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Ally ONJ: Grease is the Word

Now, Newton-John has addressed those views during an appearance on the podcast A Life Of Greatness. “I think it’s kind of silly,” she said on the episode. “I mean, this movie was made in the 1970s about the 1950s.” Newton-John speaks out against those who label ‘Grease’ “sexist”Olivia Newton-John has defended ‘Grease’, saying that viewers who call it “sexist” need not take the 1978 musical film so “seriously”

Blogger Nina saw the movie Grease twice in the movie theatre in 1978.

the first time with a full audience of adults and teen and child admissions

the second in a saturday matinee where my group of four at or under 12

and two teenagers

alone to watch the movie

The Rizzo sex story line was too mature for children in that year.

for most of us, it went over our head

Sandy does leather up for Danny

and unlike other movies of that era and most early ones

and many movies after

in defense of Danny Zuko to Sandy – he Lettermaned Up for her

He hide from his friends that he earned a letterman sweater in track

to earn the good girl by becoming a good boy

and as to the other internet thought that Sandy drowned and it was a death dream zombie movie

Sandy and Danny fly off in the car into the future, instead of a pussy wagon, a monogamy mobile into marriage and adulthood.

While the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds milled about in the carnival end of high school

and the start of their carnal adult life

prepared or not by their parents and their efforts during high school education

okay that is a bit icky Travolta and Ella Recreate Grease for 2021 Super Bowl Ad – E! Online – CAIn the words of Martha Stewart, John Travolta’s “still got it.” See the actor and his daughter Ella bust out their moves and recreate a famous Grease dance

the problem of not experts who have a public platform Newton John WON’T take the coronavirus vaccine as Chloe Lattanzi shares anti-vaxxer rant | Daily Mail OnlineMartha Stewart, Joan Collins and Sir David Attenborough are among the growing list of A-list celebrities to have received the COVID-19

the sullivan shows were released on DVD and there were no Elvis getting a shot broadcast – that was done for the print media Presley Aids Fight Against Polio By Getting Vaccinated At ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ In 1956 [Watch]In late 1956, Elvis Presley used his skyrocketing fame—and a spot on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’—to persuade teenagers to get the polio


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