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LGBTQ2 for November 3

BCE to The Suffragettes

1746, UK – the Bath newspaper reports that Mary Hamilton (d. March 14, 1719), alias Charles, George, and William Hamilton, will be publically whipped then sent to prison for six month for fraud for impersonating a man. Hamilton marries as many as 14 women who think she’s male. She is repeatedly caught and escapes to another town.

The Friends of Dorothy Era and The Hayes Code

1943 – Tee Corinne (November 3, 1943 – August 27, 2006) was a photographer, author, and editor notable for the portrayal of sexuality in her artwork. According to Completely Queer : The Gay and Lesbian Encyclopedia, “Corinne is one of the most visible and accessible lesbian artists in the world.”Tee came out in 1975at which time she was in a relationship withfilmmaker Honey Lee Cottrell(January 16, 1946 – September 21, 2015). Over the years, Corrine embarked upon relationships with Caroline Overman (early 1980s), Lee Lynch (mid 1980’s) and Beverly Anne Brown (1989–2005).[9] In 2003, Brown was diagnosed with cancer, which led to Corinne’s series “Cancer in our Lives” (2003-5). Corinne died on the 27th August 2006 in Southern Oregon after a struggle with liver cancer. She was 62 years old. Her manuscript collection was donated to the University of Oregon Libraries, and is now housed in the library’s Special Collections unit. The collection includes correspondence, literary manuscripts, artwork, photographs, artifacts, and other documents that reflect Corinne’s life and work

1950s The Decade the public learned heterosexual women wanted sex

The Civil Rights 60s: When the Boomers were under 30

November 3, 1962

Billboard dropped the word “Western” from its “Country & Western” music chart title.

Feminist, Gay Liberation and Lesbian Separatists: Civil Rights

1970 – Bella Abzug (July 24, 1920 – March 31, 1998) was elected to the US House of Representatives. A lesbian and gay ally, she would become the first to introduce a gay rights law in Congress. Nicknamed “Battling Bella,” she was an American lawyer, U.S. Representative, social activist and a leader of the Women’s Movement. In 1971, Abzug joined other leading feminists such as Gloria Steinem, Shirley Chisholm, and Betty Friedan to found the National Women’s Political Caucus. Abzug declared, “This woman’s place is in the House—the House of Representatives”, in her successful 1970 campaign. She was later appointed to chair the National Commission on the Observance of International Women’s Year and to plan the 1977 National Women’s Conference by President Gerald Ford and led President Jimmy Carter’s commission on women.

November 3, 1973

David Bowie scored his second UK No.1 album when ‘Pinups’ started a five-week run at the top of the charts. The set contained Bowie covering his favourite 60s songs; his version of The Mersey’s ‘Sorrow’ made No.3 on the UK singles chart, (first recorded by The McCoys in 1965).

Elton John  was #2 on the USA LP Charts with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

1975 –

A front-page article about the success of the gay news magazine “The Advocate” appears in the Wall Street Journal.

Barry Manilow released the single “I Write The Songs”.


During a concert at the Empire Pool in London, Elton John announces that he will not tour anymore.

Harvey Milk (May 22, 1930 – November 27, 1978) is elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors He is the first openly gay person to serve on the Board and one of the nation’s highest profile gay political figures. Milk served almost 11 months in office and was responsible for passing a stringent rights ordinance for the city. On November 27, 1978, Milk and Mayor George Moscone were assassinated. Milk was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.

1979, Canada – Gus Harris, mayor of Toronto borough of Scarborough, calls for gay rights at Human Rights rally. The Gay Human Rights Day rally was organized by Ontario gay rights group CGRO. Messages of support were read from Stuart Smith and Michael Cassidy, leaders, respectively, of Ontario’s two opposition parties, the Liberals and the NDP

The Genderfuck Apathetics vs Yuppies : Aids the new STD on the list

1981, Canada – A committee of Toronto city council considers the Bruner Report on relations between the police and gay community. It asks the police chief to issue a statement recognizing legitimacy of the gay community and setting up gay awareness program for police recruits, but nothing is done.

1983 – US Senator John Glenn tells the National Gay Task Force that he does not support gay rights legislation and will not do anything which might be considered advocacy or promotion of homosexuality. He would later add that LGB (T was not even a consideration yet) people should not be allowed to teach or join the military.


Purple Rain by Prince was the #1 album for the 14th week.

One th song charts, at Wham! was up to #5 with “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” at 6 Madonna’s “Lucky Star” and at 7  David Bowie had a rare Top 10 with “Blue Jean”,

90s: Listserves and Email distribution replaces telephone trees for activism


Bette Midler enjoyed a #1 AC hit with “From a Distance”.

‘Ice Ice Baby’, by Vanilla Ice became the first rap record to top the US singles chart, (and later also a UK No.1 single). Vanilla Ice was later sued by Queen for the song sampling their “Under Pressure”, 

1992 – In Colorado, 53 percent of voters approve Amendment 2, an initiative banning state and municipal rights ordinances for lesbians and gay men. “Family values” organizations in more than 35 states begin campaigning for similar propositions. In Oregon, voters reject Measure 9, an initiative similar to Amendment 2.


 Little Richard was a guest on Hearts Afire on CBS-TV.

1998 – Tammy Baldwin (born February 11, 1962) (D-WI) is elected to the United States House of Representatives. She is the first open lesbian and the first non-incumbent gay candidate to be elected to federal office. She is a US Senator from Wisconsin and a member of the Democratic Party. She previously served as the Representative from Wisconsin’s 2nd congressional district from 1999 to 2013, as well as serving three terms in the Wisconsin Assembly representing the 78th district. She is the first woman elected to represent Wisconsin in the Senate and the first openly gay U.S. Senator in history.

1998 – Hawaii voters approve a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

1999 – A jury found Aaron McKinney guilty of felony murder and second degree murder in the death of 21-year-old gay college student Matthew Shepard.

Post 9/11 – From “gay and lesbian” to “lesbigay” to “Lgbt/Lgbtq/Lgbtq2”

2010 – Kye Allums (born October 23, 1989) is the first openly transgender player on an NCAA Division 1 basketball team, The George Washington University women’s team. Allums came out in 2010 when told sports website, “My biological sex is female, which makes me a transgender male.” Kye produced a project called “I Am Enough” which encourages other LGBTQ individuals to come out and talk about their experiences. The project allows individuals to submit their stories, thereby showing people who share the same issues that they are not alone. In 2015, he was inducted into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame.


Bette Midler announced that she would tour America for the first time in ten years. The twenty-three date jaunt would be in support of her latest album, “It’s The Girls”, her first album since 2006.

2021 Refuses to Let Queer Couple Open Joint Account Despite LGBT Policy, Twitter ReactsAnisha Sharma said despite the bank having existing LGBT-friendly policy, one employee asked her for some ‘proof’ about the couple’s HIV activist coming to speak at Allentown’s Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center – The Morning CallOne of the most important HIV/AIDS activists in American history is coming to the Lehigh Valley. Peter Staley — an early and influential member of ACT UP, New York and a primary figure in the Oscar-nominated documentary “How to Survive a Plague” — will lead a talk at Allentown’s Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Center starting at 6 p.m. Nov. 8.Show vodka brand Stoli ‘wants to stand up and be counted’ as a proud LGBT+ allyPatsy Stone’s vodka of choice, Stoli, is campaigning to help reduce anti-LGBT+ discrimination and make the world a better killer probe police should have engaged with LGBT community, inquest told | Largs and Millport Weekly NewsSean Wilson, deputy borough commander in 2014, also apologised for comments he made about Stephen Port’s, first self-proclaimed LGBT K-pop boy band, release debut singleOn their inspirational debut track Show Me Your Pride, the four-member group sing about LGBT life, coming out, homophobia and facing Rights Ballot Drive Officially Dead After Appeal Denied – CBS DetroitThe Michigan Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to hear the appeal of an LGBTQ-rights ballot committee that contended officials wrongly disqualified tens of thousands of voter signatures it submitted for an initiative to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender Robinson becomes first out female LGBT appeals judge : NPRRobinson laid the legal groundwork for marriage equality before becoming an associate justice on the Vermont Supreme Court. Her confirmation is being hailed as a milestone for LGBTQ Texas federal judge recently laid a path allowing for-profit businesses to use religion as a shield against LGBT anti-discrimination claims, but attorneys and academics question whether it’ll survive appellate review or make its way to the U.S. Supreme accused of targeting LGBT with ‘hit list’ | Morning officially open sexual assault investigation into leading LGBT activist | The Times of IsraelProbe comes after 2 men allege that TV personality assaulted them in recent years; Gal Uchovsky: ‘I’ve never tried to force myself on anyone’‘He Hit Me And Just Kept Coming’: Mob Allegedly Led By Bulgarian Presidential Candidate Attacks LGBT CenterGloriya Filipova not only witnessed the attack on an LGBT center in Sofia on October 30, she says she was punched in the face by the alleged leader of the mob, Boyan Rasate, an ultraright candidate in Bulgaria’s upcoming presidential election. Filipova recounts the mayhem to RFE/RL.

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Today in LGBT History   by Ronni Sanlo

Today in LGBT History – November 3 | Ronni Sanlo › today-in-lgbt-history-novembe…Nov. 3, 2017 — 1999 – A jury found Aaron McKinney guilty of felony murder and second degree murder in the death of 21-year-old gay college student Matthew …

The Lavender Effect

Our Daily Elvis


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