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Violence is not a point of view

uttering threats to an individual is a crime and threats against a group is a hate crime bar under fire for selling shirt advocating anti-gay violence<p>A bar in Wyoming is facing criticism after selling T-shirts that appear to advocate for violence against LGBTQ people. </p><p>Eagle’s Nest, in Cheyenne,

masculinity and feminity varies across cultures and the connection between bigorty on ethnicity and sexuality is toxic masculinity of seeing other men as lesser than, but the least man still more valuable than the best women.

of which, there is not one way to be either; which is why there is a range of persons Russian Printer Thinks BTS Pictures Are ‘Gay Propaganda’The owner reportedly declined an order featuring the popular K-pop group, suggesting the band was too “overtly gay” and “a threat to children.” allegiance to an anti-gay fan chant at Mexico soccer games might sink El Tri’s World Cup fortunesIs a four-letter slur in Spanish deployed at stadiums capable of sinking El Tri’s World Cup fortunes for the next two cycles? Gay Chorus Member Assaulted in Palm Springs in Possible Hate CrimeThe victim was in critical condition with injuries to his head and

meanwhile. blasphemy is needed owing to religion being the cause of oppression

the movie should not be called lesbian Verhoeven Blasts Critics Calling His Lesbian Nun Film ‘Blasphemy’ | PEOPLE.comDutch director Paul Verhoeven’s new movie Benedetta premiered at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival where it has been criticized for its “blasphemous” sex discover algae with female, male, and ‘bisexual’ sex cells, signaling it may not be so rare in nature — RT World NewsA species of algae with three sexes, including “bisexual,” that can all breed with each other has been identified by Japanese scientists for the first time. Researchers suggest the phenomenon might be present in other species

last century, the religious argument against gays and lesbians having marriage equality was partly the non-procreative sex and partly that claim that sexuality was a choice and gays and lesbians were merely rebelling for perverse reasons

while accepting science to having laws based on ethnicity around marriage and reduced rights owing to ethnicity being clearly inherited.

there has been science to show genetic markers for sexuality

and that we continue to exist despite being oppressed and genocided


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