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Rocking Sexuality

Our Daily Elvis

Daily Elvis: July 22


Margaret Whitingis born in Detroit, Michigan, but is raised in Los Angeles, California, where her dad, Richard, composes popular tunes such as “Hooray For Hollywood” and “On The Good Ship Lollipop.” Modern listeners know her for her holiday duet with Johnny Mercer, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

Don’t: The Date RapeSong

Date and MurderSongs


Little Richard, known as Reverend Richard Penniman, spoke at a revival meeting in North Richmond, CA. He warned the congregation about the evils of rock & roll music.

A Brief History of Little Richard Grappling With His Sexuality … › articles › news › richard-sexualit…

Oct 9, 2017 – In a 2017 interview on the Christian-oriented Three Angels Broadcasting Network, Richard reiterated a belief that homosexuality is “unnatural” …

How Little Richard Became the ‘Handsomest Man in Rock … › music › music-features › little-…

May 9, 2020 – Richard Penniman…

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