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vandalism: the oppessor vs oppressee divide

Dear White Heterosexual Oppressors, you are not protesting, you are doing oppression. You no longer being able to oppress by regarding white heterosexual women as second class or own heterosexuals for slave labor… and have to accept that other than heterosexuals exist with rights to the public square without your impeding bisexuals, gay men, lesbians and transpersons

in the usa confederate symbols are inappropriate owing to being the loosing side and across the Commonwealth Colonies Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, the colonial era ones as the winners of oppression are being removed as truth and reconciliation.

so defacing statues of groups risen from injustice and are still denied equality is not mere vandalism, but a hate crime attacking a category of persons. this is an era of colonial tall ship era compensation, while the cold war ends;

and international globalism begins.

dear usa, you need to get your civil war matter in hand, geopolitics shifted while you had a reality tv host as president, and two bushes and a president b movie actor… not your best representatives.

right now no where on earth would qualify for the federation of planets

not even Canada, eh


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