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Lest We Forget/End of Planet

USA Christians, confused when the world did not end in the 1980s under the President B Movie Actor who had three names with six letters each and “matching” the bible prophesy of Israel attaining nationhood

under President Reality TV Host

now take a new geopolitical step to Abrahamic end the planet. peace deal sees another historic firstAfter brokering a landmark peace deal, Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) reached another major step in warming up relations as the first commercial flight travelled between the two countries.

But as Redmond Shannon reports, there is still one contentious diplomatic hurdle to clear.

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this is horrifying news says it won’t join global effort to find COVID-19 vaccine | CTV NewsThe Trump administration said Tuesday that it will not work with an international co-operative effort to develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine because it does not want to be constrained by multilateral groups like the World Health


so they are okay to send children to school in a pandemic

and allow vaccines to be a family by family choice

dear herd, you need to stop wanting to be individually heard and immunity up

or be self eliminating – this is a pandemic that will reduce the current global population of 7 billion plus, but hey, by 2030 the rebound will be nine billion and swarming. premier says COVID-19 in schools inevitable as infections reportedAlberta Premier Jason Kenney says he’s accepted all along that COVID-19 infections in schools are inevitable and that’s no reason to keep classrooms shuttered. He estimates it would cost $4 billion to cut class sizes in half.

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