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when will lesbian movies lesbian?

Sapphic Sensibilities: Lesbian Representation in Cinema | Redbrick Film Film Critic Chloe Carruthers bends over backwards to paint a portrait of saphhic cinema that champions education and accurate

FWIW, I believe my first cinematic lesbian experience was the 1980’s movie Windows, which was profoundly disturbing on many levels. It left me confused and upset and drove me to withdraw further into my shell. 😕10 Replies

i do not know that one. my first lesbian one was Desert Hearts and my first gay one was Zorro the Gay Blade and Boys don’t cry my first transmovie

Long story short, it portrayed the horrors of a straight woman in an apartment building who was the sexual target of an obsessed, deranged lesbian neighbor. Not a great message.  😟

oh. sounds like a direct to video. one of those make the heteros feel better ones.

It was released to theaters, but I saw it on one of the big cable movie channels. And weirdly, I’d swear that I also saw another version of exactly the same movie around the same time. Maybe just weeks or months apart. Same story, different actors. As if one demonizing wasn’t enough. 😕

that was the lesbian tropes. the serial killers if not vampires. the predatory butches who suicide to save the femme and return her to heteronormativity.

Mrs Danvers in Rebecca…

or 1960s The Children’s Hour the two teens gone astray. suicide or 1929 Pandora’s Box murdered

or the positive ones, Miss Hathaway on Beverly Hillbillies

or the Lesbian Period Pieces where they take too long to lesbian in elegant wear of yore, all the ache and angst one can stand to sit through a tsk tsk wasn’t society mean then. as if different now. eh.

okay. that is too good I have to try to blog that

chronological list of LGBT-themed films, 1916-1989, with … › list
Aug 15, 2013 – First ever gay-themed film starring Conrad Veidt (of ‘Cabinet of Dr. … the first and campiest “women in prison” flick as it’s chock full of Lesbian …

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Jun 18, 2020 – Lesbian movies aren’t known for being excellent, but we’ve found 100 films … Based on the true story of Spain’s first same-sex marriage, Isabel …
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Sep 25, 2016 – First Lesbian movie ever! Full movie. In this historical milestone -a young woman discovers a seed that can make . Three and a half minute …

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Feb 2, 2020 – We are so fortunate we live in a day and age where there are more lesbian films than ever. A lot has changed since the first lesbian film …
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Apr 22, 2020 – … look back through film history at 10 of the greatest movies about lesbians. … when the movie world could proclaim the first openly lesbian film. is ‘lesbian’ still a dirty word? | VarsityThis Pride month, Miranda Stephenson considers the reluctance of many to claim the word ‘lesbian’ for their own, and why ‘gay’ may not by the ultimate umbrella term for’s 2020, And Australians Still Can’t Say The Word ‘Lesbian’ | HuffPost Australia LifeGrowing up believing the right to love women was reserved for men, heterosexuality didn’t just become the norm for me, there was nothing


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