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Wizard of Oz remake: Queer No! Wizard of Oz is being ‘reimagined’ and the gays have thoughtsA Wizard of Oz remake is in the works and fans are clutching their ruby slippers in fear and

Alex C49 minutes ago


nina tryggvason

indeed some things are too iconic to remake

and what was impressive was how they did special effects. now cgi will remove the magic.

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Alex C40 minutes ago

That movie was essentially the Star Wars of its day. It was incredible, an unimaginable achievement. And it STILL WORKS. Yes the sets are primitive today, but the movie isn’t. The writing is great. The acting is great. The music is great. It has a raw emotional power that persevered through the ages. This kind of thing should never be messed with in my opinion.

nina tryggvason

it holds up better than star wars

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Alex C

I couldn’t agree more! And yet I incriminate myself here because I’m admitting to the gay stereotype of loving a Judy Garland movie. (And I love others as well.) But I can’t help it! I defy stereotypes in many ways, but I have to proudly concede to this one.

nina tryggvason

there is nothing wrong with loving Judy, she loved her queer fans so much, she often married gay men.

being a friend of Dorothy was a huge part of gay male culture and identity for decades, like Being Ernest and wearing a green tie


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