July 23 for LGBTQ2

July 23, 1973

Cher released the single “Half Breed”.


 Barry Manilow made it to #1 with “Looks Like We Made It”, his eighth hit,

at five  “My Heart Belongs To Me” from Barbra Streisand


The Ayatollah Khomenini bans all forms of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Iran, claiming it has a corrupting influence.


on the USA lp charts at 8 David Bowie’s Let’s Dance


on the song USA charts: former Go-Go Jane Wiedlin entered the Top 10 with “Rush Hour”.

on the LP USA Charts: Faith by George Michael (now down to #5),

 Tracy Chapman’s incredible debut was at #7, 


Elton John registered his 27th Top 10 hit (#5 all-time) with the great song “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from the movie The Lion King.


It was a Retro 80’s tour as Culture Club, Howard Jones and the Human League performed the first show of the tour at the Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta, Georgia.


‘N Sync reached #1 with “It’s Gonna’ Be Me”.


Queen’s 1985 Live Aid performance was voted the best rock concert ever by over 7,000 UK Sony Ericsson music fans. Radiohead were voted the best festival act for their 1997 Glastonbury performance and Bob Dylan’s 1966 Manchester Free Trade Hall gig won the best ever solo gig.


this is excellent news.. I have a report half written on this topic and now I know where to send it

https://www.canadianlawyermag.com/practice-areas/labour-and-employment/adelle-blackett-mcgill-law-prof-leads-task-force-to-modernize-employment-equity-act/358270Adelle Blackett, McGill law prof, leads task force to modernize Employment Equity Act | Canadian LawyerTask force aims to create more equitable, diverse, inclusive workplaces with better retentionwww.canadianlawyermag.com

because men get competitive and then it is not about issues anymore..

https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2021/6/24/what-is-woke-culture-and-why-has-it-become-so-toxicWhy ‘woke’ became toxic | LGBTQ | Al JazeeraThe term ‘woke’ has become so divisive that it is harming support for the issues it is meant to be highlighting.www.aljazeera.com

advances in some places

https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/tokyo-olympics-japan-inclusive-lgbt-1.6112350Advocates hope Olympic spotlight will boost push for equality for Japan’s LGBT community | CBC NewsVancouver couple Tyler Iwata and Steven Hashimoto and Victoria LGBT advocate Madu Suzuki say pressure from outside of Japan is needed to bring change to a country where there’s still no law to protect gay people from discrimination.www.cbc.ca

retreats and oppression in others

https://www.euronews.com/2021/07/23/europe-s-week-brexit-returns-and-orban-announces-anti-lgbt-referendumEurope’s week: Brexit returns and Orban announces anti-LGBT referendum | EuronewsEurope’s week: Brexit returns and Orban announces anti-LGBT referendumwww.euronews.com

and then, there are few places

https://www.straight.com/news/lgbt-friendly-west-end-remains-a-pocket-of-housing-affordability-in-vancouverLGBT-friendly West End remains a pocket of housing affordability in Vancouver | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment WeeklyWhen compared to neighbourhoods like Yaletown, Downtown, and Coal Harbour, Vancouver’s West End remains a unique area with attractive bargains.www.straight.com

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