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Republican replaces Titanic

in the 1990s. President Bush The Elder began speaking only to the party base and no longer to the general public and not democratic voters.

“family values” was the phrase and to be president, you had to have wartime military experience, be heterosexually married with children.

“family values” meant not queer, not gay, not lesbian and not transgender. bisexuals were not often mentioned by the mainstream and not much more by gays and lesbians. MtF where heterosexual and FtM barely mentioned.

this was post 1970s androgeny and unisex

lesbians helped hetero women get equal pay for equal work, and reproductive rights, 1979 roe vs wade in the USA and in 1980 as a removal from the criminal code of canada to a health canada administrative matter, if a facility could be found in a religious run hospital boards.

a 1980s case of Chantel Daigle won the right for women in canada, along with the proclaimation of the Charter of Rights putting gender above all other rights.

through the 1980s and 1990s, as gays and lesbians of all ethnicities across the social classes or spectrum, not just the famous, fabulous celebrities or marginaled and creating communities in neighborhoods in larger cities.

when the mainstream learned they might know someone who is … you know.. that way….

imagine if Canada’s charter had included LGBTQ2 in the 1980s, instead of 2003 when marriage equality and 2004 divorce equality was the only laws uniting the British Common law and Napoleonic Code of all three coasts and the 49th, eh.

if the people on the titantic had poked holes in the hull and fire to the furniture okay. maybe. ..

the titantic was a series of engineering and manufacture flaws

while the republicans this was a choice they made to oppress others who were not interested in that same old 1800s through the 1990s and even after the 9/11 geopolitical shift. this is self inflicted.

this is exactly what Queer Nation, ACT Up and The Lesbian Avengers were telling the mainstream in the 1990s that their agenda was – undo all rights advances from roe vs wade to civil rights and when they lost marriage equality, they really stormed government buildings.
and erected a gallows


This is unhelpful. Remember, when you find yourself punching down, you are on the wrong side. It’s important to ask why half the adult population did vote for him. It’s not because they are stupid. They elected Obama in 2008 and 2012. So calling people stupid for voting for Trump is worse than unproductive. It obfuscates the problems within the Democratic Party that led many of these people not to vote Democratic. If you have an interest in NOT looking at these problems, then emphasizing how stupid Trump voters are, or how evil the Russians are, is a good smoke screen to hide behind.


So… what… we’re supposed to give the 45aholics a place at the table? Consider them equals? They’re idiots who lambaste dems at every turn… and are too lazy and stupid to objectively research FACTS. They attacked OUR capitol. They whined against Obama 8 years, posting stacks of disgusting comments and memes of Obama AND FAMILY. The list is long of reasons to just power past those losers. They deserve nothing. Their repub legislators REFUSE to compromise. Biden is on a roll, fixing 45 skrooups just like Obama fixed dubya skrooups. Dems will keep getting hundreds of thousands more registered to vote, keep pushing democracy, pushing forward with a proper progressive agenda. The 45 cultists are indeed WILLINGLY dumb as rocks. They’re gleeful in their ignorance. Let ’em stay that way. Doesn’t bother me in the least.


poor people voted for CEOS against their own interest because Trump offered feel good bigotry. the portion of the public who voted for him are stupid, they are religious and reject education. those who voted for Obama voted for hope and change and got very little. it is a different kind of stupid: naïve.

Trump and his supporters are not only stupid, they are domestic terrorist dangerous and need to be in prison


Obama’s big mistake was trying to be bipartisan, and work across the aisle… and letting McConnell and other Repuglicans torpedo almost everything he tried to do.


We’ve known for quite some time dems have been way too easy on repubs… the party of NO compromise. Dems indeed need to check repubs within this small 2 year window of opportunity, to insure We The People is the order-of-the-day. Democracy is at stake if they don’t.


OK. Let me say it again.

When you find yourself punching down, you’re on the wrong side.

Yes, you do have to cut them some slack, and you have to deliver the goods. But only if you want to (a) win, and (b) be compassionate.

Also, beware if inherent classism. Class is the one very important thing Americans never talk about. Ignoring class is why HRC lost and Trump won. Dems have to regain the working class soon. Tucker Carlson (“Fucker Churlson”) is already working really hard to swing them over to the right, and that basically spells fascism.

Once again:

When you find yourself punching down, you’re on the wrong side.


It’s people like you who make the dem party weaker…. even if you’d never admit it. And BTW, dems are much more aware of the insane wage gap between the rich and the middle class/poor… and how the wheels of the economy will NEVER be greased properly UNTIL repubs stop desperately trying to nix that REALITY and we get that economic issue fixed. No, we do NOT have to cut those LYING jerks ANY slack. They’re still whining the LEGIT election was stolen. They’re trying desperately to enact draconian Jim Crow era election laws after they lost their azziz last election… constantly lying it’s to make elections more safe/legit…. A TOTAL LIE. They’ve ramped up massive division, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia emboldened by their lord-and-master 45 for four years. Moscow mitch has said hell no to ANY compromise. State legislatures are trying to make it legal to run over protesters. The list of their attempts to demolish DEMOCRACY is MASSIVE. Sorry you’re stuck in your little weakling approach. You’re wrong.


zero summers who post talking point blogs. lols. you are the ones who get things so wrong. your american hetero male right vs american hetero male left have no relevance to this Canadian lesbian. your beyond foolish on the face of your words, as well as in yours, eh. you know is bad for democrats? infighting and being as heteros first and others last as the republicans without requiring ethnicity to hate lgbtq and lgbtq to be ethnicity bigots to be white hetero enough – that phrase “politically correct” was a republican slur on democrats that you are faking inclusion, which was why sanders and biden were part of the problem after Obama. you have to keep advancing, not roll back.

the american right wing are domestic terrorists, since you chose to spew words and mince them. let me plain speak: the american right wing are domestic terrorists

the democrats have to stop playing process games and arrest the entire party and turn them over to the world court owing to the us surpreme court was broken by obstruction under Obama and the Trump further ignoring government policy not merely niceties.

at this point, I expect france to ask for the statue of liberty back. Lest We Forget reactionary is a poor phase for civility.


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