985 – In New York City, more than 700 people concerned about negative publicity surrounding AIDS, bathhouses, and gay promiscuity attend a town meeting that leads to the founding of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). Formed in New York City in 1985 to protest against what it saw as the New York Posts defamatory and sensationalized AIDS coverage, GLAAD put pressure on media organizations to end what it saw as homophobicreporting. Initial meetings were held in the homes of several New York City activists as well as after-hours at the New York State Council on the Arts. The founding group included film scholar Vito Russo (July 11, 1946 – November 7, 1990), Gregory Kolovakos (July 30, 1951 – April 16, 1990), then on the staff of the New York State Arts Council and who later became the first executive director; Darryl Yates Rist (1948-1993), Allen Barnett  (May 23, 1955 – August 14, 1991) ; and Jewelle Gomez (born September 11, 1948), the organization’s first treasurer. Some members of GLAAD went on to become the early members of ACT UP.


The Madonna compilation album “You Can Dance” was released.

1988 – The first National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Creating Change conference was held in Washington DC.

90s: Listserves and Email distribution replaces telephone trees for activism


 Whitney Houston moved from 13 to 5 with “I’m Your Baby Tonight”, her 11th Top 10 song in 13 tries,

1991, UK- OutRage, a London direct-action group, stages a zap against the Living Waters ex-gay movement at St Michael’s Church in Belgravia.

1992 – Audre Lorde (February 18, 1934 – November 17, 1992) dies. She was a writer, feminist, womanist, librarian, and civil rights activist. As a poet, she is best known for technical mastery and emotional expression, as well as her poems that express anger and outrage at civil and social injustices she observed throughout her life. Her poems and prose largely deal with issues related to civil rights, feminism, and the exploration of black female identity. While highlighting Audre Lorde’s intersectional points through a lens that focuses on race, gender, socioeconomic status/class and so on, we must also embrace one of her salient identities; lesbianism. Audre Lorde was a lesbian and navigated spaces interlocking her womanhood, gayness and blackness in ways that trumped white feminism, predominately white gay spaces and toxic black male masculinity. Audre Lorde used those identities within her work and ultimately it guided her to create pieces that embodied lesbianism in a light that educated people of many social classes and identities on the issues black lesbian women face in society. From 1991 until her death, she was the New York State Poet Laureate. Lorde died of liver cancer on November 17, 1992, in St. Croix, where she had been living with Gloria I. Joseph. She was 58. In an African naming ceremony before her death, she took the name Gamba Adisa, which means “Warrior: She Who Makes Her Meaning Known.”

1995 – James Woods III (1963-1995), co-author of “The Corporate Closet: The Professional Lives of Gay Men in America,” dies of complications from AIDS at age 32. Woods graduated from Harvard College and the Annenberg School for Communications at the University of Pennsylvania. He was an assistant professor of communications at Staten Island and at the CUNY Graduate Center in Manhattan. He is survived by his partner, Paul D. Young

1997 – The National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum issues a press release applauding singer Janet Jackson for her use of sexual orientation themes in her album “The Velvet Rope.”

1997, Mexico – Patria Jimenez (born Elsa Patria Jiménez Flores, 1957) is the first openly gay person elected to a Latin American congress. She is a Mexican politician and head of Clóset de Sor Juana (Sister Juana’s Closet). Openly lesbian, she became the first gay member of Mexico’s legislature in the country’s history—the first in any legislature in Latin America. Jiménez is the longtime head of Sister Juana’s Closet, a lesbian rights group named after Juana Inés de la Cruz, a Carmelite nun and renowned Mexican poet. It is a United Nations accredited Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).


Whitney Houston released “My Love is Your Love.”

1999 – Methodist minister Jimmy Creech was stripped of his clerical status for presiding over a same-sex holy union.

Post 9/11 – From “gay and lesbian” to “lesbigay” to “Lgbt/Lgbtq/Lgbtq2”

2003 – The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts rules that the state cannot bar same-sex couples from marrying and gives the legislature until June to rewrite the laws.

2010 – Transgender Phyllis Frye (born 1946) is appointed an associate judge for the City of Houston. She is the first openly transgender judge appointed in the United States.  Frye graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. While at Texas A&M, Frye was a member of the University’s Corps of Cadets, belonged to the Texas A&M Singing Cadets and got married. She was honorably discharged from the United States Army in 1972. She transitioned in 1976. On April 28, 2013, Frye was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Transgender Foundation of America.

2013, UK – Nikki Sinclair (born 26 July 1968) comes out as the first transgender member of the European Parliament. She is a British politician and former leader of the We Demand a Referendum Party who served as a Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands from 2009 to 2014.

2013, Chili – Claudio Arriagada (Oct. 22, 1955), the mayor of La Granja, Santiago Province, is elected to the Chilean chamber of Deputies after coming out as gay. He is the first openly gay person elected to Congress in Chilean history.

2015 – The U.S. Congress launches the Transgender Equality Task Force to address issues affecting transgender and gender non-conforming people.


November 17, 2021, the Women’s Liberation Front filed a lawsuit against the California Department of Corrections. The lawsuit alleges that California’s law SB 132, which allows inmates to choose to go to whichever prison best suits their “gender identity,” has resulted in egregious violations of the constitutional rights of incarcerated women. Currently, these women are being forced to share their intimate spaces with male prisoners who claim a gender identity of “female,” “gender-fluid,” or “non-binary.” Read more…$100K HOLIDAY MATCH CHALLENGE: DOUBLE YOUR DONATION FOR WOMEN & GIRLS!Unapologetically radical feminists. Dedicated to the total liberation of

Dear Europe: Lest We Forget oppressing demographics was the problem last time, let’s not keep seeing the same patterns over decades, eh

a Canadian Divided Over LGBT Rights, Sees Spike In Homophobic & Transphobic Attacks – Star Observer‘We are at a juncture in history when anti-LGBTQI forces are rife, not only in headline-grabbing countries like Poland and Hungary, but across Europe,” says Sugar’s Nicholas Ashe on Coming Out and Micah’s Queer StorylineNic Ashe of Queen Sugar talks about coming out in an Instagram post that went viral, and Micah’s queer romance on season 6 of the OWN straight lines: Alison Bechdel and the unstoppable rise of queer comics | Documentary films | The GuardianThe artist discusses her role in an eye-opening new documentary that trails the history of LGBTQ+ comic books and the people behind man working at LGBT youth centre jailed for sex attacks | Glasgow TimesA FORMER volunteer at a centre for LGBT people has been jailed for six years for sex attacks on a teenager he met

given the history of religion and vulnerable population groups, not a good thing, religion is why shelter and safety are needed Youth Find Refuge at Church-run Shelter in El Salvador | World | News | SFGN ArticlesSouth Florida Gay News, SFGN, Florida’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender

that there are LGBT elderly, and every decade young ones become them senior housing center opens at Los Angeles LGBT Center – WEHOvilleThe Los Angeles LGBT Center celebrates another milestone:  the opening of The Ariadne Getty Foundation Senior Housing, a cutting-edge 70,000-square-foot  building in Hollywood with 98 affordable housing units for seniors ages 62 and above. The Senior Housing, created in partnership with affordable housing developer Thomas Safran & Associates, represents the culmination of years of planning and …

companies advocate for stockholders alone Companies must advocate for LGBT rights everywhere in the world, not just where it’s easy – The Brock NewsKen Chan, Brock University Vice-President, Administration and Global Executive PhD student at ESCP Business School, had a piece recently published in The Conversation about actions corporations can take to advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in countries where … input sought on LGBTQ2+ National Monument designs | Ottawa CitizenThe monument is championed and funded by the not-for-profit LGBT Purge Protester Who Went Viral For Standing Up To Police Has Released A ‘Gay Anthem’ For TurkeyBorn to Bulgarian and German parents and drawn to Turkey “because I grew up between two cultures,” expat singer Liana Georgieva puts her LGBT activism to a musical

“dysphoria is an obsessive and dissociative condition “

They don’t say “born in the wrong body” anymore, but this is what they mean.

The Gingerbread model actively encourages people to think of themselves as if they were made from component parts, like robots, not humans. It encourages people to think of their body as disconnected from their identity and their sexuality

How much worse, then, to regard your self and your actual human partner as robotic, as a collection of parts. How dissociated from yourself and your partner do you have to be to say “if you want penetrated, why does it matter if it’s a penis or a strap” or “he’s just a man with an extra hole.” These are the words of porn addled robot people. People who view themselves and others as a collection of interchangeable, swappable identities and parts. People whose concept of their self and their body is robotic, rather than human, in nature. Black: “Gloves off. I’m going to talk about how dysphoria, plus the gingerbread model, plus pornography, leads to the creation of who I call ‘porn addled robot people’.” – Lesbian and Gay NewsLauren Black lives with dysphoria You may also like “Coming out… all over again”: James Roberts on Gender Critical Coming Out Day, Sunday 19th December “As one of the lesbians quoted in this article, this backlash has hurt. Deeply.” Kat Howard reflects on her BBC interview on the cotton ceiling. Julie Bindel: “According to the […]

To be intersex is to have a disorder (or ‘difference’) of sexual development (DSD), a group of rare conditions involving genes, hormones and reproductive organs, including genitals. It is estimated that between 125 and 150 children are born with a DSD every year in England; a vanishingly small number.

The encroachment of intersex people’s experience by trans ideologues extends to language and it starts in the maternity ward. The term ‘assigned at birth’ is now widely used to accommodate a narrative about feelings of ‘gender identity’ potentially not aligning with sexed genitals. But for the overwhelming majority of people, even those with DSDs, sex is observed; only 0.001% of babies are born with ambiguous genitalia which needs to be assigned.

‘This leads me on to question why trans organisations have included intersex into the sexual orientation/gender identity acronym, because intersex conditions are not an identity, but a biological reality that myself and many others deal with on a daily basis – after all the acronym community wouldn’t hijack other medical conditions like deafness, blindness or mobility disabilities – why are they hijacking people with intersex medical conditions?’

Sex is not a spectrum; there is no middle point between egg and sperm. Bartosch on why intersex people are fed up with their medical conditions being repurposed as a transgender identity – Lesbian and Gay NewsFascists can be easily spotted; they tend to have an unhealthy obsession with flags and a penchant for colonising terrain to which they have no claim. This is perfectly illustrated by this year’s ‘progress pride’ flag, to which has been added a purple circle on a yellow background apparently to signal intersex inclusion. Underlying the […]

Who was meant to be paying that price? The many placards gave the answers: “Stonewall erases lesbians” / “Transing lesbian girls is gay conversion therapy” / “Complicit in the sterilisation of children who play with the ‘wrong’ toys?”. The angry chants also focused on medicalisation: “Stop transing children, kids cannot consent” / “Hey Stonewall, leave the gays alone.“It was the first LGB-led protest against an organisation increasingly seen as having betrayed the gays,” reports MrMenno from the #ComeOutOfStonewall protest – Lesbian and Gay News“Who took the first brick out of Stonewall?” may well be the question asked in years to come if the beleaguered ‘alphabet soup’ lobby group ends up toppling over. Some may point at investigative journalists, some at senior cabinet ministers, and some at Allison Bailey for suing them over allegedly colluding to have her sacked […]

As far as I’m concerned, gender identity is like a religion. If others believe in it and want to live their lives in accordance with its strictures, that’s fair enough. But as a non-believer I’m not obliged to do the same Heuchan: “Every time I see one woman dismiss another, either as a ‘TERF’ or ‘handmaiden’, my heart sinks.” – Lesbian and Gay NewsI recently ordered an anthology called First Person Queer: Who We Are (So Far). The rush of serotonin I get from buying second-hand books online has, thus far, sustained me through the pandemic. Mostly I choose lesbian novels and feminist texts. But reading is supposed to expand our horizons – so I try to read […]’s No Standard for Care When it Comes to Trans Medicine | OpinionThe day I got my first testosterone shot, I wept with joy. I thought I had discovered my path to self-actualization as a transgender man. One year later, I would be curled in my bed, clutching

cited sources

Today in LGBT History   by Ronni Sanlo

THIS DAY IN LGBT HISTORY – NOVEMBER 17 | Ronni Sanlo › this-day-in-lgbt-history-novem…Nov. 17, 2019 — THIS DAY IN LGBT HISTORY – NOVEMBER 17 … We bought new bike helmets yesterday. The kind we bought is important because our old brains need all …

The Lavender Effect

Our Daily Elvis


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